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  • GudetamaFreestyleTo Everyone Getting Less Exercise in Recent Times

  • Ah… I sprained my ankle again.

  • Gudetama! It's not healthy to just play games!

  • Let's get some exercise!

  • Huh? But I'm an egg! I don't need to exercise, right?

  • But it'll benefit the viewers! Let's work out while watching an exercise video!

  • I'm beat

  • Kinniku Nikuo write honki and read it majiHere we go!

  • So serious

  • Okay, everybody!! First, let's prepare to work out!! Put down your yoga mat!!

  • Yes!

  • Yoyoga mat

  • All I have is a dumpling wrapper. Is that okay?

  • Okay

  • Now, it's time for sit-ups… 50 of them!!

  • There's no way

  • Okay!! Next, we're going to strengthen our arms with dumbbells!! Huff!! Huff!!

  • A dumbbell… I guess a shimeji mushroom will do. UghUgh

  • If you want to get really serious, you should use a kettlebell too!! Huff!! Huff!!

  • A kettlebell?? No way

  • A tomato will do.

  • Using resistance bands on your thighs is effective!! Huff!! Huff!!

  • I've got some sliced cheese

  • Don't forget to drink protein to increase your gains!!

  • Piyo!! Piyo!! This really works!!

  • Gudetama, how's it going!?

  • I'm exhausted… I can't go on

  • Ah, it's like a dumpling wrapper pizza! Hehit's even got an egg topping...

  • I might as well make a bunch, and then eat them....

  • Phew… I'm stuffed. I'm getting sleepy. Mumble mumble...

  • Huff!! Huff!! Huf

  • huh? Gudetama, where are you?

  • Sleeping right after eatingIsn't that unhealthy?

GudetamaFreestyleTo Everyone Getting Less Exercise in Recent Times


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To Everyone Getting Less Exercise in Recent Times Episode12 GudetamaFreestyle(【To Everyone Getting Less Exercise in Recent Times】Episode12【GudetamaFreestyle】)

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