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  • So I just got off a live broadcast with Jeff booth who wrote an entire book before the pandemic about this concept of deflation and that it's the only thing that's going to save us from our own self destruction as humanity Now.


  • Look, a lot of you have heard about printing money and about how when governments create money and they give out furlough chicks like here in the UK or they pay out subsidies.


  • It actually hurts the lower income people the most and actually benefits some of the wealthier people, the people that own assets, that own real estate, etcetera.


  • And while that is true, Jeff claims that at the end the rich get richer and then they lose as well.


  • Because in a long enough time line 80 120 years, there ends up being a revolution anyways and that people take back that wealth and then the cycle continues and the cycle continues and inflation is used as an instrument that all governments do in order to just continue pumping money into the system to give us all that drug that we're addicted to.

    因為在一個足夠長的時間線80 120年,最終會發生一場革命,人們奪回財富,然後循環下去,循環下去,通貨膨脹被用作所有政府的工具,以便繼續向系統注入資金,給我們所有人提供我們沉迷的藥物。

  • But it's just not practical.


  • And especially when you've got technology coming through, making everything cheaper, just look at this phone that I'm broadcasting on.


  • It makes everything cheaper.


  • Almost everything free.


  • And yet prices go up every year.


  • Why is that?


  • It's only because the governments are printing money and it's all gonna end in tears.


  • And when this current cycle ends, if it is, does end that way, it means the entire world going into a, you know, default situation or a lack of anything happening situation, which means everything shuts down absolute mayhem, et cetera, and this would have been a very depressing conversation if it wasn't for Bitcoin and Jeff season Bitcoin, something that can literally save humanity.


  • And again, Jeff is not a guy who is prone to exaggeration, he's actually a quiet guy, very mild mannered guy, very intelligent guy, had already been a successful entrepreneur and he wrote this book for his kids and he says that Bitcoin because it's deflationary by nature and it's distributed and decentralized.


  • Nobody can control it, nobody can ban it, including the Chinese government and nobody can tell it what to do.


  • And since it by definition can never create more than 21 million bitcoins, it's something that will save us.


  • And he said, if you look at the price of everything in the future in Bitcoin, it's always gonna go lower.


  • Everything is going to get cheaper in the future.


  • And this is the new paradigm that we all need to adopt in order to save ourselves from ourselves, which is just the continue printing of money, which is the problem for everything in this world.


  • He even says global warming is because we encourage the system to always do more create more.


  • He implies that you the reason you're unhappy with your life and you're working two jobs to buy things that you can't afford, right, a little fight club reference there, um it's because of this system and you don't even know you're in the system.


  • So if you're one of the poorest people here, when they try to take away your furlough check or your universal credit here in the UK, of course you scream and kick because it's going to change your life.


  • But you don't see that that universal credit actually dis empowers you.


  • It hurts you, it stops you from advancing and uh, the only savior to this narrative was the fact that Bitcoin can change all of this and it will change all of this and it's being adopted and it's being decentralized and it's growing and it's deflationary by nature.


  • And so we might be at this really crazy point in human history, but we might be able to save ourselves from ourselves.


  • Go figure.


  • And if it wasn't for Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he she or them is creating this idea and it getting the uh, you know, the critical mass that it has, We might be literally staring down a barrel of 10-20 years or 2-3 years in Jeff's mind of total collapse in anarchy.


  • Um, and then we'll repeat the cycle again because inflation by definition is something that is controlled by others and not practical.


  • So it's a fascinating episode.


  • Uh it's up on our website right now.


  • It's up on youtube.


  • Uh, the end statement was this, go buy some Bitcoin.


  • Even if it's 50 bucks for 100 bucks.


  • Get a cold wallet, store it on there and just start to understand this whole idea.


  • You don't have to understand it for what it is today, But just appreciate it for what it become become in the future.


  • I sent an email back in 1989 from mit and at the time I sent it to my brother at stanford and I didn't use the internet for five more years because I thought that's boring.


  • That's what Bitcoin is now.


  • We don't see what it could be.


  • But trust the process and trust the tech and get some and that's what I push everyone to do in my academy.


  • That's what we're doing with our broadcast these days.


  • And trust me this is all very London real because I do think this is the solution that we've all been looking for a chance to be the best version of ourselves and to bring that version every single day in a way that's transparent for everyone else.


  • That is ultimately for the greater good.


  • It's the version of ourselves, we want to be every day, but it's the version that doesn't show up every day because we don't have to and no one's watching us and we take the easy way out in some weird way.


  • Bitcoin Blockchain, et cetera is a way of forcing our best version to show up and to do the right thing.


  • Spike lee would say.


  • So there you go.


  • Amazing broadcast.


  • Thank you Jeff, go check out his book as well.


  • And, um, keep thinking forward to the future.


  • If you don't own Bitcoin yet, where you've been, go get some and learn about this space because it will change the future.


  • And it's the best thing you can give to your Children and grandchildren.


  • Um, it's the best thing you can do right now for humanity, strangely enough, it's not about getting rich, it's about a paradigm shift and it's time to adopt it.


  • So that's it, big love.


  • Uh, and we'll see you next time.


So I just got off a live broadcast with Jeff booth who wrote an entire book before the pandemic about this concept of deflation and that it's the only thing that's going to save us from our own self destruction as humanity Now.



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