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  • James Leininger had just had its second birthday when he began to have terrible nightmares.


  • He was in a fiery plane crash.


  • He'd cry out to his concerned parents, but as the nightmare repeated himself, other details began to come to light names, places, dates which all matched up perfectly with an actual World War two aviator named James Houston who had died 50 years earlier after being shot down by the japanese belief in reincarnation is prevalent around the world, but even in cultures that typically have little or no such belief, past life experiences are reported some with frighteningly accurate details.

    他向關心他的父母哭訴,但隨著噩夢的重複,其他細節開始顯現出來,名字、地點、日期都與一位真實的二戰飛行員詹姆斯-休斯頓完全吻合,他在50年前被日本人擊落後死亡。"輪迴 "的信仰在全世界都很普遍,但即使在通常很少或沒有這種信仰的文化中,前世的經歷也被報告,有些細節準確得令人害怕。

  • James Leininger is the most famous of these examples.


  • James was born on april 10th, 1998 almost 50 years after the end of World War Two when he was just 22 months old, James's father took him to cavanaugh flight museum outside of Dallas texas and little James became fascinated by the airplanes, specifically the World War two airplanes.


  • A few months later the family returned.


  • But this time James excitement seemed to waver upon entering the area hosting the museum's World War Two planes Instead, James simply stared in fascination, saying nothing.

    但是這一次,詹姆斯在進入博物館的二戰飛機所在區域時,興奮之情似乎有所動搖。 相反,詹姆斯只是著迷地盯著,什麼也不說。

  • Shortly after his first trip, James had begun to reenact crashes with his toy airplanes while shouting airplane crash on fire.


  • The behavior continued and became extremely disconcerting for James's father who was a frequent traveler as the family said their goodbyes at the airport, James would once more spout daddy airplane crash on fire.


  • It wasn't long before James began having nightmares where he'd frequently scream airplane crash on fire.


  • Little man can't get out, He'd shout this over and over again while thrashing around wildly.


  • James slowly became convinced that these weren't dreams but memories that he had of something that had happened to him sometime in the past at two years old.


  • Now, James said he'd been flying an airplane that had been shot down by the Japanese in time.


  • He elaborated stating that he had been flying a corsair and that outside of his nightmares, he commented on flying a corsair to his parents several times when James was 28 months old, he told his parents that he had been flying his plane off a boat named the Natoma.


  • James's father searched online for any ship named Natoma in World War Two and was shocked to discover the Natoma Bay and escort carrier that fought in the pacific After this discovery, James's parents asked him for the name of the little man that was frequently on fire in his dreams, but he simply responded that it was him switching tactics.

    詹姆斯的父親在網上搜索了第二次世界大戰中任何名為納托馬的船隻,並震驚地發現了在太平洋上作戰的納托馬灣號和護航航母 在這一發現之後,詹姆斯的父母問他在夢中經常著火的那個小人的名字,但他只是回答說那是他在轉換戰術。

  • They asked him for the name of someone else on the boat.


  • James responded with Jack Larson right before christmas with James now 2.5 years old.


  • His father was looking through a book he was going to give to his own father for christmas.


  • The book was called the battle for Iwo Jima 1945.


  • And as he thumbed through the book, James took an interest.


  • Eventually he pointed at a picture showing an aerial view of Mount Suribachi and told his father that that was where his plane was shot down.


  • James's father now looking for answers, got in contact with surviving veterans of the Natoma Bay.


  • When he asked about the name Jack Larson, the veterans told him that Larson had indeed served aboard the Natoma Bay but he had disappeared during a mission once and had been presumed dead.


  • James's parents, now believing that something strange was going on with their son, contacted Carol Bowman, an author who had written a book on Children's past life memories.


  • She encouraged them to acknowledge to James that the nightmares were actually memories and that they were now in the past and could no longer hurt him with this acknowledgement.


