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My name is Aaron Kyro.
I'm a sponsored skateboarder
From the San Francisco Bay Area.
And today I'm going to teach you
How to kickflip.
Before you start learning how to do this trick
You should be really comfortable just riding your board around
And you should also have your ollies down well.
Because it is part of it
And it is going to help you out a lot to learn this trick.
The first thing you have to get down is your foot placement.
Your front foot is at a 45 degree angle just down from those bolts.
And your backfoot is perched on the tail
With the ball of your foot ready to pop it.
Now the first thing you're going to do
Is you're going to bend your front knee,
Lifting the front of the board up
And you're going to put pressure down on your back foot.
This is the thing that's going to pop
And give you your lift on the board.
The second part is sliding that front foot off.
You can see where the white marks are
On my board from the shoes.
Also pay attention to which part of your shoe actually flips the board.
Notice how my knee and how my foot turns as I slide my foot up.
This is very important.
This is what's going to give you the flip
And what's going to turn your board.
Now that you know how to flip the board,
As soon as it's flipped, you catch it with your back foot,
Right at the back truck and put both feet down.
It's super simple.
There is actually only a couple steps.
The main thing you really need to get down
Is that flick of the front foot.
It's very important that you learn to flip it up.
A lot of people think you're going to flip it down to flip the board,
But it's not true.
Look at how my front foot goes up off of the board.
This is what causes your board to flip,
So you catch it and keep your feet above the board.
As soon as you see it flip around,
Put that back foot down, catch your board
And then just drop your legs and land.
It's an easy trick. You'll get it down.
Just practice a lot
And before you know it, you'll have it to a point
Where you can do it whenever you want.
In to, out of tricks, in the middle of manuals or wherever.
If you need any help with this trick,
Go to brailleskateboarding.com and let me know.
Don't forget to subscribe for future videos.



2735 分類 收藏
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