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  • tell me about you Stanley, what is your single biggest challenge right now?

    告訴我你的情況 斯坦利,你現在最大的一個挑戰是什麼?

  • I know you said you're building out the offices in London new york maybe asia, but like what's your biggest challenge?


  • I would say biggest challenges?


  • Like kind of like as obvious growing like how we ensure that we continue building things in a very decent last fashion in a way that how we can add more transparency on what we're doing, how we can actually uh build things in a way that we can experiment more.


  • So we don't need to build for protocols anymore.


  • Like how we can just build one small building block and let the rest of the community to build the ecosystem and and manage the community and everything.


  • Like how we can go forward from here being something like google doing it very transparently and just experimenting things And letting the community actually build the other important parts and leaving a little space for, for the community.


  • And it's not an easy thing to do when we scale uh especially kind of like we used to be 15 uh team members uh a year ago And now we're more than 70 and we're probably will be close to 100 by end of this year.


  • So it's, it's definitely like a challenge as we grow as an organization who is your worst day at of a slash eat land in the last four years I think when the market crashed and there was a lot of liquidations and you know like kind of worrying like how all these protocols and defy well how the resilience will work.


  • But the end of the day it worked pretty well.


  • I mean I was up until I remember I flew into to Helsinki Finland to meet my family and you know, I just saw like ethereum going down in price and all the assets and I was just like kind of like thinking what's going on.


  • And I think we're Up until like six a.m.


  • or something before I went to sleep for an hour and wake up again.


  • And so those are the one of the crazy days.


  • Uh I think that was like kind of like a tough day for for me personally.


  • Uh but I see that the technology worked.


  • You know, all these protocols survived and they're resilient for that big market movements and crypto is the most volatile asset out there.


  • So as it's kind of like class.


  • So I'm very uh happy now.


  • So black thursday March 12th last year, what is your job as the ceo of a, on a day like that?


  • You know what and what can you do?


  • You can't do anything.


  • You can just look how like whatever you design and build with with your team and with the rest of the community, how it plays out like you can't do anything.


  • And of the day and you can just watch liquidators uh kind of like fighting those collateral positions and keeping the market solvent, you can uh you can just like, it's kind of like watching, you know, some sort of like a I don't know, like a horror movie that's already been like with its own smart contracts, right?


  • So you just have to watch it and I hope it works out the way you designed it.


  • Exactly.


  • In some ways it seems like you might have to turn into more of a politician in times like that, it seems like that would be a great time for you to be live, you know, on a program like this and just say, look, this is happening, this is what we built, we believe in these this is an important stress test for the market in the long run and I advise everyone to remain come because that's probably what you wanted to tell people, right, is that like part part of you think a leader's job in this space or do you just have to let the market do its thing?


  • Yeah, it's kind of letting the market and letting the community do its thing because you don't want to be like in the kind of a community as a big voice anyways because you want to keep building things and let the kind of like more governing actors to govern the protocol.


  • Being more vocal.


  • I mean people are active of course, I mean it's something that you're built, but essentially what you want to do is kind of like focus on building and part of the leadership is just like how you can get more talented into space, at least for me personally.


  • How do you build safe things, high quality protocols?


  • And then just I get more uh like people who are interested in governance to govern those protocols end of the day, because that's the centralization is all about, people don't care about listening to me or Batalik talking, people do care, but you know, the sake of decentralization, people care about like what is the consensus and what the consensus says.


  • And that's why this centralization is very nice.


  • Uh huh.


tell me about you Stanley, what is your single biggest challenge right now?

告訴我你的情況 斯坦利,你現在最大的一個挑戰是什麼?


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