  • James nightmares seemed to ease substantially, becoming less violent and frightening as James became old enough to draw, he re created hundreds of battle scenes involving airplanes and he'd signed them James three.


  • When he was asked about the three, James replied that it wasn't his age, but rather because he was the third James, he continued to sign his artwork with a three after his name.


  • Even after turning four, James's father attended the reunion of the Natoma Bay veteran's and discovered that Jack Larson had actually not been killed in combat after all, but had survived the war.


  • He also learned only a single pilot from the Natoma Bay had been killed on Iwo, Jima, a 21 year old from pennsylvania named James m Houston JR.

    他還了解到,只有一名來自納托馬灣的飛行員在硫磺島遇難,一名來自賓夕法尼亞州的21歲少年,名叫詹姆斯-休斯頓(James m Houston JR)。

  • After contacting Jack Larson, he was able to confirm that James M Houston JR had indeed flown off the Natoma Bay and had been lost in combat, though not in the attack on Iwo Jima itself, but on an attack on transport ships, on a nearby island, digging into historical records.


  • And after action report confirmed that Jack Larson had flown alongside James M.


  • Houston JR and that Houston's plane had crashed exactly as young James had described was James fantasizing about being a World War Two pilot possible, but if so then how did he recall such specific details at the time when the internet was still in its infancy?


  • Could James's parents have perpetrated the entire event as a hoax.


  • Also possible though, the parents would only go on to write a book about the experiences when James was 11 years old, nine years after James had first started making claims about past life memories.


  • As an investigation into the incident reports, it's highly unlikely the parents would have began a hoax so far in advance in anticipation of a future pay out Almost a decade later, the parents had also failed to capitalize on the media story about James.

    正如對該事件的調查報告所述,父母極不可能提前這麼久就開始搞惡作劇,以期待未來的賠款 近十年後,父母也沒有利用媒體對詹姆斯的報道。

  • While the experience was still fresh, Dr Jim tucker has been studying past life experiences for over 20 years and has gathered a large amount of data on Children claiming to have experienced past lives according to DR tucker.


  • Children typically begin to have past life experiences, write about their third birthday, which lines up with James account as they improve their verbal skills to become more talkative.


  • Further elaborating on past life memories interestingly, 70% of the cases studied by Dr tucker show that Children relating past life memories claimed to have died unnaturally, such as murder suicide or in combat could have violent death before once time is up because for reincarnation or is the shock of such a death simply imprinted on the soul manifesting itself early in the next life?


  • There's no way to know for sure but violent or unnatural.


  • Death seemed to be the most common amongst past life memories.


  • By the time the child turned six or seven though the memories fade and Children seem to forget all about them entirely.


  • One past life experience in the 19 fifties though led to a brief but intense cultural phenomenon right here in the U.


  • S.


  • And an upsurge in belief in reincarnation, 1952 Maury Bernstein was at a dinner party and witnessed a party attendee get hypnotized.


  • He was instantly inflamed with curiosity for the subject and began to buy every book he could find on the subject of hypnotism, spending months learning all he could.


  • The self taught hypnotist decided it was time to put his technique to the test.


  • So he used his wife and a nephew of a family friend as test subjects.


  • His wife was allegedly cured of a persisting migraine that had plagued her and the young college student was cured of his stutter as his fame grew, so did his practice.


  • And Bernstein began curing all sorts of ailments through hypnotism and post hypnotic suggestions, insomnia, bad smoking habits, mental ailments of all sorts, all cured through Bernsteins gift of hypnotism.


  • Then Bernstein met Virginia Teak and with the help of a local newspaper, Bernstein and Teague would rock the world with the possibility of past life regression under hypnosis.


  • And over the course of several sections, t began to recount that she had lived a prior life before this one.


  • In that past life.


  • She had been born on december 2017 98 in the town of cork Ireland and she dove into her past life.


  • Memories t began to speak with a thick irish accent despite having no such accent in her normal life.


