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  • despite only murdering two people.


  • Ed Gin is one of the United States, is most vile, terrifying and influential killers.


  • His tendency to rob graves and decorate his home with the body parts of his victims, inspired fictional killers, from leather face to Buffalo Bill.


  • But how did the police capture this deranged killer?


  • Ed managed to keep a low profile in this town of Plainfield due to his reputation of being a harmless oddball.


  • That was until the murder of shopkeeper Bernice Warden when Ed kidnapped and murdered her, he left a trail of blood leading out of the store.

    直到店主伯尼斯-沃頓(Bernice Warden)被謀殺,當時埃德綁架並謀殺了她,他留下了一條通往店外的血路。

  • Not only did this trail of blood lead to Ed's house of horrors, he was also incriminated by a bloodstained receipt for antifreeze, Ed had been in the store earlier that day trying to buy a bottle of antifreeze When the police reached the home, it was such an orgy of evidence that Ed was put away until his death from natural causes.

    這條血跡不僅通向埃德的恐怖之家,他還被一張沾有血跡的防凍劑收據所指控,埃德那天早些時候曾在商店裡想買一瓶防凍劑。 當警察到達家裡時,就是這樣一場證據的狂歡,埃德被關起來,直到他自然死亡。

  • It's almost comical for such a scary killer to have been done in by a trail of blood and a receipt for antifreeze.


despite only murdering two people.



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B2 中高級 中文 殺手 謀殺 收據 艾德 可怕 低調

他們是如何抓到艾德-蓋恩的 (How They Caught Ed Gein)

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