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Tired of everyone telling you that social media is making you sad?
Now science says it might actually make you less stressed!
Hey guys, Julia here for DNews.
Some people say technology is taking over our lives.
Over half of those online, use two or more social networks.
Some worry this is making us more isolated and more stressed out as we try to keep up with the Joneses.
But a recent study from the Pew Research Center suggests otherwise.
Social media can make us feel a little lonely.
We have a constant stream of other people's business, and it's too easy to keep comparing ourselves to them.
People carefully craft their online personas, and some people get stressed out from the comparison.
But that's like comparing your outtakes to everyone else's highlights.
And then there's keeping up with yourself. Just like other people try to position themselves in a good light, you too can get wrapped up in doing just the same,
trying to show only your best angle, your wittiest statuses, and your best days at work and home.
And then there's the fact that you're keeping up with other people's stresses.
Using social media makes you more likely to be aware of the stress going on in the lives of your family and friends.
This could make your stress levels rise as well.
This is what researchers call “The Cost of Caring.”
There's a flip-side to all of that. Being better connected through technology means well, you're better connected.
Previous studies show that active social media users have more close friends, feel more supported, are more trusting,
and even more politically active than their disconnected or less connected peers.
For this study, participants in the survey were asked about their social media use, what websites they use, and how they use them.
They found the link between social media and stress is pretty indirect.
But it did show that women seemed to benefit more than men from being better connected, even though women report being more stressed overall.
On a Perceived Stress Scale, women reported overall stress levels 7% higher than men.
But with all the keeping up with the Joneses stuff, how does social media reduce stress? Well, it's a few things.
Women might be burdened with maintaining household relationships,
and typically, they tend to share their emotional experiences more than men.
And social media allows for a low-demand easily accessible way to share.
It's much more efficient, and it saves a lot of time.
Also, there's kind of a schadenfreude effect here.
Well, the researchers say it a little nicer than that, they call it "the joy of missing out."
For some women who are more aware of stressful events in the people who aren't so close to them, their level of stress was lower by 6%.
I guess putting your stress into context and realizing that you don't have it as bad as the other guy is kind of a relief.
And using these technologies more frequently can be key to being less stressed.
On average those women who send more pictures through their phones, send and receive around 25 emails a day,
and who more frequently use twitter, have 21% less stress than their peers who don't use any of these technologies.
And yet these benefits aren’t entirely just for women.
Social media users of both genders report higher feelings of social support
and are more aware of the resources available in their network.
And like anything, how you use it matters.
So rather than just scrolling Facebook and browsing twitter, interacting with actual people on these sites leads to a better feeling.
Just like in the days of old, communicating, sharing, and supporting each other make us feel better and feel less stressed. We just have a new way of doing it.
For more information on this study and others like it check out the links in the description, and check out this video,
Tara will tell you the reason some people in your facebook feed are prone to oversharing. I think we all know that guy.
Or a girl...you share way to much. So what do you think? Do you feel close to people with texting and social media?
Or does it make you feel lonely? Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to subscribe to DNews for more science every day.


臉書對心理健康有益! (How Facebook Is Good for Your Mental Health)

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