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  • So the big question that everyone's asking me lately is how did my students make so much money in crypto in august and I'm gonna explain exactly how and the exact coins that they used to make those gains in this video.


  • First of all I want to say a couple of things.


  • All of my students in my market wizards trading group have gone through four weeks of training by me.


  • We don't let anybody in from the outside any riff raff.


  • So all these people have put in the work, they've learned the instruments, they've got their security down there hot and cold storage wallets, they've gone out there and done yield swapping liquidity pools.


  • They've owned options till explorations.


  • Um and they've also gone deep on trading disciplines, which is rules of the road.


  • They force you to do the right thing as a trader and not to use your emotions.


  • All right.


  • So these aren't just random people off the street, they're not crypto day traders, 90% of which lose money.


  • These are people that have been through a four week training bootcamp process in mid Fi academy and they're surrounded with 100 of their of their trading peer group.


  • I know because I worked on Wall Street for many years in the city of London unless you have a peer group watching your P.


  • N.


  • L.


  • Every day to give you a hard time about it.


  • Which is what the guys used to do in the city then there's no way you're ever honest about your positions and you cut the losers and ride the winners.


  • So we provide this incredible framework Of a trading peer group where everyone is 100%% transparent about their positions, their losses and their gains.


  • This sets up an atmosphere of winning and accountability and I couldn't be more proud of my students this week, one of them been, Who's out in New Zealand racked up 69% gains on his portfolio.


  • Uh, he was long salon to Cardinal Bitcoin and ethereum and he put in really intelligent and disciplined.


  • Stop losses and even said brian, I got stopped off on Solano when it retreated recently and I said, but you did the right thing and that's why you have those gains.


  • Another one of my students recorded Over 150% gains owning Bitcoin call options $11,000.


  • She may just doing that.


  • Another student racked up 140% return on the coin rune and another one racked up I think 440% return on the coin excel em again all with trading disciplines.

    另一個學生在硬幣符文上獲得了140%的回報,還有一個學生在硬幣excel em上獲得了我認為是440%的回報,這些都是交易紀律。

  • I got another student who made even bigger gains but I can't even talk about the coin here Because I'll get in trouble.


  • And so it just goes to show you that if you put in the training put in the time and put in the discipline, you can have some incredible gains.


  • These people again put in very strict stop loss orders.


  • Um they only chose less than 10 coins.


  • They have a discipline system and boom, that's a month in the record right now.


  • They string six of these together, They'll be able to be fund managers, they'll be able to do whatever they want, grow their own account, maybe grow their family account.


  • It's impressive what they've done and I'll be sharing more of these success stories and maybe dropping in some of these elements.


  • But the only way you're gonna do it is to learn to get involved and to get that trading peer group and that's what we do inside the defi academy.


  • You are not too late.


  • That's what I want to say to everybody who's thinking they were too late for the crypto game and the defi game, you're not, it's all happening next year will be too late.


  • So get involved right now.


  • But education is the key and that's why we set up the defi academy.


  • I've got a new course starting on Tuesday september 7th.


  • There's a link below or go to defy Academy dot tv Apply.

    下面有一個鏈接,或者去defy Academy dot tv申請。

  • I've got about 100 people I'm taking through this course.


  • It's absolutely amazing.


  • It's game changing and you'll be trading in the peer group right when it's done with some amazing souls from around the world.


  • I think we're up in 40 countries, people from all sorts of disciplines from housewives to newbies to crypto experts that have been in this space Since 2013.


  • It's a very, very special thing that's happening right now.


  • I couldn't be more excited.


  • And on top of that I'm broadcasting live episodes twice, sometimes three times a week with the biggest names in crypto.


  • I'm talking about the founders of companies like Microstrategy Ave comp Card, a No, these are all coming on the show and I boiled on that knowledge into my trading group so they can use that to make more money as well.

    我說的是像Microstrategy Ave comp Card這樣的公司的創始人,一不,這些人都會來參加節目,我把這些知識熬成了我的交易小組,這樣他們也可以利用這些知識來賺更多的錢。

  • So thank you very much.


  • We appreciate you saying that and I appreciate you being here and have an amazing day, join us in the deci up defy Academy, click the link submitted application.

    我們很感謝你這麼說,我也很感謝你在這裡,祝你有個美好的一天,加入我們的Deci up defy學院,點擊鏈接提交申請。

  • I look at them all myself and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


  • Take care.


So the big question that everyone's asking me lately is how did my students make so much money in crypto in august and I'm gonna explain exactly how and the exact coins that they used to make those gains in this video.



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