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Are your boobs normal?
One of my boobs is bigger than the other. Is that normal?
Yes! Most women's boobs aren't identical in size, but if buying bras is a struggle, you can always buy a bra that fits your bigger boob, and use a silicon insert for the other.
I have hair around my nipples. Is that normal?
It's totally normal to have a few hairs on the dark skins around the nipple, but if they bother you, you'free to clip that, just avoid plucking or shaving them so you don't get ingrown hairs and infection.
Can I make my boobs bigger?
Doing exercises that engage your pectoral muscles can get your boobs a bit of lift, but they won't actually make the girls bigger.
But don't worry, boobs can come in any shape or size, and they're always awesome!
My nipples are leaking. Should I be worried?
Not if you're pregnant, or recently given birth.
And the other time, consult your doctor to ensure that you don't have a thyroid or hormone problem.
Are my areolas too big? Too dark?
Just like breast size and shape vary, the areolas vary in size and color. Don't worry about it!
I have stretch marks on my boobs. Will they ever go away?
Stretch marks occur during development, and vary from person to person, depending on your genes and your skin's stretchiness.
These marks are totally normal, and often fade a bit over time.
Is it normal if my nipples point in?
Between ten and twenty percent of women, have at least one nipple that's inverted.
As long as it's always been this way, and your nipples didn't use to point out, it's just fine.
My boobs are lumpy. Should I be worried?
Breast tissue is naturally bumpy, so some women have lumpy breast.
If a lumpiness feels consistent throughout the breast, and both of them feel the same, it's probably nothing to worry about.
But definitely check it with your doctor if you notice any new lumps that feel hard or different from the rest of your breast.
And don't forget, schedule a breast exam once a year, and regularly perform breast exams at home. Take care of those tatas.



女生一定要知道的胸部常識!Are Your Boobs Normal?

22553 分類 收藏
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