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  • we got some great comments here today.


  • Uh, the best thing that's going on today is I got Shannon the Cannon Briggs.


  • Uh, you know, former heavyweight boxer, um, here live with us online.


  • And Shannon says, the one thing I would always hope Shannon to say to me, which is, let's go champ.


  • So what's up champ?


  • Let's go champ.


  • We had Shannon here in studio a couple of years ago, big love to Shannon and the crew, Shannon literally showed up in the studio with a boombox and music playing with this whole crew.


  • He literally came in the building that way and walked around our studios for a while yelling, let's go champ.


  • One of the first things I say to myself in my morning affirmations, Shannon, this is for you brother.


  • As I say, let's go champ out loud to myself as I'm walking down the street when I say my information's in the morning and that's because of you Shannon Briggs, we love you and we appreciate you.


  • And again, just for the record, I've got London real guests, former London real guests.


  • Hundreds of them sending me direct messages saying brian what's going on with crypto?


  • I take my kids to school and the parents pulled me aside and say, Hey brian, tell me about how I can get involved in this crypto.


  • I kid you not everybody is coming out of the woodwork from my daughter to my mom to all my instructors, they're all pulling me aside and saying brian, how can I get involved in the crypto And I tell them all the same thing, join my defy academy.


  • Um that's how to learn, but yes, now is the time to get involved again.


  • There was that old chinese expression, what's the best time to plant a tree 20 years ago or today?


  • Don't wait any longer educate yourself and get involved.


  • Alright, questions coming out here.


  • This is a crazy, crazy broadcast.


  • We got people on zoom here as well.


  • By the way, I want to give a shout out to my friends and zoom, turn your cameras on and give me a wave here.


  • This is our in studio audience showing the love everybody on zoom gets priority if you want to be on zoom, then tell me what's going on here.


  • And uh it's all good as well.


  • Before we get started actually in the next next module will all play that video right now.


  • I want to answer the question for Angel Domanski on instagram, who said just watch your interview with Ben Armstrong, That's big boy crypto.

    我想回答instagram上Angel Domanski的問題,他說只要看你對Ben Armstrong的採訪,那就是大男孩的加密貨幣。

  • Let's go card a No, that's what Angel said, Angel, it's amazing.


  • And of course we got Charles here, the founder of Cardona in just a couple of days, we couldn't be more excited.


  • We own Cardinal here in London Real and we're super excited about this new Blockchain.


  • So thanks Angela appreciate you.


  • I got Ronald l.

    我得到了Ronald l.

  • Mahoud on instagram that says, I like the mooch interview Ronald is referring to Anthony Scaramucci who was live here in studio on friday, we love the mooch, he runs, I think nearly $10 billion of capital for the uh, the fund Skybridge, he owns over a billion dollars a Bitcoin.


  • He has an ethereum fund.


  • Now the mooch was here in studio february last year before the lockdown and uh he had some great ways of looking at Bitcoin and the mooch is all in uh he famously had an 11 day career in the White House and we appreciate the mooch and thanks for watching and we appreciate it.


  • Everybody's getting involved in Bitcoin and ethereum so it's time for you to get involved.


  • Now I got, I am spinks on instagram and says Charles will be a great guest, we're super excited for Hodgkinson, so tune in live here on thursday for that.


  • We've got gm row hit on instagram says, hey brian, what do you think about ethereum future?

    我們在Instagram上有gm row hit說,嘿,Brian,你對以太坊的未來有什麼看法?

  • I'm a big, big fan of ethereum, we've been buying ethereum here ever since we started the defi Academy down in the low two thousands.


  • We want to continue buying here.


  • We see a lot of upside in ethereum, you know, ethereum is defi if you really think about it, we definitely believe in Bitcoin, we think it's the digital gold, we think it's digital property as Michael Sailor.


  • The ceo of Michael strategy said to me when he was here in studio just a couple weeks ago.


  • Um but we think ethereum is where all of the decentralized finance applications will be until of course Cardinal X launches smart contracts and Solano gets on board and all these other things happen, but we're big fans of the theory and we don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon, we appreciate the work they're doing and most of the trades that my students are transacting right now inside my defy academy are based on ethereum because their yield swapping uh their liquidity pools and all of those things are happening by the way, the gong was just hit here inside London Will Studios, I'll post an instagram video that later, which means someone has just joined the defi accelerator that was Magdalena de just joined us.

    但我們認為以太坊是所有去中心化金融應用的地方,當然,直到Cardinal X推出智能合約,Solano加入,以及所有這些其他事情發生,但我們是這個理論的忠實粉絲,我們不認為它很快就會消失。我們很欣賞他們所做的工作,我的學生現在在我的defy學院裡進行的大部分交易都是基於以太坊的,因為他們的收益率交換呃他們的流動性池和所有這些事情都在發生,順便說一下,倫敦威爾工作室的鑼聲剛剛敲響,我稍後會發佈一個instagram視頻,這意味著有人剛剛加入defi加速器,這是Magdalena de剛剛加入我們。

  • Magdalena super excited to have you here, I need you to get inside the learning platform right now, go through module zero, that's philosophies and mindset, then get into module one, which is the history of Cryptocurrency and then I'll see you tomorrow at six PM for our live zoom call, get in the facebook group, upload your intro video, we've got an incredible class here.


