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  • how do you find the perfect weapon for the U.

  • S.

  • Military?

  • This global army has tried countless weapons, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Yet they keep coming back to the M.

  • Four rifle which is exceeded in just about every area by one alternative or another.

  • Why?

  • Some weapons like the M.

  • 16 were lighter and could carry more ammunition but attended to jam and needed several upgrades to be battle worthy.

  • It was the 19 nineties when the M four really came into favor as the collapsible stock and shorter barrel made an ideal for the tight close quarters battle fields of the period.

  • Then came the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Many of these battles were fought in cities where enemies could be around every corner.

  • The M four waste £7.3 and carries 30 rounds.

  • But it was ideal for adding many accessories like rifle scopes and even grenade launchers.

  • It has its critics, generals worry about the overheating and jams, but it holds up well on the battlefield and is the weapon of choice for most troops today.

  • No rifle is perfect, but the army continues to work on perfecting the M4 and removing any issues.

  • It might not be the strongest, fastest or most durable going, but it is reliable in all areas and on the battlefield.

how do you find the perfect weapon for the U.


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Why The M4 Carbine Rifle Is Still Army's Favorite

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