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  • The fun thing about this project is that Leo Messi is playing several versions of himself in this rondo.

    這個項目有趣之處在於,梅西在這場 rondo(搶圈)中,扮演了幾個版本的自己。

  • This is the world's first.


  • A rondo is when a football player have to try and get the ball from the other players.

    Rondo 的意思是,一位足球員必須試圖從其他球員腳上搶到球。

  • You only get one touch on the ball to pass it to the other player.


  • The impossibility here is that all the different players that need to form the rondo are all Leo Messi.

    這個計畫的不可能性是,需要形成 rondo 的所有球員都是梅西。

  • You have who he is today, and then playing against the 2006-, 2010-, 2014-, and 2018-World-Cup Leo Messis.

    我們有今日的梅西對上 2006 年、2010 年、2014 年以及 2018 年世足的梅西。

  • For this particular project, we're using artificial intelligence in combination with visual effects.


  • The shoot took place in a stadium in Paris.


  • We're working with some of the greats of the industry.


  • To work with multiple Messis on set was fun.


  • Messi is obviously the greatest of all time, and then, the body doubles that were casted, some were Argentinian.


  • So, for them, even more so.


  • Messi is the greatest.


  • There is no one bigger than Messi.


  • And to see them interact with the actual Messi and vice versa, that was really special to see, actually.


  • As an AI supervisor, we will be present on the set as well.

    身為 AI 總監,我們也會在拍攝現場。

  • What we did for this project was also doing, like, the data capture of the 2022 Messi to make sure that we have, like, a base model of the real deal.

    我們為這項企劃做的是,也包括捕捉 2022 年梅西的資料,確保我們有真人的基準模型。

  • What we are doing is training the faces, calculating the images, and we are putting that on top of the shots with the body doubles.


  • The most important thing for the AI is the input, the, like, the data, and we need, like, thousands of images of that from every angle possible.

    對於 AI 來說,最重要的是輸入資料,而我們需要盡可能從各種角度拍攝的數千張影像。

  • What we then do is tweak the models to really adapt the realism and the likeness of the Messi throughout these years.


  • So, in the effects, we take the output of the AI process, and then we take that and integrate that into the pictures that come out of the camera,

    那麼在特效面,我們會使用 AI 處理後的輸出資料,然後把它結合到攝影機拍出的畫面中,

  • make it look and seem like they have been shot through the camera.


  • The most challenging Messi for us to create is 2006, and this is purely because there's less high-quality footage of him around.

    對我們來說最具有挑戰性的梅西是 2006 年的版本,這單純是因為較少有當時的他的高解析度影像。

  • And 2006 is quite a long time ago.

    2006 年是蠻久以前的事了。

  • So, that was the biggest challenge, to get a good working model.


  • This job is one of the hardest and the coolest jobs I have ever done.


  • To see all those Messi coming together coming to life.


  • It's amazing.


  • We've made the impossible happen, and that's something to be proud of.


The fun thing about this project is that Leo Messi is playing several versions of himself in this rondo.

這個項目有趣之處在於,梅西在這場 rondo(搶圈)中,扮演了幾個版本的自己。

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