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Lately we've been focussing on the introduction
of various innovations, changes and additions to gameplay.
We are trying to give the gameplay more variation,
which requires numerous experiments.
We have been prototyping different game modes
and changes in game mechanics, trying to determine
what is going to work best.
After experimenting and prototyping,
we're close to releasing a new version of PvE gameplay,
where players will compete against computer units, or bots.
The balancer makes a team of players and a team of bots.
If there are not enough players, bots are added to make the teams even.
This mode allows players to change the pace, relax and experiment.
It is slower than a standard battle,
where players compete against each other.
In this mode, both beginners and experienced players can test new tactics
and try new approaches to air combat.
The bots are smarter in this mode than they were before.
They can destroy ground targets and perform more actions,
which shows the player that competing against a bot is not a bad idea at all.
There will be more interesting features in this mode,
and it will be released for public testing very soon,
so everyone will be able to try it personally.
For most of this year we've been working hard
on new concepts to diversify and improve our game.
Each concept has passed the prototyping, testing, trial running, and fixing stages.
Only the best concepts, the ones that players liked the most, made it to the end.
We paid close attention to ground targets,
because we wanted to turn this process into an exciting,
vivid and thrilling mini-game.
We also aimed at making ground attack more important for the outcome of the fight.
This feature divides the targets into groups based on their armor.
It allows players to tactically pick targets to approach based on their aircraft,
and even before the fight starts,
the players can pick the perfect weapons for their intended tactics.
The targets are ranked based on their armor.
For example, a machine-gun will damage only a lightly armored
or non-armored target,
while heavily armored targets will require cannons
or bombs to take down.
The harder it is to destroy a land target,
the more essential it is for your victory.
In my opinion, this feature makes the fighters a full-scale game class.
Soon you will be able to see many of the aforementioned features
in the game for yourself.
We are working hard to prepare for the new game season,
and I promise you that it's going to be interesting.
Stay tuned!


開發者日記:新遊戲 (Developer Diaries: New Gameplay - Episode 7)

11294 分類 收藏
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