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  • later.


  • Once can we just talk about those quickly because sometimes you say, first of all with layer twos, people create a node and then they call themselves a layer two, you also have argued that sometimes layer twos are later ones in disguise.


  • Um recently we saw someone likes Alana kind of really explode and then N F T s on the back of it and they're providing a faster solution would probably be very different science than you Terra and luna there's a lot of them now that are kind of top 20 market caps and kind of hot, how do we look at those and judge them in comparison to say in a box?

    嗯,最近我們看到有人喜歡Alana那種真正的爆炸,然後N F T s在後面,他們提供了一個更快的解決方案,可能會與你Terra和Luna非常不同的科學,現在有很多人是那種前20名的市值,有點熱,我們如何看待這些,判斷他們在比較說在一個盒子?

  • So uh it's very easy to come up with solutions that are centralized.


  • So um the science behind the centralized coin is trivial.


  • Anybody who's listening to me who's ever taken a CS course could build a centralized coin, you could run it on your laptop and you could get amazing numbers because you're running it on a single machine on your laptop.


  • Now, you can go one notch above that, you could run it on a small number of machines and uh and still get pretty amazing numbers and we see that and that's that's fine.


  • Um it's just to a technologist, I think anybody who understands the true technology behind these systems, they're going to see this and say look that's a cop up these things are just, they're just tradable tokens.


  • Their market cap can go up and down, there might be a lot of money to be made off of them.


  • That's a different story, but uh but deep down they're not delivering the Blockchain vision.


  • You want a decentralized, a fully decentralized system and you also don't want a coin whose value proposition is, there's a big whale out there who's like helping us, that's called market manipulation.


  • And that person isn't some altruistic person if they are manipulating the market, so they're doing it for a purpose and at some point they're going to pull out and so uh so it's a, it's a very funny, funny game to play and but it is appealing to people, so we have to recognize this, you know, people want manipulated markets and people want to to hitch their horse to a to a big thing saying, oh yeah, this is, you know, so and so's cart, I want to hitch my horse to it because so and so is as a big cart or shiny card or whatever.


  • Well, so and so built that shiny card by taking other people's horses.


  • So you've got to be careful.


  • And so, you know, that's my sort of short take on on on some of these coins.


  • Be careful out there.


  • You really want a truly decentralized solution, one of the core value propositions of our community and everything I've ever done for avalanche is that we chose to build decentralized solutions controlled by people, not manipulated, whatever else centralized uh things that are that are in the hands of a small number of people.


  • So, so that's that's one of the differentiating features for avalanche, and if people can see that as part of the value proposition, then they know what to do.


  • Yeah.





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