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  • "Does Dietary Cholesterol from Eggs Raise Blood Cholesterol?"

  • The question, does egg feeding (in other words, dietary cholesterol)

  • affect the level of cholesterol in the blood, was answered 40 years ago.

  • Give someone half a cup of eggs a day and within 2, 3, 4 weeks

  • their cholesterol keeps going up, and then stop the eggs

  • by switching to an egg substitute and the cholesterol comes down.

  • Or start people on the egg substitute and not much happens,

  • but then start feeding eggs and their cholesterol shoots right up.

  • Put people on a cholesterol-free diet and their cholesterols drop.

  • But then add some egg yolk cholesterol and

  • their cholesterol goes up.

  • Take it away and their cholesterol goes down.

  • You could do this all year. And it's within days:

  • 10 days of eggs and cholesterol shot up 50 points.

  • Take the eggs away and it comes back down.

  • You can reproduce this effect over and over and over and over,

  • though evidently penguin omelets are only about half as deadly.

  • Switch people from a high cholesterol diet

  • to a cholesterol free diet, and you can drop

  • blood cholesterol levels as much as a hundred points.

  • OK, but that was giving people more than a half cup of egg yolks a day.

  • But even just a single egg a day can increase people's LDL cholesterol 12%.

  • Put all the studies together in this 2020 meta-analysis,

  • more than 50 randomized controlled trials feeding people eggs,

  • and egg consumption significantly increases LDL-cholesterol, period.

  • Now studies funded by the Egg Board use a variety of methods

  • to try to minimize the reported negative health effects of eggs

  • by, for example, claiming that dietary cholesterol affects

  • only certain people.

  • That's actually been put to the test, and only 3% were even

  • potentially "nonresponders" to dietary cholesterol,

  • and even these probably evidenced some adverse response.

  • Wait, then how was the Egg Board able to design a study in which

  • egg intake did not change blood cholesterol?

  • By feeding them sufficiently large quantities of dairy and meat.

  • See, there's a plateau effect.

  • Though all lines of evidence converge to indicate that dietary cholesterol

  • is a major factor in promoting hardening of the arteries,

  • confusion about dietary cholesterol has arisen because

  • above a certain ceiling you basically max out cholesterol absorption.

  • Check it out. If you're eating a strictly plant-based diet

  • with a baseline of zero cholesterol intake, and you start adding meat,

  • dairy or eggs to your diet,

  • you can get a dramatic rise in blood cholesterol.

  • But as your diet starts out more and more meaty, you can saturate

  • your system and basically max out on the additional effect.

  • So no wonder the Egg Board packed in the extra meat and dairy

  • to mask the egg effect.

  • A systematic review of egg industry "Funding and Cholesterol Research "

  • sought out to see if industry-funded studies were more likely to report

  • conclusions that were not supported by their own objective findings.

  • Of the non industry-funded studies on the effect of egg ingestion on

  • cholesterol, cholesterol increases were reported in about 90%.

  • Among industry-funded studies,

  • cholesterol increases were reported in about 90%.

  • In other words, even the egg industry funded studies showed

  • eggs increased blood cholesterol, and not a single study

  • funded by anyone showed a significant decrease.

  • Okay, but here's the crazy part.

  • About half of the industry-funded studies reported conclusions

  • that were discordant with their own results.

  • In other words, they found that cholesterol went up,

  • but if you read their conclusions, they exonerated eggs.

  • That's why you can't just read the abstract.

  • You actually have to see what they found.

  • Readers, editors, and the public should remain alert

  • to funding sources in interpreting study findings and conclusions.

"Does Dietary Cholesterol from Eggs Raise Blood Cholesterol?"


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Does Dietary Cholesterol from Eggs Raise Blood Cholesterol?

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