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Hi! So you know what's strange?
When you wake up and out of nowhere you're having a fantastic hair day.
What? Why not yesterday?
Because yesterday, you had a bad hair day.
And yesterday, you decided to see your friend for lunch.
But today, the excellent hair day is the day you want to spend at home by yourself watching DVDs and doing yoga.
Now, slowly lean down and touch your toes.
No junks!
But instead here I am with the nicest hair I'll probably have in ages which tempts me to start doing this.
Hey! You wanna have lunch?
Oh, hey. Nat! Sorry I can't. I’m studying for an exam.
But I have nice hair today.
I need someone to look at my hair. Grrr!
Hey Nat!
Whatcha up to? Do you wanna have lunch?
Hey, sorry. I'm actually at my grandma's house.
She's really sick and I think today she might die.
Hey! You wanna have lunch today?
Oh, I can't. Sorry. I'm actually at the doctor's.
I think I might be pregnant.
Oh my God! I wish everyone would stop talking about themselves.
What about me and my hair?
Which got me thinking...
How great would it be if you could save your good hair day for later?
Hello! What can I do for you?
I'm having a really good hair day, and I'd like to save it.
It's not that good.
Nothing. Okay. Well, I'll put down in the diary if you just wanna hand it over.
And when do you want it back?
Umm. Maybe next week. I don't think anyone will care about it until next week.
Alright. Okay! See you!
Wouldn't wanna be you...
'Cuz I reckon I wouldn't just waste a good hair day on anybody.
Uhhh! Sorry I'm late.
Really Nat? I'm not worth any hair to you.
But unfortunately, good hair days are often going to waste.
Why is no one here to witness this hair?
You know it's like pimples.
I would love to trade in pimples.
Hey what's up?
Ahmm. Actually wanna to trade this pimple in for another day if that's alright.
Ahh. Sure thing! What's your name?
Ahh. Tran, and first name Natalie
Sorry. Can't do it. Too many pimples.
You gotta have to take all your pimples for one day at least to get more credit.
Alright. Give them all to me.
I'll cancel lunch today. I'll do it today!
Cuz who cares what you look like when you're at home?
Oh, life!
I should just rename my channel First World Problems. It's not like anyone would notice.
What !?
Anyway, let me know in the comments below.
What would you stockpile if you could. If it was something like good hair days or pimple free days?
Let me know but keep in mind you have to be able to make up for another day as well. So…
There’s that! Be it!
Let me know in the comments below.
Speaking of good days though, I had a wonderful time in L.A.
Thank you so much to all the people who've helped make my trip so wonderful.
And thank you to the Fine Brothers for an awesome day out!
Or as I'd like to call them "The Fines".
Tihida Ana who I had a wonderful time filming with.
Thank you to Joey, Meghan, David, Liz and company for the 4th of July awesomeness.
And to Anna for the wonderful lunch.
I'm sorry I didn't get a photo with you but I got your party ticket.
I'm so sorry.
Also I forgot to take a photo with Peggy.
But thanks Peggy for taking me everywhere and watching me eat lots and lots of cake.
I appreciate it very much.
And thank you to all the lovely people that I've been bumping into where I have the pleasure in meeting.
And thank you so much for sending all your photos.
You guys are awesome!
And thank you to you guys for your comments in my last video about "Watching people creepily" cuz that's the way I do it.

But yeah. Let me know in the comments below what would you stockpile.
And don't forget to subscribe for a new video each week which is Wednesday for the Asia-Pacific region or Tuesday for everywhere else.
I hope you guys will learn until then. Bye!
I see a bit of hair under your arm. It’s not really that great.
Are you having a good hair day? Are you? Are you really? Are you?
Okay! It's PonyMusic/ comment time and Luthien
and yes, I'm exactly the same especially with restaurants.
If I manage to recommend somebody a restaurant they like,
I take full responsibility of the meal as though I’m the chef.
And yeah, Laura. Pretty much anyone who meets me in the streets says, “I showed your videos to my friends and they hated it”.
And you know what? Maybe It's time that I do. Your Mum Rates Me
Maybe it's time.



超有感觸!你的頭髮今天好嗎?(Good Hair Day)

71717 分類 收藏
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