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  • it's the big day, you're about to become an official member of the mafia and once you're in, you don't get out, there's just one thing left to do, Go through your initiation rites.


  • What is it truly take to become a member of the mafia?


  • The authorities have been trying to find out for a long time.


  • The mafia is a notoriously secretive crime organization and many people who stumble onto information, they shouldn't have, don't live to tell anyone, but they're also a criminal organization with respect for tradition and for hierarchy and they take bringing new people into the organization seriously.


  • So whether someone is an actual criminal or an undercover officer hoping to avoid detection when it comes time for that initiation, right?


  • You better pay attention, but nothing stays a secret forever.


  • The rituals date back a long time, all the way back to 18 77 in Sicily, where it was written about in a local newspaper.


  • 16 years later, things were tense between the local mafia known as the battle Lanza and the local left wing youth group, Bernardino vero, a young activists joined the mafia's youth movement to gain their protection.


  • He reported on the ritual he underwent including tests of loyalty and cutting himself with a knife with the blood that was then dripped onto the drawing of the skull.


  • He soon broke from the mafia and went on to a successful career as a local politician before the mafia killed him.


  • Having not forgotten his past offenses.


  • Many things have changed since then, but not everything as the mafia made their way across the ocean to America and established themselves as a criminal powerhouse, they became more tight lipped than ever sharing details of the ritual with someone outside the mob was considered a grievous offense with mob boss joseph Massino saying once a bullet leaves that gun, you never talk about it.


  • The irony of that statement, he was saying it from the witness stand after turning on the mafia and cutting deals with the government today.


  • Much more is known about the ritual, thanks to the number of made men who have flipped and it all started with the FBI.


  • The year was 1989 and the mystery was about to be blown wide open.


  • It was suburban boston and the patriarca family was inducting new members, needless to say this was by invitation only and getting rejected at the door would mean harsher consequences than getting tossed out by the bouncer.


  • The FBI couldn't get in but that didn't mean they weren't prepared.


  • They placed electronic surveillance devices at the house before the big day and captured the identities of everyone present along with the details of a ritual that few outside the mafia had ever glimpsed.


  • And there was one big advantage to this.


  • It's not illegal to be inducted into the mafia and no one was busted for it.


  • The FBI kept tabs on all the new guys of course.


  • But the biggest reason cracking the initiation rite was a coup for the feds was when working with undercover agents.


  • If you're in deep cover with the mafia and it's your time for your initiation right?


  • You better get every step of it right.


  • Or you might be headed for a quick retirement with two shots to the back of the head in a swamp knowing and even watching the initiation right ahead of time could give future undercover agents the chance to prepare themselves and project that confidence and undercover man needs in the United States.


  • A few things have changed but the core stays the same.


  • The mafia knew that the heat was on and for a while the books to become a made man in the mafia were closed for almost 20 years while the FBI had information and eventually a first hand perspective.


  • The first description came from old school mafia man turned government informant joe Valachi convicted of trafficking and murder.


  • He turned government witness in the 19 sixties and provided the FBI with the most detailed information on the mafia yet, including the nitty gritty of the ceremony.


  • The first step getting chosen.


  • How do you join the mafia Exactly.


  • There isn't an application process and pushing too hard will probably make the local bosses think you're suspicious.


  • In other words, you don't call them?


  • They'll call you.


  • The best way to get in is to show them you can be trusted people who run errands for mafia members offer them a legitimate place to do business or cover for them with the authorities will be on their radar and they may eventually go from an associate to a full on member.


  • They'll also bring in solo criminals who impress them with their ingenuity.


  • Although you don't want to be seen as competition.


  • And once you get in it's serious business, you'll meet the bosses and they have to approve you, once you get the nod, it's common for multiple people to be initiated at one time in a sort of collective baptism into the world of crime.


  • This is where you become a wise guy or in the more famous term a made man.


  • Well, kind of getting initiated isn't the end of the story, but it is one of the biggest steps to make the boss's trust you.


  • They want to see loyalty.


  • They want to see confidence so they're gonna put you through the paces and you'd better not flinch even when there's some pain involved.


  • Jovel hockey's description of the ceremony might not be 100% accurate anymore from the 19 sixties, but the majority has stayed consistent.


  • He sat down at the table and was presented with some wine along with a gun and a knife.


  • The boss said some words in italian and another wise guy picked up the lock his hand and pricked his finger dripping the blood onto a piece of paper.


  • The paper usually has an image of a skull or a saint on the boston informed philosophy that he was now part of the family and he would now live by the gun and the knife and die by them as well.


  • But is this truly what it takes to become a made man?


  • The definition differs, but the practice remains and becoming a full fledged member of the mafia might have a little more to it than just that ritual.


  • For one thing, there's a condition that you can't fake.


  • Most italian mafia groups require anyone involved to be italian or have italian background and be sponsored by another made man.


  • So a dutch criminal might be out of luck.


  • They also have to take the oath of Omerta, a code of silence and honor that represents the mafia's values.


  • They then become an official soldier in the mafia.


  • But is there another deadlier requirement for joining the mafia?


