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I have a recipe that is going to make your family so happy.
It's a Pork Burger with Avocado and Grilled Chili Mayonnaise.
It's got a great zing to the burger that you're going to love and this is how you do it.
We'll start off with a red onion and a little red chili here. So the red chili here, I'm just going to brush with a little bit of oil.
Then just go ahead and pop that onto a preheated grill
or outside on the barbie is also fine.
If it burns and goes black on the outside it doesn't matter.
It's actually what you're trying to do, is you're trying to blister that skin of the actual chili.
The next thing we do is get a red onion
And we're going to grill some of this red onion
And then we're gonna serve that with the Pork Burger.
Then just go ahead and stick your onion on to the grill.
So while they're cooking away, grab your buns and cut them in a half just like that.
Then we're just going to lightly oil these and we're going to grill them as well.
Now time to address the actual burger. So we've got this beautiful pork mince here
And what we're going to do with it is mix it with just a little bit of oyster sauce
Just go ahead and mix it together just like that. Mm okay.
Time to turn them into burgers.
you should get yourself a nice flat tray with a bit of parchment paper on.
You can roll it into a ball, flatten it down.
I'm gonna cheat, I've got a nice big pastry cutter
And then I've got a little tampa. So I'm just gonna go ahead
and sort of flatten it out like so.
Lovely! So the chillis been on for about 5 minutes or so and have a look here.
Turn that over.
You can see we've got that beautiful scorch mark on that.
What you wanna do is get yourself just a little dish
we gonna take it off there and
stick it into a little dish and cover in the film.
Then in just a minute, it's going to steam up, which is what you want.
And the the skins going to pull right off the outside of that chilli.
Okay we're ready to get going with this.
So turn your onions over
and make sure you've got a little bit of colour on both sides.
The next thing you do is you pick up your buns here.
And get just a little bit of oil and I'm just going to go ahead and brush these
So they go nice and crispy and delicious
So pick these up and pop
them straight on just like that.
Squeeze them all in.
So while our buns are grilling, what I'm going to do is
We've given this a few minutes to sort of steam itself off.
What you do next is pick up that chili pepper,
Pull it off and look at the skin, see how that just comes off, that's perfect exactly what you want.
Now depending on how spicy you like it will depend on whether you leave all the seeds on.
If you remove the seeds, you remove a lot of the heat.
If you like it hot, you leave the actual seeds in.
And then just chop the chili up.
Okay, that's done.
Let's have a look at our buns -- perfect!
Just grilled to they are nice and crispy and golden.
Perfecto. We can start cooking our burger straight away.
Just slide them straight onto the grill pan, just like that.
So while the burgers are cooking, let's make our mayonnaise.
We've got just half a cup of Mayonnaise just like that.
I'm gonna add just a little bit of flavour to it.
So I've got a little bit of lemon or lime juice.
we've got a little bit of cayenne pepper, which of course brings that intense spice to it.
And then I've got one of those roasted chilis, which really brings more sweetness and smokiness to the mayonnaise.
Give it a stir.
And then importantly it's really really important have a taste.
Yummm, I like it really spicy
So if you're like me, add all the cayenne pepper.
If you want to cut back on it a little bit, that's also fine.
So once your pork burger has had a couple of minutes
You just want it to go carefully under there, flip 'em over.
Now of course you can cook these out on the barbie, it's delicious
You get that beautiful flavour from the BBQ.
But if you're cooking indoors, this is the way to do it.
Alright while we let those cook away, I'm going to finish off my burgers.
So over here, I've got a couple of things, couple of toppings.
I've got my spicy mayonnaise,
Some crunchy iceberg lettuce, which I just love,
And some of avocado, which is also one of my favourite ingredients.
Now the way I do this with the avocado is to just get my fork
and literally just push it straight on into the avocado.
And I just mush it up, inside the skin
and I sort of go ahead and put a nice big dollop of that right in the centre of my bun.
Next, I get just the lettuce fold it in half, half of lettuce leaf,fold it in half
The just stick it right to the avocado like that.
Next, our burgers, our onions and then we finish with the mayonnaise
So you've got something sticky on both sides of the bun.
So it's all going to come together. So go ahead, grab your burger
Onto the lettuce leaf. That's gonna stop it from going too soggy.
To use of nice onion rings and add them to the top of our pork burger.
And then you get your spicy mayonnaise and finish it with a nice big dollop.
And this is one of the most delicious burgers and that guarantee you,
And you're family is going to love you for.
So tasty! I personally like to get a nice big cocktail stick, just like that,
Close 'em up.
And then you have it, it's a really simple meal to make,
but if you're looking to treat your family to something special
Have a look at this, they're going to love it!


跟「帥哥主廚到你家」學做完美的豬肉漢堡 (How to make Pork Burgers with Curtis Stone - Coles)

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