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People think that Asian girls
are all the same.
They do!
Bro, there’s only two types of Asian girls:
The nerds that live in the library
or the crazy party chicks that bleach their hair.
That’s it!
The truth is,
there are many different types of Asian girls.
Yeah! About 18.
Using the patented scientific method of
“making things up,”
we present to you today,
18 Types of Asian Girls.
But before we complete each comprehensive profile of the Asian girls,
we brought in Asian girl-expert,
Porter Lynn.
Don’t worry guys
I’ve been an Asian girl for over 20 years.
And I have their reports analysis, right here!
Good work Porter.
Let’s go!
Number 1: The ABG -
Asian Baby Girl.
Common roles you’ll find ABG girls in are:
Import model, sexy coffee shop, trendy fusion restaurant,
Go-go dancers, and working at vape shops.
For those of you guys who don’t know,
the Asian baby girl is
basically a female Asian Gangster.
“I like guys with big fast car and tattoos;
and may have been arrested.”
They’re short, sexy
and you’ll know when you’ll see them.
“Next month, I’m going to be at the cover of Import Tuner Magazine.”
The ABG often has on
circle lenses, fake lashes
dark eyeliner, perfectly drawn eyebrows,
highlights or dyed hair, a push up bra;
anything that exposes her pierced belly button, or dragon tattoo.
The ABG looks tough on the outside,
but secretly on the inside,
she’s a little bit insecure.
“Are you freaking cheated on me? You cheated on me?
Oh my God? Am going to kill you.
Where are you going? I’m talking to you. Hey! Hey!”
“Come back!”
The turn down version of ABG is just AZN
Number 2: The Normal Good Asian Girl.
If you’re looking for cute and sweet,
she’s your gal.
(the girl sweetly smiles)
A common exchange between a normal Asian girl and her boyfriend
might be like:
Uh hey! What do you want to go eat?
Hmmm, I don’t know.
Wherever you want to eat.
The good Asian girl is totally cool,
who’s spending Friday night with her parents at an Asian restaurant
They like Korean dramas, Hello Kitty.
Yogurt land, Disneyland,
anything that ends with land.
It’s all one big cute ecosystem that
the normal and average good Asian girl like.
And she definitely enjoys herself
with a good Wong Fu video.
The normal good Asian girl generally wears loose or fading clothing.
Nothing too crazy or sexier.
Number 3: Yappie Asian Girl -
“Young Asian Professional”
The Yappie Asian Girl is the turn up version of the good Asian girl.
The Yappie Girls like having a jam packed schedule,
eating in a cool and expensive restaurants,
hiking and half marathons,
writing about how much she travels,
driving a pretty decent car, and home decorations.
Basically, if you want to know more,
watch this video called “What Yappies Like”.
We made it right here.
She definitely wears
Tory Burch Reva flats
and similar items.
Number 4: The FOB Asian Girl
Oh yeah!
Fresh off the boat!
But nowadays, they’re more like Boba
“Brought Over By Airplane”
So there’s a lot of different types of FOB Asian Girl.
But we’re going to be focusing
on the rich and the normal.
The rich FOB Asian Girl may have done international school back in Asia,
where her family has millions of dollars
or she just came off the plane yesterday
and is already driving a Ferrari
very badly
The normal fob girl is probably a student
who spends a lot of time at the boba shop
or library on campus.
And currently, she’s trying to decide
whether she can stay in America or go back.
The rich FOB girl’s outfit,
probably cost more than your car.
The normal FOB chick likes
American brands that aren’t very special to us
But very special to them
The Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria’s Secret
Number 5: The GEEK Asian Girl
The GEEK Asian Girls like being a gamer, being an Otaku, being a K-Pop fan girl,
being a youtube fan girl, being in a Sci-Fi, and being in a British TV show.
I just got an early bird tickets to a K-con,
Anime Expo and comic con.
Did you get yours yet?
But don’t get the GEEK Asian Girl mixed up with a normal Asian girl
The GEEK Asian Girls are much more in a subculture and entertainment.
She probably read the entire book series of A Game of Thrones
before watching the show.
But shout out to the GEEK Asian Girls
Because without you guys,
there would be no Asian youtube stars
Then what would I do?
You guys mean so much… (pretending to cry)
The Geeky Asian Girl does not use a picture
of her face as her avatar and she is
into Asiatic thing.
She probably kind of wishes she was Korean or Japanese.
“Oh G-dragon! I love K-Pop . . . “Fighting!”
As far as clothing
They’re probably wearing a t-shirt of
their favorite band, TV show or favorite YouTube star.