  • It's been a persistent rumor about the mafia for decades and it frequently makes its way into Hollywood portrayals.


  • Do you truly have to kill someone to become a fully made man?


  • It used to be a requirement to commit a contract killing to become eligible both to show loyalty and to weed out any undercover officers who wouldn't be willing to go that far.


  • No killings for personal reasons were allowed.


  • So the victim was usually an enemy of the mafia or a member of the family who had betrayed them or screwed up badly enough to earn a permanent retirement.


  • But this bloody tradition might be dying out, forcing a new soldier to earn their bones with a killing might be a good way to prove loyalty, but it's also messy and attracts attention back in Sicily.


  • And in the old days when the mafia had infiltrated law enforcement and government, they could get away with it and cover up the bodies.


  • So having the tradition was worth it.


  • But now with the FBI and local government on their trail and the mafia and only a fraction of its old strength, forget about it.


  • Killing someone.


  • Every time a new soldier joins, the mafia would paint a giant target on their back and once you're in, you better be ready to abide by the code of conduct.


  • A made man has some simple rules to follow.


  • Starting with the most important to be loyal.


  • The mafia takes loyalty and secrecy seriously and interfering with the syndicates interests or informing on them is the quickest way to a fast and brutal exit.


  • The mafia also commands its members to be rational and not pick fights.


  • They can't win to be a man of honor who respects women and the chain of command and to represent the mafia Well, this means showing class, independence and courage.

    他們不可能贏得成為一個尊重女性和指揮系統的榮譽的人,並代表黑手黨 好了,這意味著要表現出品位、獨立和勇氣。

  • Well, as much of these traits as any member of a crime syndicate can show.


  • But the mafia does have standards.


  • Many criminals don't.


  • For one thing, the mafia is looking for a specific type of criminal.


  • They don't want loose cannons who seem to be in the game only for the pleasure and cause more damage than they need to.


  • That was what disqualified Mad Sam Destefano from joining the Chicago mob.


  • The brutal loan shark love to kidnap torture and kill people and was frequently used by the mob is a feared enforcer.


  • But his sadistic lee as well as the rumors that he worshiped the devil meant the mafia was never willing to bring him in as a full member.


  • For one thing, Di stefano was too unpredictable and they didn't trust him to keep their secrets and sometimes it's not who you are, it's who, you know, another group of people is never going to get to see that sacred mafia initiation rite.


  • Anyone who's too close to a police officer, police officers are immediately disqualified of course because the temptation to play both sides would be too much.


  • Anyone who's attended or applied to law enforcement is out and many times the mafia will shy away from anyone who has too many families in the business.


  • Of course, rules are meant to be broken.


  • And quite a few mafia bosses have brought in corrupt police or corrections officers because they've useful connections that can give the mafia and edge in their district.


  • And once you do manage to take that initiation right, you better take the blood oath seriously.


  • It's one of the most common tropes and mafia movies.


  • The made man failed his boss and he's taken off to be snuffed out for humiliating the family.


  • Is it actually true?


  • Well as usual, Hollywood is taking some liberties.


  • An organization that killed off its soldiers at the first mistake would likely have a pretty hard time with recruitment, but there are certain offenses that will get you a 22 caliber exit from the mafia.


  • These include killing or making an attempt on the life of a fellow made man, committing crimes against the code of the mafia or stealing from the mafia.


  • But what about those most notorious mafia criminals?


  • The dirty rats.


  • Does everyone who testifies against the mafia have a target on their back?


  • It's certainly a concern because a good number of people in the witness protection program testified against organized crime syndicates, but the FBI knows how to cover up people's identities and it's rare for anyone in the program to actually be discovered and targeted unless they let themselves be known.


  • But even some turncoat mafiosos who did go public like Sammy, the bull Gravano went on to leave the program and write books about their time in the mafia and survived, although they rarely manage to stay out of legal trouble.


  • And as the secrets were exposed, the organization evolved, the government knows more about how the ma mafia functions than ever before and the crime syndicate has had to change its ways.


  • While it used to be an incredibly insular group and now works more with other ethnic mobs, particularly the Russian mafia along with some notorious motorcycle gangs.


  • The mafia style facts serving as the enforcer for its own criminal business, often letting other partners take the heat and dish out the brutality.


  • They have a mix of legal and illegal businesses that make it easier to confuse the authorities and cover their dealings up.


  • And in one big way you can't put that genie back in the bottle.


  • Once the first mafia member testified before congress, the Code of Omerta would never be the same.


  • While the mafia still strongly discourages anyone sharing their secrets.


  • It's become commonplace to take deals when arrested by the feds.


  • Not only are the foot soldiers taking deals when they need to, but some of the most prominent bosses have tried to avoid harsh penalties by spilling everything to the government and that's created quite a few vacancies that the under bosses are happy to fill.


  • And yes, they're still taking new members, but remember don't call them, they'll call you.


  • And when you get that call, you better be ready to shed a little blood for your new family for more on how this story crime syndicate has survived.


it's the big day, you're about to become an official member of the mafia and once you're in, you don't get out, there's just one thing left to do, Go through your initiation rites.



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