  • Uh It's probably one of our best classes ever, so thanks Magdalena, excited for you a couple more questions here before I get into Part two of advanced options trading, we got chris melendez on instagram that says simply always love your suits bro, thank you chris look, you can come for the suits, you can come for the crypto as long as you're here, we appreciate you.


  • Uh so thanks so much for trying to represent.


  • And again we're trying to get as many eyeballs on Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance because we believe it's the future.


  • We know it is, we in our gut in our D.


  • N.


  • A.


  • We can feel something's happening here and we're super excited.


  • So thank you Mr Rock 83 on instagram says in a similar vein you're looking great thank you very much.


  • Tell my wife that my dress sense is good.


  • I got crystal Haru on Youtube says nice tie brian thank you very much.


  • We got Sinica sinews on instagram saying everything you do amazes me thank you.

    我們在Instagram上得到了Sinica sinews的消息,說你所做的一切讓我吃驚,謝謝你。

  • And Seneca were just channeling some greater energy out there.


  • We are super excited to be in this ecosystem.


  • It's great positive energy, it's changing people's lives, it's giving people back financial freedom.


  • So we're just why we're riding a wave of vibration that honestly we can't even explain sometimes we can't even take credit, we're just happy to be a part of it.


  • So thank you so much.


  • Uh we've got that guy cam Z on instagram that says brian, what are your thoughts on X.


  • R.


  • P.


  • That's ripple?


  • Uh it's a great question, you know what the gong just hit again so that's another person that just joined the defi academy Aaron See just joined.

    呃,這是個很好的問題,你知道嗎,鑼聲又響了,所以這是另一個剛剛加入defi學院的人Aaron See剛剛加入。

  • Great to have you here and again for people that want to know go to London will that tv forward slash defy submit your application.


  • I'll read it right after this, but we're shutting this course down so the time to join is right now let's get back to ripple.


  • Honestly, ripple is still a player.


  • It's in the top 10 when it comes to market capitalizations.


  • Obviously they had some issues with the sec and some legal issues that have kept them out of the news and have kept people wondering what's going on.


  • But you know, clearly by market cap, there's something going on here.


  • There's a real utility and a lot of our guests have spoken highly about that.


  • It has a lot of strong cases for, for being a real instrument.


  • But again, I'd like to see what happens and how these things play out with the sec before I can really make a comment on it uh, any further.


  • So great question.


  • Again, it still is part of the equation.


  • Um, and you can see that just by the market cap alone, I got tightened up on Youtube says, are you going to discuss covered calls as well?


  • Yes, I am part three.


  • We're covering, we're covering covered calls again, it can be a great strategy to earn some extra money if you think that crypto is going to trade in a range and that's what's great about options that give you other possibilities.


  • I got rita Sharma on zoom here looking slick.


  • Rita is a student of ours and we appreciate having you in the defi academy and we appreciate you being here.


  • I got Jason tulip um, on zoom, good to have your Jason says, hello brian, you always look good.


  • Thank you.


  • I appreciate that.


  • We got Catherine comes on zoom that says love your suit and tie.


  • It's four am in new Zealand and she's still up and again, Catherine just goes to show you how diverse our student body is.


  • Um, and let's give a shout out for those of us, those of our friends down under because we've got a big student body in Australia and new Zealand who's out there representing on a daily basis.


  • I mean our students down there under the equator are crushing it against their making some of the yanks look bad.


  • So step it up, get your game going on and uh start printing that money because there's some people that are really trading well here inside our academy, couple final things, we got, some people that are loving the look here andre marceau sam Goro and people that are enjoying this lastly frank pinto and zoom says, do I need any experience to do this?

    是以,加緊努力,讓你的遊戲繼續下去,呃,開始打印錢,因為有一些人在我們的學院裡面真的交易得很好,最後幾件事情,我們得到了,一些人喜歡這裡的外觀,Andre Marceau Sam Goro和人們正在享受這個,最後Frank Pinto和zoom說,我需要任何經驗來做這個嗎?

  • And the truth is this, we've got people that have started our academy with zero crypto trading experience.


  • We can get you started right away.


  • The truth is this, you just need to start, You've got to get involved now, next year is gonna be too late.


  • And again, the best time to plant a tree is now or 20 years ago.


  • So now is the time to get invested again.


  • You can start small.


  • But as Michael Sailor and Anthony Scaramucci said to me on Friday, he said the thing about Bitcoin is your first one is the hardest to buy, which means this, once you get in and start getting your feet wet in this ecosystem, you're hooked uh and again, buying more than one Bitcoin is going to be easier and easier and easier because these instruments will make sense and you'll see that they are the future.


we got some great comments here today.



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