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  • you just announced a raise for sandbox and I know you're doing things with Snoop Dogg in there as well and you guys seem to almost kind of license or pull brands into the gaming universe and allow them to kind of thrive on their own.

    你們剛剛宣佈為沙盒加薪,我知道你們也在和Snoop Dogg一起做事情,你們似乎幾乎是在授權或將品牌拉入遊戲領域,讓它們自己茁壯成長。

  • I'm trying to get my head around exactly what you guys do, but maybe you could tell me and then tell me about some of your games as a way of maybe describing it.


  • So, first of all the way to think of animal Frances, we're looking at a goal to really sort of deliver digital property rights.


  • That is our, that is our north star, that is our big mission to deliver digital property rights.


  • And so we very early recognized that there is no way that we could do this ourselves.


  • And in fact it would be a little bit of a sort of hypocritical if we wanted to deliver to digital properly.


  • That's all, just all by ourselves.


  • Right?


  • So that's one of the reasons we decided to make investments in the space.


  • And frankly we can't do it ourselves anyway.


  • And that is how we got early into open sea and Sky Mavis and Dapper Labs and wax the central and you know, and of course the sandbox, which is part of an american brands and a whole host of other companies that we got involved.

    這就是我們如何早期進入開放的海洋和Sky Mavis以及Dapper Labs和wax the central,你知道,當然還有沙盒,這是一個美國品牌的一部分,還有一大批我們參與的其他公司。

  • We've done over 100 investments And we've done, you know, over 12 acquisitions, actually more, probably at this point, you know, and we continue to want to do this.


  • And just to be clear, we don't have an ambition to be controlling any one of these sandbox runs very independently.


  • And while we are still majority owners, you know, we fully expect that in the future sandbox will be completely decentralized and will be owned by its users because we really believe that the only way any, any unit, any society can actually survive, you know, for a long run, if not forever, is if there is a majority interest in its success, and that means that the players themselves have to own it, right?


  • And that is how we construct everything.


  • So from that perspective, it's almost like if we're, you know, building up the next new york of the next Chicago or the next Hong kong And our ultimate outcome will be, will own maybe 10 or 20% of the real estate and you know, owns some businesses in there, we think that's a great outcome and we will do this across multiple places around the world.


  • We don't want to run them, we don't want to control them because if we do, we actually become what we actually don't want to be in the first place, right?


  • Um and I think this is the reason also why we can make all these investments, because if we have such a big sort of uh sort of involvement in everything that is open, it actually means that whatever we're building ourselves, whether it's tools services or other meta verses, we have to continue building and open because it's not just something that we philosophically believe, it's also in our economic interest to do so, right.


  • Um and that's that's that's the construction of it, you know, ideally have investing and sort of having sort of, you know, a steak and everything that is in the open metaverse ideally.


  • And the other half constructing and building things that the open mirrors might need.


  • Right?


  • And the approach that we've taken is that, you know, we are often, you see us buying game companies that have audiences and users, but you know, aren't yet on block train.


  • And so what we do is we acquire these game companies that already have users and then bring them on board them with the concept of real ownership in the digital context and basically supercharged economies and that has worked very well for us.


  • And of course there's no other companies out there essentially emulating their model, which is fine because if we have a shared network effect across Web three, then there's more people enter the space.


  • Actually the rest of the ecosystem grows means that even the other half of our portfolios will also all rise as a result of that, which is basically what we're experiencing uh in the moment.


  • And so most recently, you know, one of the other things, we've done both with our own fund rates, like bringing a strategic people like Sequoia or U B Soft or you know, LCD Kingsley, all those guys and all the sandbox who just recently brought in soft back and again, you know, softbank is amazing and legendary investor, you know, of, of, you know, really, if you think about this is the birth of the internet actually, it's one of the most important players and to us that was really important to bring them in as well because they invested in the open metaverse with sandbox, which means now they have a stake in helping the open metaverse succeed rather than going for, you know, another robots for instance, which is, you know, fun and everything, but doesn't care about constructing open and wants to build world gardens and so that's part of our mission as well, you know, we're bringing in investors and partners and everything because the capital money itself is no longer really that scarce as you well know.

    所以最近,你知道,其他事情之一,我們已經做了與我們自己的基金率,像把一個戰略的人,如紅杉或U B軟或你知道,LCD金斯利,所有這些傢伙和所有的沙盒誰最近帶來的軟回來,再次,你知道。軟銀是了不起的傳奇投資者,你知道的,你知道的,真的,如果你考慮到這是互聯網的誕生,實際上,它是最重要的參與者之一,對我們來說,把他們帶進來真的很重要,因為他們與沙盒一起投資於開放的元氣。這意味著現在他們有興趣幫助開放的元空間取得成功,而不是去找,你知道,比如說另一個機器人,它是,你知道,有趣和一切,但不關心構建開放,想建立世界花

  • However, the money that is special is the one that has influenced Softbank is an example of an influence.


