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  • Hey guys, it is Richard. I wanted to answer some questions about the horribly slow murderer movie project.

  • When is the movie coming out?

  • We are gonna be filming it in 2015 and we are doing a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of 2015

  • but after the movie is done then the distributor will decide on the release date and so it is still to be decided.

  • Will the movie nine hours long?

  • Are you insane?!

  • Seriously? Nine hours? Do you realize how painful that would be to actually sit through?

  • I mean, I could potentially build some intermissions into it.

  • No, no! It is not going to be nine hours long.

  • it is gonna be maybe closer to two hours for the theatrical release

  • however if some of you people are insane enough that you actually want to have a nine-hour cut

  • of the horribly slow murderer feature film then let me know down in the comment section below

  • and... I do not know, maybe I could put together a horribly slow nine hour version on a Blu ray special edition

  • With a health warning at the beginning of it for insane people

  • If you have any other questions about the movie project or about filmmaking in general

  • write them down below and I will answer as many as I can.

  • And now I would like to show you guys this completely unnecessary teaser trailer

  • for this new YouTube video that is coming up

  • on Friday. It is just a couple minute long horror comedy

  • YouTube video called Real Life Nyan Jack which happens to be the weirdest video

  • we have ever made. We decided to make couple videos in October just for fun

  • I made this little teaser trailer because I am completely obsessed with making cinematic trailers with intense voice-overs. I can't help myself.

  • So please enjoy this completely unnecessary horror teaser trailer for our upcoming YouTube video

  • Enjoy. We'll see you spoon!

  • This Friday, Richard Gale Films invites you to experience horror like you've never seen.

  • What is happening to me? It is getting hard to breathe. Cannot breathe--

  • It is like my lungs are filled with frosting!

  • Real Life Nyan Jack

  • you will never look at a toaster pastry

  • the same way again

  • Friday

  • In the meantime

  • enjoy the much less disturbing animated Nyan Jack

  • My contain scenes of extreme violence and genital mutilation

Hey guys, it is Richard. I wanted to answer some questions about the horribly slow murderer movie project.


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銀之寺電影問題+真實年夜傑克預告 (Ginosaji Movie Questions + Real Nyan Jack Teaser)

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