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2 (Too) Legit, 2 (too) legit 2 (to) Quit. 2 (Too) Legit, 2 (too) legit 2 (to) Quit.
Hey, it's Marie Forleo and you're watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business
and a life that you love. And I love that you're here with me today. You know why?
Because it's Q&A Tuesday, one of my favorite days of the week, really. It's all about
Q's and A's and today's question comes from Giuliana. Pretty name. And she writes:
Hi Marie, how do I know when the obstacles are just part of the game or it's just too
hard? You have to be pushed sometimes, right? But how do I know when it's the right time
to push and recommit or if it's just time to give up and quit? Thank you so much, Giuliana.”
Giuliana, this is a big, juicy question and the truth is, there are so many factors that
make every situation unique. Sometimes the smart thing to do is to quit. We'll talk
about that in a minute. But other times you gotta dig deeper and recommit.
While I don't have all the answers, I do have some tips that will help you find yours.
First thing is that quitters do win. You know that old saying that quitters never win and
winners never quit? Total BS. It's just not true. To stay with something just because
you're afraid of feeling like or looking like a loser is not a smart strategy.
So I want to give you a reframe. It's called the power of positive quitting. This is what
happens when you realize that you've gone as far as you can go with a particular project
and it's actually not smart to keep going. You should cut your losses and redirect your
time and your resources into a new direction. So let me give you an example from my own life.
A few years ago I had spent a lot of time and money and energy building this beautiful custom
online membership forum. So it was going great, it was awesome. We had opened up the membership,
a lot of people paid us, and they came in, and guess what happened?
The whole thing friggin' crashed and burned. It was a nightmare. Now uh, what I did is took
a look and said, “Ok, all this money and time and energy I spent? I'm pulling the plug
We're getting out of here.” So of course I took care of my customers, we changed
platforms, everything was fine, but the point is I took a look at it and I said, “This
is the right thing to quit because I'm not gonna win going any further.” So I 86-ed
that whole thing, which brings me to my next point.
Number two, you gotta fork over the freedom fee. So here’s what I mean by this. Sometimes
we've got a lot of money or time or ego invested in the project and we feel like there's
a ton of sunk costs and we don't wanna let it go. I get it. But you've gotta reframe that.
Just like when you're trying to switch cell phone companies and they make you pay
that big fee to get out. That's what it's like sometimes with a project. If you start
to think about just letting this thing go and you get all kinds of mental and emotional
bandwidth, it's gonna make it a lot easier to eat those costs.
Number three, hard happens. Look, things in life get hard. I mean, we can all agree on
that. Right? ( - Oh yeah~ - Hands up!) But seriously, do not get caught up in the myth of flow. Yes, sometimes things
do flow but not always. Very often, you know what? Things do get hard. So don't believe
anybody when they tell you, “Oh, if it's really right for you, it's so easy and it
flows and it justit's a natural unfolding of your you-ness.”
Natural unfolding my badonkadonk. You know what unfolds naturally? A bath towel. Kind of.
So I've had lots of projects that are totally worthwhile and you know what?
Hard things actually pop up. So when that happens for me, I realize I gotta dig in deeper and push through.
Sometimes it means I take a little break or sometimes it means I change my approach.
But the point here is, obstacles don't mean you should quit. Sometimes you've really
got to push through. Now, I know in this whole question we still haven't helped you decide
whether or not you should quit or commit, so here are two strategies that'll help
you find clarity.
First up, the 10 year test. Now, we've talked about this before on MarieTV, but we're repeating
it because it works. I want you to ask yourself, 10 years in the future will you regret quitting
this project right now? So going back to my example, when that website crashed and burned
I asked myself, “Am I gonna regret 10 years from now just giving this whole thing up?”
Not at all. It was one project, it taught me a lot, but that was it. I wasn't gonna
cry over it. So that's the same thing I want you to do. I want you to recognize whether
or not this project or whatever you're working on, is it a true soul goal or is it just something
on your journey that's taking you to something bigger?
So Giuliana, get connected. Really ask yourself, how will you feel in 10 years?
Tap into your heart and really pay attention to how you feel. This isn't just a useful test, it's actually a tweetable.
Your feelings will guide you if you have the courage to tap into them and listen.”
Second you want to ask for guidance. So whether you meditate or you pray or you have another
spiritual practice, the point is you've gotta plug into a higher power. Ask for some help.
I do this all the time and it is amazing. You've gotta be open though to receiving the signs.
So maybe that looks like an email or maybe a call from a friend or maybe you'll
get an intuitive flash, but the point is if you don't ask you will not receive. So, Giuliana,
these are all the things that work for me. I know it's a big, hairy topic, there's
a lot of things to consider, but if you want another resource you might want to consider
checking out Seth Godin's book The Dip. It's all about how to figure out when to
quit and when to commit. So that was my A to your Q, I really hope it helps.
So now I would love to hear from you. Have you ever struggled with when to commit and
when to quit? And if so, what helped you decide? I would love to hear about it in the comments
below. Now, as always, the best discussions happen
after the episode over at marieforleo.com, so come on over and leave a comment now.
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Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world really needs that
special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you
next time on MarieTV.