  • Slowly Teague laid out all the details of her life as a woman named Bridey Murphy, including exhaustive details about daily life in her home and the village she lived in.


  • She spoke of getting married in a local church, which she described in great detail and then finally revealed that she had died by falling down a flight of stairs.


  • Bernstein rushed to write a book based on TX past life regressions, resulting in a smash hit the search for Bridey Murphy, helped along by a firebrand media.


  • The book became a cultural phenomenon that swept the United States by storm, even prompting parents start treating newborns with welcome back instead of Hello!

    這本書成為席捲美國的一種文化現象,甚至促使父母開始用 "歡迎回來 "而不是 "你好 "來對待新生兒。

  • The Fed, however, was short lived as with extraordinary claims came an equally extraordinary investigation into Teague's alleged past life as Bridey Murphy.


  • Teague had alleged that she and her husband Shawn, joseph, brian McCarthy had been married at ST Theresa's church in Belfast, but upon investigation that church hadn't been built until 1911, a full 47 years after Teague's first death in 18 64 she had also identified her young husband as a barrister, but as a catholic, her husband would have been barred from holding that title until the catholic emancipation in 18 29.


  • She'd even gotten wrong claims of buying clothing and shops when at the time in the area was still common.


  • Instead to purchase cloth and have a dress made by a dressmaker.


  • Further investigation revealed that takes real life parents had both been part irish, which would have explained her ability to accurately mimic an authentic irish accent as if that wasn't damning enough though to get an irish immigrant as a neighbor named Bridey Murphy cork Well across from where Teague had grown up in her childhood home.


  • But Teagan Bernstein may not have been malicious hoaxers out to make a buck.


  • Both likely believed that the experiences were very real.


  • Teagan Bernstein had in fact not discovered evidence of past lives, but rather of a psychological phenomenon known as crypto amnesia.


  • This condition occurs when the brain recalls a memory but fails to recognize it as such.


  • Thus leading the suffer to believe that this is a brand new event.


  • Given Teague's very young age when she had been influenced by her partly irish parents and her irish neighbor.


  • These buried memories would have been highly fragmented under Bernsteins.


  • Amateurish use of very leading questions.


  • Teak likely gathered these fragmented memories together, informed brand new ones with her brain failing to recognize the original fragments as real memories.


  • They seemed like something that could not have happened to Teague in this current life and easy fodder for a past life experience.


  • A total shunning of the spotlight by Teak during the height of Bernstein's book's popularity further goes to show that the event was unlikely to have been maliciously hoaxed.


  • Teague always insisted that she be identified only by the pseudonym Ruth Mills Simmons.


  • Nonetheless, Bernstein's book did ignite a brief national obsession with past lives, leading to several films, such as I've lived before based on the phenomenon people even began to throw, come as you were parties with attendees, encouraged to dress as they believed they would have in the past life.


  • The most tragic part of this accidental cultural phenomenon however, is the development of past life regression therapy, a practice which uses hypnosis to recall past life experiences.


  • It encourages subjects to revisit past traumatic events, believing that facing those memories and accepting them is no longer, able to harm them, can bring a form of catharsis in this new life.


  • This practice has soared in popularity and despite it being illegal to practice psychotherapy without a license, you don't have to look very far to find a past life therapists in your local area.


  • Yet there does seem to be some benefit to past life regression, even if it likely has nothing to do with actually revisiting past lives, clients undergoing past life regression have shown in some cases, success in dealing with real life phobias, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety and bad habits.


  • This, however, is likely due to the subject feeling safe to tackle these problems head on in a fantasized scenario of their own creation or by feeling empowered through fantasized achievements accomplished in a past life.


  • But while past life regression has no basis in real science, real science still fall short on explaining how a two year old child accurately recalled information about a World War Two battle that took place nearly 50 years before his birth.


  • Now, go check out.


James Leininger had just had its second birthday when he began to have terrible nightmares.



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