  • Once they are sort of tasting the potential of the Open University, Open Work Work three, hopefully they will continue to invest only in which three things and that sort of power that comes in actually becomes the influencing factor that we want to see happen.


  • That is how we combat the likes of a facebook or maybe even a Microsoft that wants to control that space, whatever.


  • Well intentioned they might be because once they actually have the power because they have the majority of that network effect, unfortunately bad things will happen because you know, absolute power tends to corrupt and that's the problem we see historically and in fact it's been it's been playing out right in our eyes right now in sort of, you know, what's happening inside facebook, Right.


  • Do you see just obvious parallels between this in crypto assets like Bitcoin and ethereum and the banking world and the government where we see, you know, a lot of pension funds and banks now investing and talking about this and countries adopting it, whereas you still have central banks and fiat currencies that are probably going to still hold on to their control mechanism.


  • I mean you're doing something quite a parallel here with gaming and three.


  • Well, first of all, I think, you know, people used to think that the internet is an original internet where one was kind of a parallel universe, right?


  • Um that somehow didn't touch the physical world.


  • Clearly that wasn't true, right?


  • And I think Web three is exactly the same.


  • The reason why it feels like a parallel universe for people who are not in Web three is because they're not there.


  • They don't experience it.


  • I remember back in the day as well when smartphone came about And we, you know, we were telling our sort of game studios at the time we got to move on the smartphone, this was in 2010, right.


  • You know, we came up with the first big mobile game really at the end of 2010 and in 2011 it sort of took off, right.


  • Um and many of the console game developer guys were just like, I'm not touching mobile games, that stuff is trashed.


  • Why would I ever Demean myself in making product for something like this?


  • And that's because they never used the mobile phone, They didn't use a smartphone, they were using Blackberries using different devices.


  • So their frame of mind was just completely unable to understand it because they weren't in it.


  • Right?


  • And that's that's the same is true for for what's happening with Web three, The people who are in Web three, they just can't talk enough about it.

    對於正在發生的 "網絡三號",情況也是如此。參加 "網絡三號 "的人,他們對它的談論是不夠的。

  • They will never go back to the old one, right?


  • Once you're in there, like, you know, once you've taken that red pill, just like way down that rabbit hole, you just don't want to get back out anymore.


  • Right?


  • But how do you explain that to someone who's not even there?


  • Right.


  • That's that's the hard part.


  • Right?


  • And so so there is of course the fear of the unknown.


  • But there's also the other thing which is, you know, like the incumbent issue for companies, people themselves have incumbent nature's too, I'm a successful finance person in a way that I understand, I can sort of do sort of intrinsic analysis of fundamental value, right?


  • You know, all these things that they've known, which has served them so well in the past.


  • The problem is that that model doesn't serve this young generation at all because the opportunities that they had are all gone anyway, right?


  • You know, they already have real estate, they already own a stake in the physical world, right?


  • And the young people that are just emerging in this world who just went through four years of college and are in debt, they're looking at this and saying what's there for me, right?


  • And so, you know, normally in history this is the beginning of revolution and the revolution in those areas tend to be quite bloody when you look at the historical context, which is not great, but with the metaverse there's actually this new development because of the way the world is developed where actually people who are digital natives and comfortable that's their opportunity, it's like this age of exploration where they can go out and discover new lands and they don't have to go to space to do it.


  • They can do it right here at home in the virtual plane and that's actually what's so powerful and different here.


  • And as we have seen so many times in history, you know, you know, young people do create a revolution, but this one doesn't have to be bloody, this one just moves people over because they're going to create all this wealth and all this new opportunities in the metaverse and then populating this at rapid hyperspeed eventually to the point where, you know, people who are sort of, you know, not from that are going to come to recognize it and say, you know, maybe we need to take a look at this more seriously, but I don't think it comes at the expense of them, so I don't think it's zero sum, that's the thing, You can be very successful in the metaverse and it's not going to take away the benefits of someone who is not in the metaverse, who has already made it as it were and owns this land and lives there quite nicely because he owns his property already, he's fine, he doesn't need to he doesn't he may not even need that, and that's perfectly okay.


you just announced a raise for sandbox and I know you're doing things with Snoop Dogg in there as well and you guys seem to almost kind of license or pull brands into the gaming universe and allow them to kind of thrive on their own.

你們剛剛宣佈為沙盒加薪,我知道你們也在和Snoop Dogg一起做事情,你們似乎幾乎是在授權或將品牌拉入遊戲領域,讓它們自己茁壯成長。


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