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Why, hello!
Now, I've got a tip for you
to show you how to cook a prawn just like you're a chef.
I've got a few different varieties here.
I've got some beautiful big king prawns.
I've also got some little green prawns.
And I've got a couple of these banana prawns
which are still shell-on.
So just a little bit of salt.
And I always put just a little bit of oil on the prawns
before I start cooking them.
Pop them onto a grill pan.
What you wanna do is not touch them for a minute or so.
So you wanna cook them sort of 40% of the way through from one side
before you turn the prawn.
Now, what that means is it's on the grill
for about a minute or two minutes before you turn it.
The real key to cooking beautiful prawns on a barbecue or a grill pan
is to make sure you preheat that barbecue and grill pan
so as soon as it goes on, you start that cooking process.
The other thing that's really important about your prawns
is selecting the right ones.
Make sure they're responsibly sourced.
And I'm really proud to say at Coles now,
all of our prawns are responsibly sourced, which is just great.
Now, if you get down and have a look at the prawn,
you'll see that half of it has sort of started to change colour
and then the other half is still translucent,
which means you've cooked 40 or 50% of it.
Now we're gonna turn it over. You'll see the colour start to change.
And for the shell-on prawns,
you'll see they'll start to go from green to pink,
which is exactly what you want.
So I'm turning the shell-on prawns once they've started to turn pink
and you just give them another 30 seconds or so longer
than the peeled ones.
OK, now, these prawns are cooked.
I can see that because I can see all the way through it.
The best way to tell is just to take one off,
get your knife and just go ahead and cut right on through it.
And you should be able to see that the colour
is consistent all the way through the prawn.
And you can see that on the one I've just cut.
One last thing that I always do when I cook prawns
is I just finish them off with a tiny bit of steam.
And I do that using citrus fruit. So just get a lemon.
And just squeeze that. See the steam?
Oh! Delicious.
And you see, that was just a couple of minutes on either side
and they're done.
Here's one of my favourites, the king prawn.
Mmm! So good just like this.
Of course, you can add garlic or onions or chilli -
you know, there's so many things you can add to add flavour -
but I love them just like this.
Now you know how to cook them, what are you waiting for?
PEOPLE: Ta-da!


澳洲帥哥廚師Curtis Stone教你煮大蝦 (How to cook prawns with Curtis Stone - Coles)

85262 分類 收藏
Lynn Chou 發佈於 2014 年 9 月 28 日
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