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  • I think the most interesting job

  • that's going to exist probably in the next ten years

  • is going to be a space miner.

  • So, this is going to be somebody

  • who's going to be mining asteroids in space

  • because there's a lot of minerals

  • that we need these days

  • to make the technologies that we use everyday,

  • including your cellphone,

  • your computer,

  • and there's a limited number of them on Earth,

  • but we know that they exist in space.

  • And so, as our capabilities to go to space,

  • look at, say, the Mars Curiosity rover

  • that's now driving around the surface of Mars

  • and the new Mars I initiative

  • to send a, start a colony on Mars,

  • I think that, you know,

  • space is really where there's incredible opportunity.

  • And so, I think it's going to be fascinating

  • to see the day when we have people

  • that are working in space

  • on asteroids.

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I think the most interesting job


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【TED-Ed】點擊你的財富#1:未來最熱門的工作--Nate Mook。 (【TED-Ed】Click Your Fortune #1: Top future jobs - Nate Mook)

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