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So, you brush your hair, got from seven outfits and rehearse the entire evening on the phone with your friends.
It’s finally time for that first date
The door bell rings and suddenly, You are so nervous!
It feels like those butterflies in your stomach are about to fly up and out and all over your date
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay! Look!
We can’t make those first date’s jitters go away entirely and honestly first dates would be pretty boring without them.
Today at wellcast, we’re gonna give you three simple ways to totally rock your first date.
Welcome to dating 101, brought to you by Wellcast.
Let’s get to it!
Pause! And Print this wellcast worksheet.
Are you ready?
Step 1: the pre-game! “Self esteem pump-up”
One way to ease those turbulent butterflies before your first date is to give yourself a nice booster shot of self-esteem.
Now, that’s definitely easier said than done.
However, we have three ideas for you: Exercise a few hours before you date;
Even if it’s just to walk, this will make you feel strong and energized;
Plus exercise gives you endorphins flowing which promotes a sense of well-being.
And this will definitely help out with those first date’s jitters.
Crank your favorite music while getting ready, sing-along, dance if you want to
Listening to something you love will make you feel good
Make a list of all the things that you like about yourself, they could be physical things like…
Hey, I have really awesome hair or more abstract things like I am good at listening to others
At your worksheet, write down at least three awesome things that you love about yourself and play them up on the date.
If you’re good listener, make sure to listen, if you’re funny, tell a joke.
But this is important, don’t list all your attributes; show them off by pumping up your self- esteem before your big date.
You are gonna feel ggggggggggggggreat.
You‘re probably still be nervous though but you won’t be down on yourself.
Step two: Become a better listener.
Why? By actively being an engaged listener, you’ll learn more about your date.
This way, you’ll be able to interact with them better and it won’t be all about you.
So this is what you need to do: first, be present! Focus on the here and now instead of drifting in your own head.
You want your date to pay attention when you talk so pay them some courtesy.
Don’t forget to ask questions. If you’re stuck for conversation topics or you just want to know more about the person you’re on the date with,
Ask questions. It’s a proven fact that people love talking about themselves.
So, by asking questions, you’ll get to know your date better.
Step 3: “This above all else: to thine own self be true!” In other words, be yourself.
It might feel like you’re gonna have a more successful date if you behave the way you think your date wants you to.
But that’s not the case.
I mean, for one trying to put on a front all night is gonna make you feel more awkward than if you tripped and fell down a flight of stairs right in front of your date.
And second, it`s better unravel.
I mean, do you really want a relationship based on a lie? And can you imagine how stressful it would be trying to keep up that front?
Look, do yourself and your date a favor
Just go with yourself, easy as that!
Chances are, they’ll like you for you anyway.
To recap, dating especially those first dates can be stressful and it’s impossible to banish this first date’s jitters entirely.
But, with our three easy steps to a fun first date, We’ll have everything coming up roses for you at no time flat.
So, listen up! Pump up your self-esteem; Be a good listener; and more importantly, be yourself!
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Or leave a comment down below.
We’ll see you next time!


你知道第一次約會該怎麼做嗎?What to Do on a First Date

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