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  • so um we did all that.


  • The elections were May six, I went to city hall on May 8th, they stuck all the candidates in one room for four hours while we waited for the vote.


  • It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences.


  • And comical, there were two Youtubers there and they had their cameras as well, one of them gave me a bottle of fake piss and film that it was crazy, right?


  • We've all been talking smack about each other and we were all in the same room, it was actually kind of a fun moment cause we were all like you know what, we're finally done and you have to respect all of us because we went through this crazy journey.


  • So I was there, Lauren Fox and Sean bailey and the Youtubers and the current mayor didn't show up to like the last minute and then he accepted and then he won.


  • So that was May 6th mate uh sorry may 8th on the saturday on the monday we came back to London Real and I thought what's next?


  • And if I'm honest with you Alex I have been eyeing the defi markets for a couple months and I have been watching what you guys have been up to and I thought to myself, there's something powerful here and so my next reaction was uh to investigate this space and again I have been getting the messages here on London Real for almost a decade.


  • You know max Keiser was here in 2013 talking about Bitcoin Andreas on technopolis was here in 2015, 2017, 2019 talking about the internet of money, the future of money before we really saw it happening before we really saw smart contracts on ethereum defi um ticket Poirot was here telling us all about about these potential coins and I know Tika and I bought the coins but I still didn't listen, you know, I didn't get it.

    你知道馬克斯-凱澤在2013年在這裡談論比特幣,技術城的安德烈亞斯在2015年、2017年、2019年在這裡談論金錢的互聯網,金錢的未來,在我們真正看到它發生之前,在我們真正看到以太坊的智能合約defi um ticket Poirot在這裡告訴我們所有關於這些潛在的硬幣,我知道蒂卡和我買了這些硬幣,但我仍然沒有聽,你知道,我沒有得到它。

  • And then I got it and I looked at the numbers, the mount locked the defi summer of 2020.


  • I looked at my own history on Wall street and the innovation was stuff like I was doing in the 1990s except now you had um it decentralized and I saw a way to finally break the stranglehold the banks have on people, not only on their money but their their mentality and I thought I'm all in.


  • So I took the team, we didn't even have a break and again I gotta shout out my team, they're amazing.


  • And we went right in to creating the defi academy and we started broadcasting the best voices in the defi crypto asset in Blockchain space and put them right in the chair and that's all that my London real viewers have gotten for the past six months.


  • Some of them are saying brian what's going on?


  • When are you going to get back to normal, Some of them are saying we get it and we're in, some are joining but I'm on this mission now and that's how I met you and uh I love this defy space and we get a ton of love from this community because I think they saw us fighting for freedom of speech and free elections and they voted for us for mayor and they see what we're doing and the space that you're in is just the most incredible community ever.


  • You know, it's it's people that really want to make a difference and people that see a better version version of humanity.


  • Uh, so yeah, I couldn't be more excited and it makes so much sense.


  • You know, when I look back at your life brian working at Wall street in that dog eat dog world extremely exclusive, not inclusive at all.


  • The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor.


  • The gap stays there as well.


  • And then you have the issue with Youtube where there's a lack of censorship resistance, which is one of the main problems that the Blockchain solves and then you had all these people around you like just you know, literally whispering Bitcoin crypto defi defi.

    然後你有Youtube的問題,那裡缺乏審查阻力,這是區塊鏈解決的主要問題之一,然後你有所有這些人在你身邊,就像你知道的那樣,字面上低聲說著比特幣加密貨幣defi defi。

  • And then on top of that you go and you realize that the police is being political where you would like something neutral, which again is related to the Blockchain and then you connect with the community across London where you feel their pain, you feel their stories and you feel like I want to serve the community.


  • Hopefully not just in London but even across the world is it is it kind of like because I feel like this interview is really going through your life and you're happy.


  • Your highest highs, your lowest lows, but also you're seek for purpose and it's, Is the combination of these events just like with London real will make you what made you feel this is my new purpose.


  • It honestly feels Alex like my whole life has been preparing for this moment.


  • It sounds weird, but if you look at it, it's uncanny.


  • Like I haven't really spoken about my Wall Street experience is 15 years of my life and my knowledge that I've never really got to talk about, you know, I mean, I, I traded billions of dollars worth of financial instruments.


