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  • A rocket-propelled grenade flies over the top of a U.S. convoy as it tries to escape the onslaught of enemy bullets.


  • Soldiers are shouting the location of insurgents as they return fire.


  • Team leader in Green Beret, Herbert Thompson, leaves off the back of the pickup truck he's been giving orders from.

    而綠扁帽 (美國陸軍特種部隊) 隊長 Herbert Thompson 從他一直在發號施令的皮卡車貨斗上跳了下來。

  • He swings the LAW rocket launcher around from behind his back, kneels down and fires.


  • The rocket accelerates toward the enemy as bullets slam into the ground around him.


  • Earlier that day, Thompson and his squad were working with Afghan forces to secure a remote village.

    當天早些時候,Thompson 和他的小隊正在與阿富汗軍隊合作,以確保一個偏遠村莊的安全。

  • It was surrounded by mountains and deserts, with no allied base close by.


  • They received word that there may be insurgents in the village and to proceed with caution.


  • The goal was to take the village, so it could be used as a new outpost in the region.


  • Unfortunately, the intel Thompson received did not include the full extent of the insurgent presence in the village.

    不幸的是,Thompson 收到的情報並未包括該村叛亂分子的完整詳情。

  • The enemy was not about to just give up to the U.S. forces and their allies.


  • The squad had entered the village and almost immediately took enemy fire.


  • The shots were intermittent, but it was clear more enemies were beginning to join the fight.


  • It was time to get the hell out of dodge.


  • There was just one problem: The only way for the convoy to get out of the area was by traveling down a single dirt road running through the village,


  • and it was all but inevitable there would be enemies waiting in ambush.


  • The firing from the enemy was intensifying and was coming from all sides; it was clear that the insurgents had Thompson and his squad surrounded.

    敵人的砲火愈來愈猛烈並從四面八方湧來;很顯然的,叛亂分子將 Thompson 和他的小隊包圍了。

  • They also had the high ground in the buildings of the village.


  • It did not look good for Thompson and his men.

    這情況對 Thompson 和他的手下來說並不樂觀。

  • A nearby navy SEAL platoon had reached the outskirts of the village and provided Thompson with further intelligence that the enemy was setting up along the only route out.

    附近的海豹部隊已經到達了村莊的郊區,並為 Thompson 提供了進一步的情報,表明敵人正沿著唯一的出路路線集結。

  • It was now confirmed that there would be an ambush waiting for the convoy, but they couldn't just sit in the open any longer.


  • Thompson needed to make a difficult decisiondrive through the ambush or sit and wait for air support that may never come.

    Thompson 需要做出艱難的抉擇-要麽開車穿過伏擊,要麽坐等可能永遠不會到來的空中支援。

  • When Thompson radioed for backup, command informed him that they were coming, but it didn't have an ETA.

    當 Thompson 用無線電請求支援時,指揮部通知說空中支援正在路上,但無法預計確切的到達時間。

  • Thompson couldn't rely on the air support to reach them in time, and although the SEAL platoon could provide covering fire, they were still making their way toward the village.

    因此 Thompson 無法仰賴空中支援及時到達他們身邊,而雖然海豹部隊可以提供掩護火力,但他們還在前往村莊的路上。

  • The rugged terrain of the region made traveling by land slow and arduous.


  • As he weighed his options, Thompson realized that there was no way they could wait for air support without taking casualties;


  • they needed to get out of the village and they needed to do it now.


  • He began drawing the layout of the village in the sand and gathered the squad around his makeshift map.


  • They were going to have to blast their way through the ambush, but that would require him to be able to survey the landscape and make split-second decisions.


  • Thompson knew he couldn't do this from within an armored Humvee due to the lack of visibility.

    Thompson 知道他無法在能見度低的裝甲悍馬車內完成這項工作。

  • He informed the squad he would be traveling in the back of a pickup truck toward the end of the convoy to make sure they had the best chance of getting out.


  • The open bed of the truck was perfect for gathering as much real-time information as possible, but it was wide open to enemy fire.


  • Thompson stacked Kevlar vests and helmets around the radio equipment on the truck in hopes it would provide him with some protection, but that was just wishful thinking.

    Thompson 在卡車上的無線電設備周圍堆放了克維拉防彈背心和頭盔,希望能為他提供一些保護,但這恐怕只是保個心安而已。

  • He informed the squad of his plan to drive the convoy out of the village even though they'd be on their own, since it was unclear when backup would arrive.


  • The men in the squad knew it would be dangerous, but they trusted their commander and gave him nods of approval.


  • They would follow his orders, whatever they were.


  • The soldiers loaded into the armored Humvees while Thompson climbed into the back of the Ford Ranger pickup truck, they began to drive down the dirt road toward the ambush.

    士兵們進入裝甲悍馬車的同時, Thompson 爬上福特皮卡車的後車斗。他們開始沿著泥土路向伏擊地點開去。

  • Thompson didn't know exactly where the ambush would occur, but as they approached a 90-degree turn in the road, he figured this must be the spot.

