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  • do you have any other questions for me counselor

  • lieutenant kathy

  • lieutenant do you have anything  further for this witness

  • thanks danny i love washington excuse me  i didn't dismiss you i beg your pardon  

  • i'm not through with my examination sit down

  • colonel what's that i'd appreciate if he would  dress me as colonel or sir i believe i've earned  

  • it defense counsel will address the witnesses  colonel or sir i don't know what the hell kind  

  • of unit you're running here the witness will  address this court as judge or your honor  

  • i'm quite certain i've earned  it take your seat cover

  • what do you want to discuss now my favorite color

  • girl the 6am flight was the first one off the base  yes there wasn't a flight that left seven hours  

  • earlier and landed at andrews air force base at  2am lieutenant i think we've covered this haven't  

  • we your honor these are the tower chiefs logs for  both guantanamo bay and andrews air force base  

  • guantanamo lagos no flight that left 11  p.m in the andrew's long list no flight  

  • that landed at 2 am i'd like to admit  them as defense exhibits elf in bravo  

  • i don't understand you're admitting evidence of  a flight that never existed oh we believe it did  

  • sir defense will be calling airmen cecil o'malley  and airman anthony rodriguez they were working to  

  • ground crew at andrews at 2am on the 7th your  honor these men weren't on the list rebuttal  

  • witnesses you're on our call specifically to  refute testimony offered under direct examination  

  • i'll allow the witnesses this is ridiculous  colonel a moment ago check the tower logs for  

  • christ's sake well we'll get to the airmen in  just a minute sir a moment ago you said that  

  • you ordered lieutenant kendrick to tell his men  that santiago wasn't to be touched that's right  

  • and lieutenant kendrick was clear on  what you wanted crystal chance lieutenant  

  • kendrick ignored the order ignored the  order any chance he forgot about it  

  • no any chance lieutenant kendrick left your office  and said the old man is wrong no well lieutenant  

  • kendrick spoke to the platoon and ordered them  not to touch santiago any chance they ignored him  

  • you ever served in an infantry unit son no sir  ever served in a forward area no sir ever put  

  • your life in another man's hands asked him to  put his life in yours no sir we follow orders  

  • son we follow orders or people die it's that  simple are we clear yes sir are we clear crystal

  • colonel i have just one more question before  i call airmen o'malley and airman rodriguez  

  • if you gave an order that santiago wasn't to  be touched and your orders are always followed

  • and why would santiago be in danger why would  it be necessary to transfer him off the base

  • santiago was a substandard marine he was being  transferred not what you said you said he was  

  • being transferred because he was in grave danger  that's correct you said he was in danger i said  

  • grave danger you said israel recall whatsaid yeah the court reporter read back to you  

  • i know what i said i don't have to have it read  back to me like i'm doing two orders colonel

  • sometimes men take matters into their own hands no  sir you made it clear just a moment ago that your  

  • men never take matters in their own hands your men  follow orders or people die so santiago shouldn't  

  • have been in any danger at all it should be of  colonel you snotty little bastard you're honored  

  • like to ask for a recess i'd like to answer the  question judge the court will wait for an answer  

  • if lieutenant kendrick gave an order  that santiago wasn't to be touched  

  • then why did he have to be transferred colonel  lieutenant kendrick ordered the code red denny  

  • because that's what you told lieutenant kendrick  to do i'm jack when it went bad you cut these guys  

  • loose your honor you are marcus inside a phony  transfer your honor you doctored the logbook  

  • consider yourself injured colonel jessica did  you order the code ray you don't have to answer  

  • that question i'll answer the question you  want answers i think i'm entitled you want  

  • answers i want the truth you can't handle the  truth son we live in a world that has walls and  

  • those walls have to be guarded by men with guns  who's gonna do it you you lieutenant weinberg  

  • i have a greater responsibility than you can  possibly fathom you weep for santiago and you  

  • curse the marines you have that luxury you  have the luxury of not knowing what i know  

  • that santiago's death while tragic probably  saved lives and my existence while grotesque and  

  • incomprehensible to you saves lives you don't want  the truth because deep down in places you don't  

  • talk about at parties you want me on that wall  you need me on that wall we use words like honor  

  • code loyalty we use these words as the  backbone of a life spent defending something  

  • you use them as a punchline i have neither the  time or the inclination to explain myself to a  

  • man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the  very freedom that i provide and then questions the  

  • manner in which i provide it i would rather you  just said thank you and went on your way otherwise  

  • i suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post  either way i don't give a damn what you think you  

  • are entitled to did you order the code red i did  the job did you order the code goddamn right i did

  • please accord i suggest the members be dismissed  

  • so that we can move to an immediate article  39a session the witness has rights captain ross

  • jack

  • the members of the court will retire to  an anti-room until further instructed

  • what the hell is this colonel what's going on  i did my job i do it again i'm gonna get on a  

  • plane and go on back to my base you're not going  anywhere colonel mp's god the colonel yes sir

  • captain ross what the hell is this  

  • you have the right to remain silent any statement  i'm being charged with a crime the trial by court  

  • martial is that what this is or administrative i'm  being charged with a crime right to consult with  

  • a lawyer prior to any further questions which  is funny that's what this is this is spence i'm  

  • gonna rip the eyes out of your head now and  piss at your dead skull you [ __ ] with the  

  • wrong marine colonel jessup do you understand  these rights as i've just read them to you

  • you [ __ ] people you have no idea how to defend  a nation all you did was weaken a country today  

  • kathy that's all you did you put people's  lives in danger sweet dreams son don't call  

  • me son i'm a lawyer and an officer in the united  states navy and you're under arrest you son of a

  • the witness is excused

  • you

do you have any other questions for me counselor


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