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  • You're never too old to be afraid of ghosts.


  • In fact, these are some of the most terrifying reported ghost encounters.


  • In 2014, in Australian men named Nathan reported receiving messages from his deceased girlfriend on Facebook.


  • The haunting escalated until eventually he was receiving pictures of himself taken secretly from behind from the supposed account.


  • In 1974, single mother Doris Peter had a supernatural experience so horrifying that she had to contact paranormal investigators in desperation, Doris revealed she had been sexually assaulted multiple times by three violent entities with her teenage son trying to intervene once, only to have his arm broken after being thrown across the room.

    1974年,單身母親多麗絲-彼得(Doris Peter)經歷了一次可怕的超自然經歷,以至於她不得不在絕望中聯繫超自然調查員。多麗絲透露,她曾被三個暴力實體多次性侵犯,她十幾歲的兒子曾試圖干預,但在被扔到房間的對面後,手臂被打斷。

  • She had multiple bruises and scars from the attacks and finally, the infamous Enfield hauntings which inspired the terrifying sequel to the Conjuring During this haunting, the family was tormented by the ghost of a malicious old man.

    她身上有多處被襲擊的傷痕,最後是臭名昭著的恩菲爾德鬧鬼事件,它激發了《魔咒》的恐怖續集 在這次鬧鬼事件中,一家人被一個惡毒的老人的鬼魂折磨。

You're never too old to be afraid of ghosts.



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最可怕的鬼故事 (Most Scary Ghost Stories)

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