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  • The world's population is projected to reach 11 billion by the end of the century. Feeding


  • that many people will be a challenge, and it is further complicated by the impact of


  • climate change on agriculture. That is why some people advocate an unusual way to boost


  • the food supply and feed people sustainably: by eating less meat, and more insects.

    食物供應並且維持人類需求 方法就是少吃肉 多吃昆蟲

  • About 2 billion people already eat bugs. Mexicans enjoy chili-toast grasshoppers. Thais tucking

    大約20億人口已經開始食用昆蟲 墨西哥人很喜歡辣烤的蚱蜢 泰國人大吃

  • to cricket stir-fries and Ghanians snack on termites. Insects are slowly creeping onto

    炒蟋蟀而迦納人把白蟻當點心, 昆蟲類緩慢的爬進西方世界的菜單

  • Western menus as novelty items, but most people remain squeamish. Yet there are three reasons

    裡被當成新鮮菜色 但是大部分人還是維持著難以接受的態度 雖然有三個理由

  • why eating insects make sense.


  • First, they are healthier than meat. There are nearly 2,000 kinds of edible insects,

    第一 他們比肉類健康,大約有2000種可食用昆蟲類

  • many of them packed with protein, calcium, fibre, iron and zinc. A small serving of crickets

    很多含有蛋白質 鈣質 纖維 鐵和 鋅 一小份的蟋蟀

  • can contain the same or more protein as similarly sized serving of beef, but have half

    會比同樣份量的牛肉包含相同或更多的蛋白質 並且只有一半

  • the fat and far fewer calories.


  • Second, raising insects is cheap, or free. Little technology or investment is needed

    第二 養昆蟲很便宜 或是免費 只需要少量的科技或投資就能生產

  • to produce them. Harvesting insects could provide livelihoods to some of the world’s


  • poorest people.


  • Finally, insects are a far more sustainable source of food than livestock. Livestock production

    最後 昆蟲類是一種遠比牲口類容易維持取得的來源

  • accounts for nearly a fifth of all greenhouse-gas emissionsthat’s more than transport.

    牲畜產品類佔了約一半的溫室效應的氣體排放 比交通工具更多

  • By contrast, insects produce relatively fewer greenhouse gases, and raising them requires

    相比之下 昆蟲類產生相對低的溫室效應氣體 飼養他們只需要

  • much less land and water. And they'll eat almost anything.

    遠較少量的土地和水 並且昆蟲類幾乎甚麼都吃

  • Despite all this, most Westerners find insects hard to swallow. One solution is to use protein

    儘管如此 多數西方人發現昆蟲類很難吞嚥 一種解決方是將從昆蟲中抽取的蛋白質

  • extracted from bugs in other products, such as ready meals and pasta sauces. Not having

    加入其他產品中 例如快餐和義大利麵醬

  • to look at the bugs, and emphasis on the environmental benefits, might make the idea of eating insects

    不正面盯著昆蟲看 並且強調對環境益處 或許能把吃昆蟲的想法

  • a bit more palatable.


The world's population is projected to reach 11 billion by the end of the century. Feeding


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想救地球?何不考慮從吃蟲開始 (Why eating insects makes sense)

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