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  • Gudetama Freestyle

  • The Secret Story of Gudetama's Birth

  • I am Gudetama, an egg YouTuber.

  • Today,

  • I'm gonna tell you the secret story of my birth.

  • I'm an egg, so I wasn't really 'born,' though.

  • It was difficult debuting as a Sanrio character!

  • First, I had to boost my visibility.

  • Yeah, because it's important to be newsworthy enough to go viral.

  • As for what I did

  • Gudetama forced its way into a Sanrio Puroland parade...

  • hindered traffic at the entrance

  • What in the world is that?

  • We can't get in!

  • and banned entrance.

  • People were unbelievably angry at me.

  • Realizing that it could not use company space,

  • Gudetama went into the city to dispel its dark history, which you wouldn't expect a Sanrio character to have.

  • Leaving is fine,

  • but with so much freedom,

  • I have no idea what to do.

  • Even too much freedom can be binding

  • I have to leave Tama region and make sure that people recognize me for me, right?

  • Right!

  • Gudetama drops 50,000 eggs from the sky over Shibuya.

  • Hey!!!

  • Ah, that was one of the bigwigs at Sanrio

  • Was it wrong of me?

  • At the same time, Gudetama also drops a group in full-body tights to improve Nisetama's visibility.

  • Hey, I told you no!!!

  • Ah, you don't have a Sanrio Helicopter?

  • That's not the problem!!!

  • Then, I'll just use a bazooka

  • That's dangerous!

  • Why is everything in this day and age done in such an analog way?

  • I hear you.

  • But you were so excited about it

  • So that's why I decided to randomly send

  • pics of my cute butt in e-mails with malware .

  • Very efficient

  • But that's a crime!

  • Oh! Nice!

  • Amazing! Cute butt!

  • Popularity is just based on chance, isn't it?

  • I don't really know, though

Gudetama Freestyle


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The Secret Story of Gudetama's Birth Episode 01 GudetamaFreestyle(【The Secret Story of Gudetama’s Birth】Episode01【GudetamaFreestyle】)

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