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After taking a look at what 200 Food Calories looks like a few weeks ago, we thought: what does it look like to burn these calories off?
Sure, the average person who runs for a good 20 minutes will burn roughly 200 calories but is that really the most fun way to do it?
For example, why not chew gum for 18 hours to burn off those 200 calories?
Granted, chewing gum contains around 10 calories per piece.
So if you took a new piece every hour, you'd basically be breaking even.
Love lip-balm? Try applying it 1500 times to burn 200 calories.
And why not put those glossy lips to good use with 2 hours of kissing your love interest?
If things heat up, you only need an hour of sex to burn off 200 calories.
But before all that, you may want to spend 45 sessions brushing your teeth.
Prefer a more passive route? How about simply watching TV?
Spend a good 2 and a half hours surfing through channels, and you'll actually burn those 200 calories.
Watch something hilarious and you'll only need 4 commercial free sitcoms with consistent laughter.
If you're bored and happen to fall asleep, you'll need over 3 hours to burn the same amount.
But you will be burning calories even in your sleep.
Instead of surfing channels, what about actually surfing?
You can cut your time down to an hour by hitting the waves all the while getting that much desired tan.
And if you get a mouthful of water in the process, don't worry.
Simply drinking 8 glasses of water will burn an extra 70 calories a day, fresh water that is.
Meaning after 3 days of the recommended daily water intake, you'd have burned off that 200 calories.
But don't try to sneak it all in one day.
Drinking too much water can actually be dangerous.
Don't want to wait days?
Try some intense skipping for 15 minutes.
Or if you're having a good day, why not let the world know by singing your favorite pop song 23 times?
But if your shower head is the only one who appreciates your vocals, how about playing chopsticks on the piano for an hour and a half?
Or put those fingers to use by typing up a 4800 word short story, about burning 200 calories.
And while 200 calories is an arbitrary number that we chose, a pound of fat is equivalent to roughly 3500 calories.
So, burn away!
Though it's important to remember that how many calories your body burns during these activities is dependent on your size, gender, and general body makeup.
Don't forget, AsapSCIENCE now has T-shirts in both white and black.
Links are in the description.
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跟肥肚說掰掰!減肥妙招大公開!(Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories)

41825 分類 收藏
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