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Don Georgevich here,author of the Complete Interview Answer Guide
and today I'm going to answer the question for you " Tell me about yourself."
just like I do inside the Complete Interview Answer Guide , I mean
where to start? what we want to know? I mean, could you start from high school?
college? first-grade? It's one of the most frequently asked questions in the interview
When the way you answer this question is going to set the tone for
the rest of the interview.
This can be a challenging question answer
if you're not prepared for it. But it's really asked
as an icebreaker. Like I said this is an open-ended question
but really what the interviewer wants to hear about
is your recent work experience.I mean why don't they just ask
ask you know about your recent work experience because they want to see
where you gonna go
within an open-ended question.When your answer tell someone why,tell someone your mind is
if you start telling them. You know, when asked this question know that you're Cleveland Browns fan
well, then you way off base with what they want to hear
you've just make the first interview mistake. That what you want the interviewer to know about you when you leave?
Do you want them to know about your work experience? or your personal interest?
confident for hiring decision is gonna be based
on your work experience. Save your personal interest
for the water cooler after you get the job. I'm gonna tell you the wrong way to
answer this question
don't pro it back in their lab and said what would you like to know
That the answer really been floating around for a while
and all I really does is just kinda shut that question right back at the
interviewer in an insulting way
and we don't need to re-ask the question.They just gonna not appreciate that
A better way to answer that would be to say, you know, what part of my work experience would you like me to talk about
And I say this way because I mean now the interviewer they can reply with the simple straightforward answer
and some interviewers want you to start from your first job,you know they have thirty years ago
and others just want to hear about what you've been doing recently
if the interviewer want would like you to start from the first job ,mean assuming it's been several years and she has the job then lightly touch on the jobs that you no longer hold but
expand on your current most recent jobs experience and accomplishments the ones they are more
relevant to the job you're applying for
focus your answer and talk about your accomplishments
from your current most recent job and lightly touch on your daily duties
mean these are the things an interviewer really want to hear
because if you think you were successful at you past job
then you'll be successful at this job, even if you don't feel that you accomplished
anything. Look deep and think of something you did
that helped the company or better yet describe an accomplishment that you've
contributed to the company
just make sure it's in the same line of work.I mean you know
don't take credit for boosting sales, you know, if your job was to fix computers
it's just totally unrelated .
Briefly talk about your current employer or your past employer
discussed two, three your most significant accomplishments
and talk about a few of your key strengths
has they relate to the job for which you are applying for
and how they can benefit,how the employer can benefit
from your strengths. And, discuss how you see yourself
fitting into a position at the company. Lay out form
this is tell them what you see,tell them how you are going to be an integral part the company and help them grow.
Talk about how you completed projects
on time and under budget. Tell them how you can increase sales revenues for two straight quarters in a row
Described how you came up with the new procedure
it save the company money
and you could say,you know, I've been a customer service industry for several years
and most my experience has been dealing with calls from our customers
I truly enjoy working with the people in this business
as well as the challenges.
In my last job,the good relationship I formed with my customers resulted in me
holding the highest customer retention rate of everyone else in my department
now you might use that answer if you were going for a customer service job
and you can even change that around a little bit to make it fit
on your industry and make it your own answer.
Because one thing I want you to get from this is
I don't want you to memorize my answers because that's not gonna do you any good
I want you to see the language I used and how I bring it all together
and I want you to do it too, and I design these answers
in exactly that way. Another way to answer this question
you could say,"One of my best strengths is my attention to details."
when I set out to work on a task or project, I always make sure...hahaha Let's do that good
One of my best strengths is my attention to detail
when I step out to work on a task or project, I always
make sure it gets done on time.
This is Don Georgevich for the complete interview answer guide for job interview tools dot com
step by my side anytime and because you'll see a more question than answers.Bye bye now


【職場的進擊】被問到 Talk about yourself 時,別以為是個簡單的問題!

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