Wong Fu for life
Number 6: The Brainiac
Super Nerd Asian Girl.
She’s probably the daughter of a
Professor or a researcher or engineer or something that’s smart.
Do the words “Quantum Mechanics” String Theory or the Multi-variable calculus,
ring a bell?
If they do,
you’re probably a Brainiac Asian Girl!
She doesn’t use social media very much
unless she’s posting about some sort of
Scientific breakthrough or project she is working on.
The Brainiac Asian Girl wears wired rim glasses
and generally, doesn’t care a lot about fashion.
Number 7: The FITNESS Sporty Asian Girl
You have your fitness Asian Girl,
But she’s really more into health
for the benefits of looking good on Instagram
and you’re sporty Asian girls,
she played multiple sports growing up,
was a tomboy,
and as an adult, she still plays
Intramural recreational sports.
Some of the things that the fitness sporty girl likes are
crossfit, Zumba, doom squats,
Yoga pilates, buying new workout clothes,
and posting inspirational quotes on Instagram.
Fitness Sporty Asian Girl wears Nike womens,
Lululemon or other similar brands.
Great work out today.
No pain, no gain.
Number 8: The Party Asian Girl
Oh yeah…
Although there are some similarities,
don’t get it mix up with the ABG.
The Party Girl is more defined
by the extravagant nights out:
bar, club, concert, festival, Vegas
she’s there.
Hey! Hey let’s take a selfie.
Unlike ABG, you’ll never find
a Party Girl at the pool.
You can find this girls at the hotel rooms,
or day clubs in Vegas
taking pictures with her friends;
who she refers to as betches or baes.
Me and my girls all look like sexy betches tonight
Ugh, why these guys are hitting on us.
It’s annoying.
Thirsty much?
The best pictures are when they are posing
with their hand on their hip,
knee bend, head slightly tilt to the one side,
and typically in a dark room.
The Party Asian Girls spend a lot of time
thinking about which party she going to go to this weekend.
Dude, who are those guys that she’s hanging out with, man
How am I supposed to compete?
(Shame face)
C’mon let’s take a selfie.
That’s not good, let’s do it again.
As far as clothing, they have a bunch of clothes from Forever 21
bikinis for day clubs,
bandage dresses and bra tops.
Number 9: The Whitewashed Asian Girl
Oh it’s my favorite type.
Okay so here’s three ways that Asian girl can be whitewashed.
The first way is
that they grow up on all white environment
so it feels very natural for them.
The second way
is that she grow up around Asia
but she does not think it as cool
so she kind of reject it.
And third way is that
Asian girl can be adopted into a white family
in which case that make perfect sense.
Now, those three methods turn into two types.
The two types of whitewashed Asian girls are
the Blonde Sorority Wannabe
and the second kind is the Rocker Alternative girl.
And often you’ll hear
why whitewash Asian girl says things like:
No, I’m not really thinking about race, We're... just people.
Ew that’s so Asian.
Oh my god, haba babies are the cutest
Or this
I think I am more in common with them,
I don’t know. I just really like white guys.
Or maybe this too
Um yeah, now that I think about it,
I’ve never dated an Asian guy before.
And the second kind is the Rocker Alternative girl.
She’s edgy, cynical.
Doesn’t really relate to most Asian.
How do you like that cartoon Daria.
And the whitewashed worthy Asian chick,
really love San Diego and Santa Barbara.
Or really just any rich white party area by the beach.
The sorority whitewashed Asian girl
pretty much wears what a white sporty girl would wear.
And she’s really into themed parties.
Like neon pub crawls
The alternative Asian rocker chick
Pretty much wears what an alternative white girl rocker chick will wear
But a little toned down because she still
Has Asian parents
Number ten: The hipster Asian Girl
Hipster are pretty big category nowadays
But you know what I mean.
This girl is an artist, blogger, photographer
Hippie, doing social media for company
Or she just want freelancing in something
And she’s trying to figure it out
And her parents are worried.
“Irony, Irony, Irony,”
“I love Irony.”
They’re always friends with a lot of white people
And can be friends with a lot of Asians too
But they gotta hipsters as well
And they definitely like tall skinny guys,
With beard too like ark
Hipster Asian girls love oversized sweaters,
Beanies, tattoos, piercings,
Art accessories and beanies.
Did I mention beanies?
“Oh, that one is going on the blog.”
