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Hello everyone, I am Ben Hedges
I'm British, but I spent my youth in Hong Kong
I later also came to university in Taiwan
and now I host a television show speaking in Chinese
The show broadcasts in Taiwan and North America
I have traveled to many countries in Asia and today I want to share with you my five reasons why Taiwan is the best Asian destination that you could visit
One, small but big
First, this island that was once called Ilha Formosa, the beautiful isle
seems to have everything
and be able to accommodate any kind of travel plan you could think of
You can ascend above a sea of clouds, climbing one of Taiwan's over two hundred three thousand meter peaks
yet also take the opportunity to relax in the blue ocean, on Taiwan's endless stretches of coastline
You can experience superior service in Taiwan's vibrant cities
or sample the slower rhythms of life in Taiwan's rustic villages.
But what most important is
all these places may not be as far away as you think
and that is where the true magic of Taiwan lies
just a short trip on Taiwan's high speed rail or other transportation
can lead you to vastly different experiences
Two, never lost in translation
Breaking through the language barrier is also something to consider when traveling
If you speak English
you will have no problem communicating in Taiwan
Most young people speak English to a good level
but what about those who are a little older?
Excuse me, ma'am
Can you help me with the cellphone?
It's out of battery and I need to call my friend
Three, incredible warm-hearted people
When you travel in Taiwan
it is the people who make the experience what it is
Taiwanese people's hospitality and passion in welcoming foreigners is famous across the globe
Where are you going? Where are you going? Where are you going? Where are you going? ......
It really is like this
so in Taiwan you never have to worry about getting lost
and don't worry about your safety
all you need to worry about is
picking the most intelligent-looking person to guide you on your way
Four, Awesome Customizable service
Taiwanese people are friendly and passionate
This characteristic is also expressed in their awesome customized service
I would like to try something new, but I don't want it too sweet
Do you have any recommendations?
You can try our bubble tea
If you don't like it too sweet
you can decide sweetness yourself
One to ten
You can also decide the amount of ice
Okay, then I'll have bubble tea, less ice and half sugar
You know, in the West when you buy a soft drink
it's not really the same thing
Hey man! Can I get one of these with just a little bit of ice and no sugar?
It only comes in two types, buddy
Like this straight up
or like this
That would be one dollar, buddy
Five, only in Taiwan. Unexpected surprises.
Getting to this point
you probably all really want to come to Taiwan by now
Lastly, one important point
when you come to Taiwan
you need to remember to use your mobile phone or other video recording devices
and shoot what you feel are the most beautiful or the most interesting things you see while you are here
upload them to YouTube
and you can take part in the Taiwan Tourism Bureau's Anytime for Taiwan. Film Taiwan Action! event
The ten entries which receive the highest number of votes
will be selected to win a round the world ticket
wherever you want to go, that's your ticket to get there
Even if you aren't in the top ten as long as you receive over 1000 votes
you will be able to exchange every vote for NT$1 worth of prize money
that's US$1 for every 30 votes
So traveling can earn you money after all
is everybody ready?
Fasten your seatbelts
for unforgettable ride to Taiwan



你一定要知道!老外非來台灣不可的 5 個理由 (中英字幕) (The 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit TAIWAN!!│A Laowai's View of Taiwan)

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