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  • Hey, I'm Laura Marano from Disney Channel's Austin and Ally.

  • And I'm Vanessa Marano from ABC Family's Switched at Birth.

  • I'm in Walt Disney World.

  • And I'm in Disneyland. This summer is all about rockin' your Disney Side.

  • So together we're going to show you our...

  • Top 5 Rockin' Disney Attractions!

  • No big deal, mine are way better.

  • We'll see about that. Fans why don't you decide for yourself. Come on, let's go!

  • Let's start with #5 and work our way down. Why not start off fast with Tower of Terror.

  • It's pretty scary, but that's why I love it!

  • My #5? It rocks. Literally. Let's go bobsledding down the Matterhorn.

  • My #4 is Splash Mountain. It shows off my adventurous side. Let's go get splashed!

  • We definitely got splashed.

  • It's a small world just celebrated it's 50th birthday. It shows off my classic Disney Side

  • and is a must every time I go to Disneyland.

  • My #3 pick shows off my western Disney Side. Let's take a trip to the wildest ride in the wilderness.

  • Oh yeah.

  • Looks like sisters do think alike. Big Thunder Mountain is #3 on my list too.

  • Let's amp it up a bit. This #2 really rock and rolls my Disney Side. I love Aerosmith.

  • I love roller coasters. There you go.

  • That rocked!

  • Now I like to get a little playful with my Disney Side, so my #2 is with some of my favorite toys.

  • To infinity and beyond!

  • And that is apparently how you do it on Toy Story Mania.

  • I've saved the best and newest for last. Check out the latest addition to New Fantasyland.

  • The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster. Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to the #1 Disney rocking attraction we go!

  • And now I can finally tell you my #1 rockin' your Disney Side attraction is. . .

  • Woo! Surprise! I thought I would surprise you for your last attraction.

  • I was not expecting to see you here! I thought you were in Florida.

  • I was, but I think my favorite reason to go to the Disney Parks is to be with my family.

  • Aww, you're so sweet. But you interrupted me telling everybody what my #1 attraction is. So rude.

  • Well, hello, what's that?

  • Well, let's just say...I'll race you!

  • There it is! We had so much fun!

Hey, I'm Laura Marano from Disney Channel's Austin and Ally.


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