Number eleven: The Fashionista Asian Girl
The Fashionista Asian girl is similar to the Hipster Asian Girl
But way more focus on the fashion industry
Hipsters love vintage thrift stores
And fashionistas prefer boutiques
If you are fashionista Asian girl
You’re definitely familiar with these people
The Asian Fashionista thinks that her own style is super super unique
But it actually looks like something very similar to what you see on style blogs
Number twelve: The Feminist Activist Asian Girl
Angry Asian girl
Now a lot of people have chips on their shoulder
including me
But the Feminist Activist girl
Has the entire chip aisle on her shoulder
The Asian feminist loves to utilize
Social media to champion her social causes
Especially with hashtags
She either works for a non profit
Or heavily involved in one
The Feminist activist Asian girl doesn’t really have a set styles
But she usually has tee shirts that support
Her cause and faded earth tone clothing
Number thirteen: The Church Loving Asian Girl
This girl is so nice.
She actually has the ability
to bring guys to church by simply dating them.
Flirt to Convert!
She’s either the youth group leader,
She probably want it to be
Or has been part of the worship band.
She probably has two groups of friends.
church friends, non-church friends
Your Church Loving Asian girl dresses
Conservatively and definitely nothing sexy
Number Fourteen: The Rich Asian Girl
She can be the heiress to her parent’s business
But she’s reluctant because it’s not fun.
The Rich Asian Girl is classy
And knows how to act in almost any given social situation
But she can be a little snobby
And if she feels like you’re not on her level
Then she might treat you different.
For clothing, rich Asian Girls wear
Something expensive
Number fifteen: The Urban Rap Culture Asian Girl
The urban rap influence the Asian girl comes in three varieties
(One)The kind that truly from the hood
(Two)The kind that grew up a few miles away from the hood
The third kind loves urban rap culture
Grew up in a nice neighborhood
Really far away from the hood.
You can count on this girl like
Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Tyga, Pharrell
and your favorite new artist definitely August Alsina
She prides herself on being one of the only
Asian girls who’s got swag
or street cred
The Urban Asian Girl follows
Karrueche, Jhene Aiko,
And other half black, half Asians celebrities
When your Urban Rap Asian girl dresses up
She tries for Kim Kardashian or basketball wives
When she dresses down
It’s whatever’s hot in the rap videos
But either way
She’s trying to show off her unusually
Large Asian booties
Number sixteen: The Dancer Asian Girl
Now the Dancer Asian Girl really likes hiphop but
Do not confuse her with Urban Rap Girl
She’s more on the traditional four element
of hiphop
unlike the Urban Rap Girl
Most of her friends are
pretty much just other Asian dancers
The Dancer Asian Girl is usually focus on living a fun, spontaneous lifestyle
and she’s definitely familiar with all the famous Asian dancers on YouTube
For clothing, Your Dancer Asian Girl wears street wear or OBEY,
plaids tighten around the waist, combat boots,
pretty much looking like Chris Brown’s back up dancers 24/7
“Yo! did you check at that new Brian Puspos Video?!
That was sick!”
Number seventeen: The Forever Single Asian Girl
This girl’s standard is so incredibly high
that nobody’s good enough to date her.
hence making her forever alone
She met a doctor but wasn’t a Surgeon
She met a Surgeon but he was just too boring
this type of Asian girl was looking for
Cristiano Ronaldo and in her eyes
Jeremy Lin like barely makes the cut
So me—I’m out!
I’m a be over there
Doing my thing
I’m all good
Basically She’s looking for that
six foot, bad boy Surgeon
who also does super modeling on the side
I mean, good luck with that!
Call me later when you lower your standards!
And Finally
Number eighteen: The Foodie Asian Girl!
Come to think about it now
Actually like every Asian girl is into food
Every Asian girl’s Instagram has some food on it
Eighteen Types of Asian Girls
Thank you so much for watching this long video
We got so many request to do this list
After doing our list about the different types
of Asian Guys
but remember this,
We just made it up
If you’re a girl, Let us know in the comment section below
What are the three top types that describes you
And if you’re not Asian let us know
Your top three as well because
These categories really applied to everyone
“I think I’m a mix of a lot of different types of
Asian girls but my top three would probably
Geek, Hipster and FOB
And to be honest a little White Washed too
And if you are a guy in the comments below
Let us know what type of girl you might like
Eighteen Types of Asian Girls
Did you find yourself? Let us know if you did!
Hey Guys! Thanks for watching our video
If you like it give it a thumbs up and subscribe
Don’t forget to watch these videos here
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Make sure you buy their shirts at Akufuncture.com,they’re super cute
And the comments below
Let us know what type of Asian girl you are
Because we’re all kind of mix and the same
But if you are not, Just tell us what type of Asian girl you like
I’m an ABG
Porter Lynn, everybody, ABG
Top actress
Bye guys! Peace



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