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  • Private teachers, group classesspeaking clubs, online courses,  

  • conversation partners, language exchange  websites and so on. There’s so many  

  • things we have access to these days to  improve our speaking skills in English.

  • But let’s assume that for whatever  reason you can’t do any of that.  

  • Because it’s different for each person  and we all have different circumstances

  • But you really want to be able to speak  English or you really want to or need  

  • to improve your speaking skills. And your  only option is to do this on your own. So,  

  • what do you do? How do you achieve this goal?

  • I have videos where I mention or talk about  this way. But let me just briefly summarize  

  • it for you and remind you about  how you can improve your speaking  

  • skills significantly all by yourself. But first, I want to get into a couple  

  • of the most effective exercises to work  on your speaking and then I’ll tell you  

  • about that one best way to improve your  speaking by yourself, that I swear by.

  • My number one go-to exercise thatrecommend to everyone is shadowing

  • If you really make yourself do it regularly  I promise youll see amazing results

  • This exercise works wonders. If you  want to learn more about it click the  

  • links in the description to watch  the videos where I talk about it.

  • Next, I recommend that you practice your  speaking using my dialogue videos.( a Little  

  • self-advertisement “) Based on the feedback that  I’ve got from you guys on those videos I can  

  • proudly say that this method has helped  a lot of you to improve your speaking

  • In those videos we basically have  a conversation where you and I have  

  • our lines and I say my line and then  you will see your line on the screen  

  • and you need to read it out loud off of  the screen as if you were answering me

  • And I also perform the full  dialogue for you. It’s easy and fun.

  • Another way is to find dialogues  online and read them out loud

  • Oh, before I forget to mention this. You  need to speak out loud. I hope it’s clear.  

  • Cuz there’s no chance of improving  your speaking if you don’t speak.

  • These two exercises that I just suggested are  easy but so effective. Easy because you don’t  

  • need to come up with your own sentences. You have  everything all set and done and ready for use

  • Effective because the more you actively  use the language,- the better and easier  

  • you learn and memorize things, including  grammar, sentence structure patterns,  

  • vocabulary. Everything just falls into placesOn one condition of course - consistency.

  • And one more exercise that will  help you tremendously not only  

  • improve your speaking skills but  also learn to think in English is-  

  • to answer questions or speak on  some topic in English freestyle

  • Answer who’s questions you may ask. WellGoogle’s. Search for IELTS speaking test questions  

  • or small talk questions which by  the way will come in very handy.

  • Now, let’s get to the one very thing that  you probably won’t like but will need to  

  • do in order to really improve. This way is  truly the best and it is tried and true

  • You will need to record yourself speak. Nowadays  

  • we all have phones with cameras  so this shouldn’t be a problem

  • I know I knowAwkward, awkwardawkward. You feel awkward recording  

  • yourself and speaking to yourself. First of all - nobody has to see  

  • those videos. Second youll get used to it. But believe me you need this. You need it  

  • anyways but especially because youre working  on your own and there’s nobody to correct you.

  • When you listen to yourself back, you  can catch your mistakes that otherwise  

  • you wouldn’t even notice you make, whether  they are pronunciation or grammar mistakes  

  • and you can correct them. I’m telling you this  from my own experience making YouTube videos

  • You won’t believe how many takes I needed  to take at the beginning to say something  

  • right. I could completely butcher  a word or the whole sentences.or,  

  • for whatever reason, I could just drop some  words from a sentence or my intonation was  

  • totally off and consequently the message  wasn’t properly delivered. But at the  

  • moment of speaking I didn’t realize that and  thought that everything sounded pretty good.

  • But when you listen to yourself you can  catch all of that, analyze and correct

  • And the more you do this the less  you eventually need to do this.

  • If you don’t know what to talk about or find  it difficult to structure your thoughts,  

  • you can start with dialogues. You can come up  with them by yourself or find them online. Or,  

  • again you can use my dialogue videos  that are calledSpeak English with  

  • me”. I’ll link the playlist with all  of those videos in the description

  • So, you can use those already put together  dialogues. You can record yourself reproducing  

  • the full dialogue or you can you can simply  answer me just like the video suggests

  • Moreover, this way you will have  something to compare your speech to.

  • When you read dialogues out loud  don’t forget to record yourself.  

  • When I worked with people on their  pronunciation using shadowing, I swear,  

  • people would always drop words out of sentences  they just heard or the ones they were reading,  

  • or replace them with other words  and they wouldn’t even notice that.

  • You can also choose a little fragment of any video  or podcast where a native speaker speaks. Practice  

  • that fragment and recreate it on video. Again, it’s important to record yourself  

  • because we make mistakes or drop  words not even realizing it.

  • And of course when you just speak freestylejust expressing your own thoughts,- you need  

  • to record yourself. This will help you  identify the things you need to work on

  • If you don’t know what to talk about  you could think of this,- sometimes  

  • there’s things we want to say to others but  can’t and just saying them to yourself out  

  • loud helps to get that burden off your  shoulders. This can be very therapeutic.  

  • Recording yourself is a very powerful  tool that I suggest everyone use,  

  • even those who work with teachers. Establish an everyday speaking  

  • practice routine and get into this. A couple of months of doing this will be worth  

  • years of studying English by means of tests. Plus this is a very good way to keep track  

  • of your progress that in turn  will help you stay motivated.

Private teachers, group classesspeaking clubs, online courses,  


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How to Improve your English Speaking BY YOURSELF

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