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Welcome to the new BASF.com.
Here you will find everything you want to know about BASF in one place.
One BASF, one website.
Whether from a laptop, tablet or smartphone -
the flexible design means the new BASF.com will always display optimally.
The website also automatically shows you all the local content of your country in the local language.
This capability is already available for several countries. We will continually expand the coverage.
To change location and language, simply choose your preferred settings in the view selector.
The website is clearly structured into three categories.
The content is easy to find and the lean navigation offers easy access to the topics you are interested in.
Under "Company" you will find information about careers, investor relations,
news & media and everything about sustainability at BASF.
Under "Products & Industries" you will find an overview of BASF products and solutions, arranged by industry.
More content will be added over the coming months.
Under "We create chemistry" you can find out how chemistry improves people's lives.
We designed the new website for you so that you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for.
We want to continuously improve our service to you, and we appreciate your feedback.
Please send your ideas by e-mail to corporate.internet@basf.com
or via Facebook and Twitter: facebook.com/basf and twitter.com/basf.
Enjoy discovering our new BASF.com and all it has to offer you!


巴斯夫 (The New BASF Website – An Enhanced User Experience For You)

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