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  • Hi, this Jeffrey Kleintop with 90 seconds on what we're watching this week. Now, the

  • biggest event for markets may be at the end of the week. Friday's 8:30 AM release U.S.

  • employment report we widely watch for the pace of further progress. Economists are expecting

  • a deceleration from the rapid employment gain in July but forecast a still-solid gain to

  • push the unemployment rate lower. In his widely anticipated Jackson Hole speech last week,

  • Fed Chairman Powell spent just 203 words discussing the job outlook but devoted 1059 to inflation,

  • which could be a sign of where the Fed sees the risk to its plan to begin to slow its

  • pace of bond purchases later this year. Then we get inflation readings in Europe with the

  • August preliminary Consumer Price Index for many European nations this week. Overall,

  • economists expected a tame 0.2% rise in European inflation to a rise of 2.7% from a year ago,

  • the fastest pace in nine years but only half that of the rise in the U.S. where has inflation

  • soared to 30-year highs. OPEC meets this week. Energy was the best performing sector last

  • week as oil rebounded, driven in part by concerns around tropical storm Ida hitting the Gulf

  • of Mexico over the weekend. OPEC has brought oil supplies back to the market in response

  • to growing demand however the spread of the Delta variant jeopardizes travel and the cartel

  • may pause its next planned production increase, helping to lift oil prices and energy stocks.

  • Thanks for watching.

Hi, this Jeffrey Kleintop with 90 seconds on what we're watching this week. Now, the


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