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  • (bright guitar music)

  • - Velcome in Amsterdam.

  • - That's right, we are here in Amsterdam,

  • and this city is world-famous for

  • flowers, windmills,

  • - [Woman] and everything behind it.

  • - You know, I love the hustle and bustle of the Amsterdam,

  • but I'm excited to check out

  • this quaint little fishing village.

  • Now here's an interesting fact about Holland:

  • Almost half of the country is under the level of water,

  • so the houses in the old days were built on stilts.

  • It is lunch-time and when you're in a fishing village,

  • you gotta eat fish and check it out,

  • this is some harring, which is herring

  • and you gotta eat it like this.

  • Mmm,

  • tastes so good.

  • This is how the locals do it.

  • We are now in Zon-sen Shen-shkons.

  • It's a hard name to say,

  • but what really matters, they have a cheese factory.

  • - You can try all the cheeses over there.

  • - This is my favorite part of the tour.

  • We get to try out, the cheese.

  • Check this out,

  • I betcha didn't think that there was a museum

  • dedicated only to clogs.

  • Well, there is and this place

  • is clog heaven.

  • - My machine foun takes less than five minutes.

  • - It does not get anymore dutch

  • than wooden clogs with the windmill on the clogs.

  • Two in one, baby.

  • Behind me, you see some of the giant windmills

  • and obviously, they are some of the national symbols

  • of Holland, but there's a lot more to it than just that,

  • you see, the windmills are responsible

  • for pumping out all of the water

  • and creating a lot of the land where the Dutch now live,

  • so they owe a lot to these beautiful windmills.

  • - Holland is world famous for its flowers

  • and here I am at the Kook-en-hoff Gardens

  • in the middle of seven million tulips.

  • Every color you can imagine of flowers.

  • It smells so good,

  • and it's, it's really peaceful.

  • I could walk around here all day long.

  • Since there are seven million flowers here,

  • there's a lot of ground to cover,

  • so I'll see you later.

  • (bright music)

(bright guitar music)


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風車和鬱金香一日遊,阿姆斯特丹(Windmill and Tulip Day Trip, Amsterdam)

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