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  • Hi everyone. This is David Watts from IBM Redbooks.

  • Today we're going to do a quick walk through of the IBM System x 3530 M4. This is a 1U

  • rack-mounted system with support for two Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors also known as "Romley

  • EN" processors.

  • The 3530 M4 is one of our "value 2-socket" family of servers and is for customers looking

  • for a mid-level server, perhaps as a virtualization engine, light database, web server, or as

  • part of a cloud infrastructure.

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  • Looking at the front of the server, you can see the 3530 M4 offers a flexible and scalable

  • design. Depending on your needs, you can either get the server with eight 2-1/2 inch drives,

  • or you can get the server with four 3-1/2-inch drives including high-capacity 3 TB drives.

  • Simple swap drives configurations are also available for those of you not needing hot-swap

  • drives and optical drives are also available on some models.

  • For models with 2-1/2-inch bays, you can install either SAS or SATA hard disk drives, or high-performance

  • solid state drives.

  • Also on the front of the server you'll see there are a couple of USB ports, a video port,

  • status LEDs, and a pop-out light path diagnostics panel to make it easier to diagnose the problem

  • if a hardware fault arises.

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  • Looking at the back of the server, you can see it supports hot-swap power supplies, or

  • you can get it with one fixed power supply. All power supplies are 80 Plus certified.

  • To the right of the power supplies are four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Two are enabled as

  • standard. If you want, you can enable the 3rd and 4th ports using IBM Features on Demand.

  • IBM Features on Demand is a licensing program where the server comes with a component but

  • you only pay for it when you need it.

  • Next to the Ethernet ports are four USB ports plus a serial port and video port.

  • Above all the ports are three PCIe 3 slots. Slot 1 on the right is a x16 slot full height,

  • half length. Slot 2 on the left is a x8 slot supporting low-profile adapters. There's also

  • a third slot behind the grill just above the Ethernet ports. This slot is where the RAID

  • controller goes if one is configured.

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  • Looking inside the server, you can see we jam a lot in to a 1U space. The two big heat

  • sinks in the middle are the two Intel Xeon E5-2400 series processors. Depending on the

  • processor you select, each can have up to 8 cores and the core speed can be up to 2.4

  • GHz. Each processor can have up to 20 MB of cache.

  • The E5-2400 processors have three memory channels, operating either at 1600 MHz or 1333 MHz depending

  • on the processor selected, with up to 2 DIMMs per channel.

  • Each of the two processor has six memory DIMM slots. The server supports UDIMMs or RDIMMs

  • and using a full compliment of 16 GB RDIMMs, you can get 192 GB of RAM in this server.

  • The server offers Chipkill, memory mirroring, and memory rank sparing for redundancy.

  • Here you can also see where the three PCIe slots. If you do have a RAID controller with

  • cache configured, the battery or power module is installed in a special carrier just in

  • front of the power supplies. This ensures it remains properly cooled.

  • The server also has six redundant system fans. These are fixed, non-hot-swap fans.

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  • So there you have it. The IBM System x 3530 M4. There's lots more information on the IBM

  • Redbooks Product Guide. If you're watch this video from the Redbooks web site, just scroll

  • down to see it. If you're watching this video from YouTube or some other web site, look

  • for the link in the description.

  • Thanks for watching.

Hi everyone. This is David Watts from IBM Redbooks.


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IBM系統x3530 M4實戰演練。 (IBM System x3530 M4 walk-through)

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