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Hi I'm coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics.com and let's learn the Stephen Curry jab Stepback Move.
The jab Stepback is an awesome move and the one that Stephen Curry uses all the
time to get that extra separation to get of a jump shot. Now you pair that with his quick
release and it is deadly. So let's break it down for you. So the move begins with Steph's
defender rides his hip high. So Stephen knows that the defender is caught in a little
bit of a rock and a hard place because he doesn't want to let him go baseline but also
does not want to give him the open 3. So Steph gives a quick jab step but pops off of it
to gain extra separation moving backwards giving him a wide open look. This move is
great because it gets double the separation. Notice how Stephen uses a great little head
and shoulder fake to really sell that jab step to create that extra separation. And
all he has to do is to gather and make sure his shooting elbow is pointing towards the ground
and release. And that's how to do the Stephen Curry Jab Stepback. Thank you so much for
watching and if you liked what you saw feel free to hit the subscription button in the
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to do to help us out. We would very much appreciate it. If you want to watch more of our newest
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along for the ride. So go ahead and hit the annotation and sign up if you have not already,
and it's free! Again I'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mehchanics.com. Thanks for watching
and go splash one in someones eyeball.


史蒂芬 庫裡 (Stephen Curry Jab Step Back Move: Basketball Moves)

5746 分類 收藏
Shen Thomas 發佈於 2015 年 1 月 19 日    Gawei Hsu 翻譯    Halu Hsieh 審核
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