  • I understood risk management, I saw the banking from the inside, I saw the credit crisis, I went through all that and yet for a while I just, I've never used it because I was broadcasting London Real and every now and then I would have a conversation with like Jim Rickards or someone or Kiyosaki and I couldn't down shift into that gear, but I wasn't really using that Now.


  • It feels like I've been preparing my whole life for this, right?


  • Because again, broadcasting London real for 10 years listening to the community, fighting against freedom of speech, fighting for free and fair elections and then all my guests have constantly said brian, we've got to find a way to connect as a species, we are all one is what all the guests say at the end, all the O G guess at the end say we are all one we have to remember we're all in this together even though most of our daily life is me, me, I gotta fight for mine, I gotta get my business if we can't think of the bigger picture we're all going to lose and that's what I Alaska teaches me, that's what London Real guest teaches me and this space embodies that.

    因為同樣,在倫敦真實廣播10年,傾聽社區的聲音,反對言論自由,爭取自由和公平的選舉,然後我所有的客人都不斷地說布萊恩,我們必須找到一種方法來連接作為一個物種,我們都是一個是所有客人在最後說的。所有的O G猜測最後都說我們都是一個整體,我們必須記住我們都在一起,即使我們的日常生活大部分是我,我,我得爭取我的,我得得到我的生意,如果我們不能從大局考慮,我們都會失去,這就是我阿拉斯加教給我的,這就是倫敦真實客人教給我的,這個空間體現了這個。

  • Um I had a guest on Jeff booth a couple weeks ago who said Bitcoin can save humanity.

    嗯,幾周前我在Jeff booth上有一個嘉賓,他說比特幣可以拯救人類。

  • This is a very mild mannered Canadian guy and he said brian, I really think this Blockchain, this public ledger, this system we're building a peer to peer interactions.


  • That also is transparent and can keep us honest and bring out the best version of ourselves is something we've never had before and it makes us all like I said like transparent, it's like if we were all broadcast every single day our actions, we would probably be a better version.


  • People talk about privacy and you come to a city and you can maybe not have people see your actions but on the Blockchain it's all there, I don't know, I'm still processing this Alex but I think defy in the Blockchain and the work you guys are doing and what we're doing with the defi academy will actually ultimately fulfill the mission of London real, which again, I go back to what's on the wall back there, we try to figure out what we're all about.


  • It's a transformation of humanity into a fully empowered conscious and cooperative species, fully empowered, conscious, cooperative.


  • I don't know, I see the Blockchain and all of those things I really do, and I think it's very conscious as well, you're conscious of who you are, your relationship with money, your sense of value, And again, this community is amazing and the Web three, this concept that we own this future, you know, it's it's so exciting and it resonates with people so much and the defi Academy is so amazing and everyone is so excited.


  • And again, the community is just really welcomed us in and um, I just gotta thank you guys for doing the hard work of the last three or four years because you guys were doing the hard work, you guys were kind of doing what we did Maybe with freedom of speech, when, when, you know, when crypto when Bitcoin wasn't at all time high today, breaking through 67,000.

    再說一遍,社區真的很歡迎我們加入,嗯,我只是要感謝你們在過去三四年所做的艱苦工作,因為你們在做艱苦的工作,你們在做我們所做的事情 也許有言論自由,當,當,你知道,當加密貨幣當比特幣今天還沒有達到歷史最高點,突破67000。

  • You guys were building infrastructure in the hard times, you know, and so I have to tip my hat off to you guys.


  • I mean we did a few broadcasts, but we were not the OGS of this space that goes to some of the other defi protocols, um, that I'm a huge fan of and again, I respect the Bitcoin maximalist, I know max Keiser, I get it.


  • Okay, cool.


  • But there's a huge place for defi and I think it was dan Morehead of Pantera capital.


  • He compared it to Microsoft in 1998.


  • He said at the time it was a $220 billion market cap company, amazon was 3.5 billion.


  • Apple was two billion and he said google and facebook were zero because they didn't exist fast forward 20 some years.


  • Microsoft did 10x.


  • Which is great.


  • But the other companies did a 500 x.


  • And that's the way he says.


  • You look at defy, he said these exciting new protocols are going to be the huge movers while something like Bitcoin is still going to be a great asset play.


  • But they see the real opportunity in the innovation in the defi space and so do I.


so um we did all that.



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