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  • You mentioned regulation.


  • I know you have a law degree to, which is good because I wanna ask a couple questions about that to the standing that's watching us right now.


  • Who's the 2016 version of you?


  • You know, or maybe 17 version, maybe they've started adapt or about to start one and they want to get into the space.


  • They want to become, you know, you in some way shape or form or build something as important as a babe.


  • Did you would you suggest that they raise capital via equity via token?


  • Obviously sometimes that can get you in trouble in certain places via token.


  • I had done more house of Pantera capital on and he said brian, there's quite an arbitrage relationship between the equity markets and the token market.


  • I think his latest Blockchain fund actually takes advantage of that because they can buy one on the cheap And sell one when it's expensive because he said term sheets sit around for six months and things don't change in the token economics.


  • Well the tokens can change in real time.


  • I don't know if that's a good bad thing that there are being that or not.


  • But what advice would you give to that 2,017 standing as far as raising capital because you will need probably some capital.


  • Yeah, I would say like the best thing also when whenever you're building anything is to kind of like find like minded people so share what you have.


  • And I think that's the kind of like being able to build things open fashion and finding peers that's the first thing, if you can find peers and just by your work funded project, build the project and then give the project to the community.


  • That's the best way like there you don't have like kind of like uh too many uh moving components, fundraising or whatnot, but if you need a fundraising then pretty much like you need to think like what components you need to build.


  • Do you actually need to build the whole thing?


  • Because in some cases you actually need just like uh Maybe 1, 2, 5% to build of the 100 and then basically give it to the community and then let the rest of the community build the rest of the parts.

    因為在某些情況下,你實際上只需要像呃 也許1,2,5%來建立100個,然後基本上把它交給社區,然後讓社區的其他成員建立其餘的部分。

  • I think the biggest mistake is when you want to build a model with a big kind of like a protocol uh that then, you know, you need a lot of capital and its intensive and that becomes very tricky.


  • So going towards like, community building is the way, but then again, if it's not possible, then of course, like you need to respond, you need to find a way how you get more stakeholders involved because feces are not bad.


  • I mean they are especially bases were active in governance.


  • 16 C is active in governance and many other uh this is out there, I mean, variant idea fund and they support this uh ecosystem, so in that sense, like you definitely to reach out, but I would definitely say that the best way to go is go directed the community and let the VCS follow that people who want to them back, you follow your vision and, and and prove uh they're kind of worthiness.

    16 C是積極的治理和許多其他呃這是在那裡,我的意思是,變異的想法基金和他們支持這個呃生態系統,所以在這個意義上,像你肯定要接觸,但我肯定會說,最好的辦法是去指導社區,讓VCS遵循的人誰想要他們回來,你按照你的願景和,並證明呃他們是那種值得。

  • That's the way to go, in my opinion.


  • And if that's not possible, then maybe you have to go.


  • But end of the day, I would just find peers to want to like, do the same thing as you are and build it without capital.


You mentioned regulation.



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