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Natural pools may be my bread and butter,
but I'm in constant awe of the masterpieces created by my fellow designers.
This pool you're about to see was built for a home owner
who not only loves the mountains but is also a keen scuba diver.
This 2-million-dollar pool
is simply called "The Mountain".
And the name couldn't be more appropriate.
The center piece of this pool is a colossal 90 foot manmade mountain
that emulates the natural surroundings perfectly.
Constructed with reed bark, metal beams and 360 yards of concrete.
All perfectly stained to make this jaw dropping natural looking creation.
There's more than one way to scale this peak.
There are two bridges and pathways winding to the top,
as well as a hidden waterslide that tunnels 60 feet through the mountain
to the pool below.
There are five waterfalls.
the tallest, towering at over 20 feet
and ushering over 3000 gallons of water per minute over its edges.
It's the ultimate diving rock!
The interior is honeycombed with caves and tunnels
which are carved and stained to look like natural rock.
There are all sorts of secret nooks and crannies, even a hidden grotto that you can gaze out from behind the falls.
There's a full kitchen, completed with granite counter tops,
stainless steel cabinets, a massive 8 burner grill, and a mini refrigerator nestled into the rocky wall.
There's also a changing room, complete with a shower, full size lockers and a loo.
That's a toilet for you yanks.
The pool is truly massive!
It's 140 feet long. That's about as long as 4 school buses end to end,
and 60 feet wide, holding a staggering 360,000 gallons of chlorinated water.
There's also a 300-foot lazy river
propelled by jets pushing over 600 gallons of water per minute around the perimeter.
But to really plummet steps, you have to suit up.
One of the reasons this pool was built was to allow the earnest to practice their scuba diving almost 1000 miles from the ocean.
But it's not all fun and games.
You need to be scuba certified to explore the bottom of this pool
from a secluded entry point inside the mountain,
a 54-foot long and 5 feet wide under water tunnel leads into the pool,
allowing you to plunge to a depth of 26 feet
Now I certainly don't know if many private pool is deep enough to scuba dive. Pretty impressive!
A computer hidden behind a full rock wall
controls the labyrinth pumps and filters that keep everything flowing.
With 360,000 gallons to circulate,
it requires eight 3-horse power pumps, two 5-horse power pumps and three 7-horse power pumps to get the job done.
After a long day of play, you can turn on the lights, relax and enjoy the view from the cabana.
This really is the ultimate backyard escape!



跳進去的人都說爽!終極豪華泳池聖地!(The Ultimate Backyard Escape | The Pool Master)

78895 分類 收藏
Rosa 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 27 日    Rosa 翻譯    Halu Hsieh 審核
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