【MarieTV】何時堅持,何時放棄?二方法解決 (When to Commit, When to Quit: 2 Strategies to Figure It Out)

17776 分類 收藏
Adam Huang 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 8 日    Steven Guan 翻譯    Jerry 審核


人生不如意事十之八九,但從小課本上教我們「永不放棄」的精神真的是對的嗎?有時是不是也應該衡量自己的能力跟環境,適時地抽離來把傷害降到最低呢?小 V 相信這是大家都很想知道人生問題,今天就一起來聽聽知名創業家 Marie 的建議吧!

1crashed and burned2:04
crash and burn 的意思是「徹底失敗」,有瞬間、很迅速地毀滅的意味;其中的 crash 是「墜毀」的意思。 這個片語也可以當作形容詞使用: crash-and-burn ,意思是「使人有挫敗感的、使人失敗的」。
Don't worry about whether or not you'll crash and burn . If you never try, you'll never know.

另一個也表達失敗的意思:fall through,解釋是「落空、未發生」。特別注意的是 fall through 要連在一起, 中間不可以放受詞喔!
I was so excited about the family trip this holiday. Unfortunately, the trip fell through since we all got a really bad flu.

【商用英文】商業英文慣用語 (Business English Idioms in Use)

2pulling the plug 2:12
plug 是「塞子;堵塞物;插頭」的意思,pull the plug 中文解釋是「阻止某事、釜底抽薪」。
The project already spent tons of money but there was still a lack of progress, so the company decided to pull the plug.

另外再介紹兩個 pull 的片語給大家:

pull one's (other) leg! 意思是「別逗了!別開玩笑了」,起源於想要絆倒他人的惡作劇,後來就衍生出「別開玩笑」的意思。
Jerry: I got 967 on TOEIC!
Prim: Yeah right! Stop pulling my leg!
Jerry: 我多益考 967 分!
Prim: 最好是啦,別開玩笑了!

to pull some strings 意思是「幕後操縱、暗中控制」。

想要減肥嗎?紅綠燈用顏色幫你分類食物!(Barry wants to lose weight - Traffic Lights color your food.)

3dig in 3:45
dig 是「挖掘」的意思, dig in 在影片中的意思是「投入」,但其實一般是指「開動」的意思。在影片中,可以看到 Marie 是在講困難的事情時常發生, dig in 後面接的也是 harder (更努力)跟 push (推動自己) 因此可以判斷是「投入」的意思,建議大家可以透過上下文來分辨喔!
To get better grades, you really need to dig in and work hard. No pain, no gain.

dig 這個字雖然簡單,但搭配不同的介系詞,就有很多不同的意思和用法。在這裡再介紹幾個跟 dig 相關的片語給大家:

dig something up 挖掘、找尋 (秘密)
It is important for us to dig up the history of our own country, otherwise it will be lost in transmission.

dig your own grave 自掘墳墓

dig yourself into a hole 自己使自己陷入困難

86 是俚語「停止使用、擺脫、拒絕服務」的意思,是一種很口語的用法喔!這個用法可能和英文字 nix (意思是「停止」) 有關,在餐廳裡用到 86 就是指「不賣給你或不提供服務」。
The man was 86ed by the restaurants in this neighborhood since he had records of dine and dash.

I think you should totally 86 your awful boyfriend since he really has no respect for you and your family.

5fork over 2:30
fork over/up something 意思是「不情願地給;交出」。也可以把受詞放在 fork 跟 over (up) 中間。
It was not until the mother started to get mad that the little girl forked over the toy she wanted to buy.

肉類值多少?(How much does meat actually cost?)

看完 Marie 的建議之後,小 V 印象最深刻的一句話就是 Quitters do win. 半途而廢的人也會贏,有時候放棄並不是可恥的事,只要在過程中有學到更多經驗,從失敗中學習,也是為未來成功所做的累積喔!就像愛迪生所說:「那不叫做失敗,我只是發現了一千種做不出燈絲的材料。」

文/ Primrose Huang




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