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  • but I guess in this market, a lot of people are new to it and they want to make the fortune and then they want to find their way to Hodel their way through it.


  • So let me ask you this been the Hodler's, which is by definition someone that that holds on for dear life, um, they're going to get punished badly in the bear market because they don't ever get out of positions.


  • So what do you tell them or what do they do?


  • Just take the pain?


  • Well look, I I think huddling is uh, this may sound counterintuitive to what a lot of people are going to tell you, but huddling is not the optimal strategy.


  • It's a lazy strategy.


  • And if you feel like, and this is where the word came from, a guy said, every time I make a trade, I lose literally every time I sell at the wrong time.


  • Now keep in mind when this was said, I think back in 2012, uh, you know, this was a typo from the word hold and it was spelled the word Hodel H O D L.

    現在請記住,當這句話被說出來的時候,我想是在2012年,呃,你知道,這是一個打字錯誤,從持有這個詞,它被拼成了Hodel H O D L。

  • And that's where this comes from.


  • But at that time there were not educational resources available to everyone.


  • And on top of that, we didn't have content creators out there everywhere giving this message.


  • And you didn't understand you didn't have the history of 3 to 4 recycles to go off of, you just had one, we've got so much more in our disposal.


  • Now, in my opinion, there's no excuse for anyone not to be able to sell near the top of the market doesn't have to be the exact day dollar cost average out, but there's no excuse for it to think about the potential gains you can make an accumulation.


  • I just used this example, I've used this a million times.


  • Very simple to understand.


  • Okay, this is how you can turn $10,000 into over $1 million dollars very easily with crypto.


  • Okay, You bought, you bought a Bitcoin for $10,000.


  • Uh let's say last year now the price we don't think it will go back to 10,000 but uses an example $10,000.


  • You bought one Bitcoin back in let's say september of last year or october whenever it hit 10,000 one Bitcoin, $10,000, you ride that all the way to the top where we believe it's going to hit $100,000 When Bitcoin hits $100,000 you sell your Bitcoin, you now have $100,000 sitting in your bank or sitting in a stable coin.


  • The price of Bitcoin.


  • Retraces let's just say it retraces 80% on average, it retraces 85% but let's just say 80 this time to go from 100,000 Back down to 20,000 you've got money sitting in stable coins, you're now able to afford Five Bitcoin.


  • Okay, instead of one, you now have five, okay, we believe during the next cycle there is a huge chance that Bitcoin goes up to $250,000.


  • That would be extreme, diminished returns from the last several cycles.


  • But I think we can safely say $250,000 for the next cycle is very achievable.


  • You turn $10,000 into $1.25 million dollars just by that strategy.


  • Meanwhile if you held and you just held that one Bitcoin, you're you're looking at if it drops back down to $20,000 having $20,000 and if it if it goes up to you know, 250 K, you have $250,000 that's a great return.


  • You're gonna have five times more than that.


  • And we look, we see these opportunities in several coins.


  • It's not just Bitcoin, that's a real easy tangent one for people to understand.


  • But these opportunities exist everywhere.


  • You have to be willing, in my opinion to sell tops and buy bottoms and we're only, as somebody told me, they said, you know, I'm just a Hodler like you know, I just don't really know how to time the market.


  • You only have to time it twice every four years, that's it just time approximately within a couple months of the top and within a couple months of the bottom we have a lot of history to suggest when those times will be and you're going to accumulate way more, were never selling out of crypto to get out of crypto, we're only selling out of positions to accumulate much more over the long term.


  • It's not like you just say I'm gonna sell the top and be done with crypto.


  • Why would you do that when this is an emerging market?


  • Uh So that's something I think some people get confused about.


  • We're gonna catch out 80% of our crypto and we're gonna make massive returns, We accumulate more crypto with those numbers, we diversify some of that money here and there.


  • Um property buildings, ballpark stuff like that.


  • But when it comes to our overall crypto strategy were only selling to buy more crypto.


  • Yeah great point.


  • I agree.


  • Halloween is lazy.


  • Again it doesn't exist in any other market for a reason.


  • Um And you just said get out of maybe 80% of your crypto so you won't necessarily get out of everything you own when you think you're near the top but you'll get out of a huge chunk of it.


  • Is that what you're saying?


  • Yeah and the reason for that is you know at some point in the future crypto will change and it will get off of a four year cycle, all coins will emerge.


  • You know if you look at chain link from the last bear market it crushed in the entire bear market and went way up like I don't it went up like 100 X.


  • In the bear market don't have the exact number but something similar to that.


  • So what we're gonna do is we're gonna be selling 80% most of the small projects we're gonna sell for sure.


  • But you know, some of the larger ones are cardinals, your area, your bitcoins, we're gonna hold on to 20% In case we're wrong.


  • The upside for us to still have 20%.


  • If let's say it were to go to three or $400,000 or let's say there is no bear market, we still have a significant amount of exposure.


  • And you know, if you were to ask me like what the chances are that, I feel like that there will be a bear market, I would tell you like 95%.


  • Um, so by holding on to 20% I think our risk versus reward there is still, you know, still very high.


but I guess in this market, a lot of people are new to it and they want to make the fortune and then they want to find their way to Hodel their way through it.



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