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Hi everyone, Don Georgevich here, author of the "Complete Interview Answer Guide."
And today, I am going to answer the question "Why should I hire you?"
exactly the way I do in my book "The Complete Interview Answer Guide."
Now this is often the last question you will be asked in an interview.
Prepare for it.
I mean this is your chance to restate the skills you possess that are most relevant to the position, and to summarize your other qualities that make you the perfect person for the job.
Watch and outline your answer before you go in,
and so that you can answer clearly, concisely, and with confidence.
Your answer should be short, to the point, it should reflect your profession, your background as it relates to the current needs and the problems of the position.
Review the job description, and tell them how you are the right person for the job.
by matching up your skill set with each bullet point for the job description.
In formulating your answer, be sure to address these areas.
Number one, determine their goals for the position,
this should come up during your research in the company and the position.
If possible, talk to others who work for the company,
If you're unclear on this point,
include it in the questions you ask the interviewer and be prepared to incorporate it into your answer.
Also, show them that you have the skills needed for the job.
Based on the goals, you've identified in step one,
determine how your skills and experience
support these goals and if necessary, you know, just refer back to your list of skills
Thirdly, articulate shared values.
Again, this should come up in your research, look at the company's mission statement
and regular business practices,
explain why these are in line with your own values and goals.
Four, state your interest in the position,
be enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for this company.
And within a certain team,
Be sure, that the interviewer is clear about the fact that you want this job,
and the most important aspect of doing this exercise, is to make you comfortable in identifying and articulating the skills you possess.
Even with the prepared answer, it's important to be flexible within the script itself
You may need to modify specifics based on the situation.
Now, if an important issue comes up during the interview
be prepared to adapt your answer accordingly.
For instance, if the interviewer stresses the need for a certain skill
you would want to address that, even if it was not one of the skills
that you included on you resume. Now, let's get a perfect answer to how
we would answer this question. "I have the qualifications you were looking for,
briefly list them.
I am a team player. I take direction and I have the desire to be successful."
There you go. Answer the question in ten seconds and you can do the same.
Let's do it again. This is one of my favorite answers.
Three reasons: I meet deadlines. I deliver what I promised and as a result,
I've always made my managers look good.
Again, this is Don Georgevich with jobinterviewtools.com. I have more interview questions and answers on my site. And I wish you all the best on your job interview and we'll see next time. Bye bye.



【職場的進擊】"Why should I hire you?"老闆心裡最難以抗拒的答案是?"Why should I hire you" - Best Interview Questions and Answers

156368 分類 收藏
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Why should I hire you? 到底該怎麼完美突破這個經典的求職問題呢?希望今天的影片可以給大家一些啟示!

concisely 是簡潔地、簡要地,所以當有人告訴你要 Be concise! 的時候,意思就是你講的話太冗長了,請說明重點就好。這個能力在開會的時候也相當重要,如果要大家迅速吸收你的重點就要 Be concise! Speak concisely!
You have to be concise when trying to make a point.

address 在影片中的意思不是地址的意思,這裡是當動詞使用,意思是向某人「提出、陳述」一件事情。另外,address 當動詞用的時候,也有在信上寫上收件人的姓名和地址的意思。
I have addressed the mail, but I still need to buy a stamp.

articulate 就是指要 speak clearly,清楚地說明、表達腦袋裡的想法。也可以用在當對方發音不清楚的時候,可以再請他說清楚一些。articulate 的同義字還有 well-spoken,就比較白話易懂了。
He is too scared to articulate what he just saw.
The speech was well-spoken.

Deliver a better speech! 如何用英語發表最佳的演講或報告!

4in line with1:52
in line with 的意思是「符合、與...一致」有 in line with 當然也有 out of line with 的用法囉。out of line with 顯然的就是不符合的意思了。
John’s predictions were completely out of line with the results.

另外 in line 也很常見,例如:wait in line 排隊等候
You have to wait in line to buy the ticket.

5team player2:57
team player 原本是指球隊裡面的成員,在職場或是任何團體中使用的話,player 不一定只能是團隊裡面的成員,也可以代表管理者本身。意涵就是善於團隊合作、富有團隊合作精神的人員。
Everyone loves to work with John. He is an excellent team player.





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