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  • so many of you have been sending me direct messages on twitter on instagram, sending me emails, you're saying brian, what is going on with your brand new defy academy, we read the reviews, I've spoken to your students and they said this is the greatest thing they've ever done in four weeks.


  • They are already now invested in and making money in these markets and it's quite simple.


  • My defy academy Well it looks like this.

    我的defy學院 嗯,它看起來像這樣。

  • If you go to London Real dot tv forward slash defy you'll see my defy academy and the first course we're teaching is called the defi accelerator and it's how you can unlock nine trillions of dollars of wealth every single year.

    如果你去London Real dot tv forward slash defy,你會看到我的defy學院,我們教授的第一門課程叫做defi accelerator,它是你如何每年釋放九萬億美元的財富。

  • And if you join me, I'm going to teach you how to profit from this incredible dislocation of wealth.


  • I'm looking for a small select group of serious individuals who want to become part of and actively participate in what I'm calling the upcoming defy Revolution.


  • I'm looking for partners, for collaborators, for colleagues who want to join forces with me and London Real and the defi Academy and create real value for the end user and generational wealth for yourself.

    我正在尋找合作伙伴,尋找合作者,尋找願意與我、London Real和defi學院聯手的同事,為最終用戶創造真正的價值,為自己創造世代的財富。

  • Our next live course is called the defi accelerator.


  • It's the keys to unlock this $9 trillion market place and it starts tonight, literally we're hours away from my very first live call.


  • There's only limited spaces available for this were literally closing this thing out in the next few hours.


  • It's an application only basis.


  • It's four weeks, it's four modules, it's eight hours of live calls with me.


  • It's an incredible, incredible, incredible course.


  • It's personal coaching by me, personal mentoring by me.


  • It's exclusive access to our online learning platform where have all my video modules, all my work box.


  • You've got also my triple tiered accountability system.


  • You've got 10 of my team members, team leaders, community managers, accountability people to make sure you do the work and learn and invest in these incredible markets.


  • This isn't something you watch.


  • This is not like another podcast on the Youtube video.


  • This is an interactive group of people who create a community and actually pull the trigger and invest in these markets.


  • You've got my dedicated coaches, you've got my private groups where you're uploading video, you will get involved in defy if you join my course, we're running out of time, we're running out of space is if you want to be involved, go to London Will dot tv forward slash defy submit your application.

    你有我的專門教練,你有我的私人小組,你在那裡上傳視頻,如果你加入我的課程,你將參與defy,我們的時間不多了,我們的空間不多了是如果你想參與,去倫敦Will dot tv向前斜線defy提交你的申請。

  • Tell me why you should be a part of this group.


  • What do you bring to the table?


  • It could be anything, it could be enthusiasm.


  • Could be education could be connections.


  • Could be anything, but I'm looking for the right group of people.


  • I personally review these applications and I will get back to you within hours with a yes or a no, whether you can join my course, my team and I have been inundated with thousands of applications from around the world.


  • The response has been incredible.


  • I've just graduated my 1st 200 students.


  • The reviews were off the chart, this is the best course we have ever taught in 10 years.


  • People are blown away and my students are making money this week in defy markets.


  • That's what we do here.


  • This is about people who want to pull the trigger, who want to get involved here.


  • I want passionate people and I'll say this, if you receive one of these emails in your inbox that looks like this, I'll put the picture on screen, you know, your life is about to change and this is the acceptance email that basically said you have just been accepted into our defi accelerator.


  • If you get this into your inbox, that means you've gone to the website, you've applied.


  • If you get this in your inbox, your life is about to change, click on the link, pay the tuition and join me on that first live call, It's going to change your life, it's going to change your future and it's gonna change the world and I couldn't be more excited.


  • One thing I want to say, if you want to apply, go to learn real tv forward slash D F I D E F I but I do want to say a couple things because this academy is not for certain people again, if you're one of the following people, please do not apply to my academy and please stay away from my academy and it's these people right here.

    我想說的一件事是,如果你想申請,就去學習真正的電視前鋒斜槓D F I D E F I,但我確實想說幾件事,因為這個學院又不適合某些人,如果你是下列人之一,請不要申請我的學院,請遠離我的學院,就是這些人在這裡。

  • First of all the defi academy is not for you.


  • If you are a crypto day trader, please, all of you are losing money, please stay away from my academy.


  • That's not what this is here for a second of all, If you're interested in getting rich quick, please go somewhere else.


  • That's not what my academy is for.


  • Third.


  • If you're into these men coins and you're one of these internet trolls that likes to talk about crypto again, go somewhere else.


  • If you're one of these Blockchain fanboys that likes to talk about the tech but doesn't actually do anything about it.


  • Like I said, please stay away from my academy.


  • And finally, if you're one of these crypto academics that likes to talk about the beauty of the Blockchain and likes to talk about all the technology.


  • That's not what the defi academy is for.

    這不是defi academy的作用。

  • All right, I'm not interested, please go somewhere else.


  • I am looking for a small group of people who want to invest long term in the defi ecosystem.


  • I'm looking for people who want to pull the trigger who want to get into the arena who are prepared to experience failure and massive success.


  • And again, to be clear, this is not some get rich quick scheme, This is a 10 year perspective on what I think is technology that's going to change the world is going to be incredible opportunities and only people looking for these incredible gains need to apply and again, we're going all in here for the next 10 years.


  • We're closing this course out.


  • The first live call is literally in hours.


  • You'll see me live on zoom and I'm looking forward to speaking to all of my students tonight.


  • If you want to be a part of it, click the link below.


  • Send your application, I'll go review it after this live broadcast and hopefully I'll see you here tonight.


  • Mhm.


so many of you have been sending me direct messages on twitter on instagram, sending me emails, you're saying brian, what is going on with your brand new defy academy, we read the reviews, I've spoken to your students and they said this is the greatest thing they've ever done in four weeks.



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