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Any true relationship between friends or significant others
should be one between equals. You give and take
equally. One person's needs aren't met over another's.
Friends and partners are supposed to give you energy, lift you up when you're down
and want the best for you. But sometimes we get into relationships that drain energy from us
These are toxic relationships and they can negatively affect
all aspects of our lives
On this week's well cast we're gonna show you how you can tell if you're even
in a toxic relationship and then we're gonna help you
extricate yourself from that unhealthy situation pronto.
Selfie 1 : Diagnose the relationship
How do you know if a friend or partner bring you down?
Well, in much the same way that you know that you're coming down with a cold,
toxic relationships come with symptoms. When you're around this person,
how do you feel? Here are a few other questions you should ask yourself
if you're thinking you might be in a toxic situation . Does my friend put me
down all the time?
Are they jealous my spend time with others ? Do they constantly bring up parts of me that
they want to change ? Did they take more than give? Am I only doing the things that they want to do?
Selfie 2: Recognize your role
In the relationship, as Eleanor Roosevelt said
"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."
Alright , look , what we got that from Princess Diaries
obviously, moving on. Listen, you have autonomy in every relationship
in your life. If your friend or partner is stealing your sunshine,
you need to figure out what you're doing to allow them
to do this. Are you being a doormat ? Are you putting this person's emotional needs
ahead of your own health? Selfie 3: Start to build boundaries for this relationship
Does your friend invite himself over at all hours in the night?
Are they constantly bossing you around ? Are they always borrowing money from you?
Alright, once you know the boundary that you want to set,
stick to it . Draw your line in the sand. Selfie four :
Recognize , you can't change other people but you can stop being
a doormat. If you have determined a friendship, or a relationship is toxic
you know that you have to change the nature of that relationship.
Start by spending less time with that person and do your best to detach
yourself emotionally.
Hopefully setting boundaries will help you begin to phase this relationship out.
Selfie 5 : Get a second opinion
especially if you're emotionally vulnerable, the best thing you can do is
surround yourself with people who love you
and who want you to be happy and healthy. Use them as a lifeline during this time.
Selfie 6 : Above all else , look out for yourself
Studies have shown that people with low self-esteem
are far more likely to find themselves in toxic relationships
You will never be treated with love and respect unless you absolutely believe
that you deserve these things.
Remember, you teach people how to treat you,
so do yourself the favor of loving yourself.
That's the first step to any relationship. To recap,
if you have diagnosed yourself as being in a toxic relationship,
the first step is recognizing this, then
recognizing your role in the relationship. Once you do this,
you can start to set boundaries for this relationship and change the way you
interact with this person.
To help, surround yourself with people who love you
and above all else, look out for yourself.



有毒的感情?幾招教你斬斷!Are you in a toxic relationship?

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Sunny Hsu 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 27 日    Paris Tsai 翻譯    Eating 審核



pronto 是指「立刻」、「馬上」的意思,跟 at once 以及 immediately 的含義及用法很像,皆表示要迅速地去處理某件事,可用於事情急需完成時,另外在命令句也很常見。
Bring me the newspaper, pronto!

2come down with0:52
come down with 意指「患上」、「染上」,後面接生病相關詞彙,像是感冒就可以說 come down with a cold,而得到流感則可用 come down with the flu 來表達。
We come down with illnesses more easily when under stress.

autonomy 在國家層面意指「自治」,表示國家獨立自由、有自治權,不受其他國家脅迫,而在個人層面則有「人身自主」的意思,表示人可以根據自己的意志去行動。
There are four minority autonomous areas in China.

給小朋友的性教育課:你的身體只屬於你自己 (consent for kids)

4a line in the sand2:08
a line in the sand 有「界線」、「底限」的意思,常配合動詞 draw 使用,可以說 draw a line in the sand 來說明底限以及容忍程度到哪裡,超過這個分寸就無法接受,跟 set boundry 的意思滿接近的。
I can drink, but drinks with alcohol percentage over 30% is where I draw a line in the sand.
我可以喝酒,但是酒精濃度超過 30% 的我就不喝。

5phase out2:32
phase out 意即「逐步淘汰」,可以分別從 phase 和 out 的意思來理解,phase 是「階段」,out 則有「出去」、「出局」的意思,因此合在一起表示分階段出去,也就是逐步淘汰。
Restaurants will be encouraged to phase out disposable chopsticks.

G7 組織真正的影響力 (How Powerful Is The G7?)


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