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In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how you can write copy using
a proven copywriting formula.
Simple Copywriting Formula Hi I’m Jesse from StartCopywriting.com and
in this episode I’m going to be sharing with you one of the classic formula’s that’s
been proven time and time again that was invented almost a hundred years ago and that is the
AIDA Formula or the AIDA Principle. And this principle is going to help you write copy
faster, better, and easier than ever before.
AIDA Formula So what does AIDA stand for?
A stands for Attention I stands for Interest
D stands for Desire A stands for Action
That’s AIDA!
So how do we use this in copywriting?
A stands for Attention Well, attention, with attention what we want
to do is we want to write a headline that gets our reader’s attention. We also can
use video on your website or in your marketing to grab your visitor’s attention. We also
can use images either above or below our headline or video that gets our reader’s attention
especially nowadays when online, so many people are just scrolling through web pages not paying
so much attention. What we want to do is use headlines, video and also images to stop people
from scrolling so we’ll have their attention.
I stands for Interest The second letter is I. I is for Interest.
How do we keep our visitor or our reader interested? The way we do that is with a strong opening,
an opening paragraph. And the way I typically do that is I ask questions that relate to
the visitor or the reader’s problems. Those questions are going to get their interest
because I’m talking directly to them.
D stands for Desire The next letter is D. D is for Desire. With
desire, this is where we present the solution which is your product or service to your reader’s
problem. We’re going to talk about our product in the way of how it can solve our reader’s
problems. We also want to mention your USP and explain why our product is different,
better or superior to our competitors. So that’s D for Desire.
A stands for Action The final A is Action. A is for Action. We
want our readers, our visitors to take action. How do we do that? Well, you should throughout
your copy, multiple times, not just at the end, have a call to action and that is where
you tell them specifically what you want them to do to purchase your product or to take
action. So that’s something you want to have multiple times in your copy and that
is a fraction.
Addition To The AIDA Formula Now there’s one final thing that left out
of the formula, out of the AIDA Formula that I’d like to add and that is proof. Something
that is really, really useful nowadays is proof because there’s so much skepticism
and criticism in the world. So the way we use proof is we show why we are an authority
and why we should be a trusted source in selling our products and services. An easy way to
do that is to mention why should people listen to you, what credentials you have, what experience
you have, what proof can you show them that they should believe the claims you’re making
in the sales copy. So that is P for Proof. That’s my extra addition to the AIDA Formula.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. My name is Jesse Forrest from StartCopywriting.com


【英文寫作技巧】簡單寫作技巧方程式 (Simple Copywriting Formula)

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