    Thompson 不知道確切的伏擊地點到底會在哪裡,但當他們接近道路上的一個 90 度轉彎時,他想這一定就是那個地方了。

  • The convoy had to slow down to take the turn and it allowed for optimal citing for the insurgents.


  • The sky was blue and the sun shone brightly. Rays of sunlight reflected off the windshields and metal hardware of the vehicles.


  • The hum of the convoy engines was the only sound that filled the otherwise silent streets.


  • Then suddenly, a rocket propelled grenade flew 10ft over Thompson's head and exploded as he hit the wall of the buildingan ambush had begun.

    突然間,一枚火箭推進式榴彈從 Thompson 頭上 10 英尺飛過,並在撞上大樓的牆壁後爆炸-伏擊就此開始。

  • He ordered the soldiers in the convoy to return fire.


  • Thompson had assumed that at this point the navy SEALs would pop up over the ridge and provide support for their escape, but due to the rugged topography of the region, they'd slow down.

    Thompson 本來以為此時海豹部隊會出現在山脊上並協助他們逃脫,但由於該地區的地形崎嶇不平,海豹部隊的腳步被拖慢了。

  • The convoy began shooting back as enemy fire intensified.


  • Rockets flew overhead and they were launched at the U.S. soldiers and their allies from the upper floors of buildings.


  • Thompson yelled orders to keep the convoy moving forward and make it past the kill zone, Thompson radioed the SEAL team to find out where they were.

    Thompson 不斷大喊著,下令讓車隊繼續前進並越過殺傷區,並用無線電向海豹部隊詢問他們到底在哪裡。

  • He needed support badly if they were gonna make it through this.


  • The SEAL team leader informed them that the ridge they planned to support from was too far away, and they were now proceeding to the next ridge to provide supporting fire.


  • The SEALs were frantically scrambling up the closer hill, trying to reach the overlook as quickly as possible.


  • They knew this was a life or death situation for the convoy, but it was unclear if they would make it in time.


  • There was nothing that Thompson and the soldiers could do but continue fighting.

    Thompson 和士兵們除了繼續戰鬥外沒有任何其他辦法。

  • They slowly made their way through the ambush, keeping an eye out from mines and improvised explosives.


  • If any of the vehicles are incapacitated by such devices, the convoy would be unable to continue and it was likely no one would make it out alive.


  • Thompson quickly radioed the other members of his team to make sure everyone was okay.

    Thompson 迅速用無線電通知其隊伍中的其他成員,確保每個人都沒事。

  • No one had been severely wounded yet, bullets continued to rain down on the convoy.


  • Then suddenly, all vehicles came to a screeching halt.


  • The lead Humvee had come to a stop and it couldn't have happened at a worse timemost of the convoy was still in the middle of the kill zone.


  • Thompson needed to do something drastic until the convoy could get moving again.

    Thompson 需要在車隊恢復前進之前盡快以劇烈做法解決問題。

  • He glanced over his shoulder at the LAW rocket launchers slung across his back, Thompson jumped down from the bed of the pickup truck and dove for cover.

    Thompson 回頭看了一眼掛在他背上的反坦克火箭筒,並從皮卡車上跳下來,躲入了掩護中。

  • Bullets embedding themselves in the ground near him, kicking up small clouds of dust.


  • Thompson could make out exactly where the enemy was so he maneuvered his way to a building with a better vantage point.

    Thompson 可以藉此準確地找到敵人的位置,於是他朝著一座建築物前進來佔據更有利的位置。

  • The enemy fire intensified on his position now that he had separated himself from the convoy, making him an easy target.


  • Thompson took a deep breath, stepped out from behind his cover, and launched a rocket toward the muzzle flashes of enemy weapons.

    Thompson 深吸了一口氣,從掩護後面走了出來,朝敵人武器的槍口火光處發射了一枚火箭。

  • The rocket hit the building and exploded. The enemy at the location had been neutralized.


  • Thompson dropped his spent LAW on the ground and ran back toward the convoy.

    Thompson 把用完的反坦克火箭筒扔在地上然後跑回了車隊。

  • He weaved through the ruins of buildings as bullets ricocheted off the walls.


  • When he reached where the convoy was supposed to be, he frozethe vehicles were gone.


  • Thompson reached for his rifle as more and more bullets were fired at him, only to realize in his split-second decision to use the LAW, he left his gun on the truck.

    隨著越來越多的子彈射向他,Thompson 伸手想拿起步槍,但他意識到,在他決定使用反坦克火箭筒的瞬間,他把槍留在了皮卡車上。

  • Now he was only armed with a pistol while multiple enemies fired down at him.


  • Thompson peered further down the street and spotted the convoy and his truck moving slowly away from him.

    Thompson 朝街上看去,發現車隊及卡車正在慢慢駛離他。

  • He knew he couldn't stay in his current location where he'd be pinned down and eventually killed.


  • Thompson paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and sprinted from the safety of cover toward the convoy.

    Thompson 停頓了一會兒,深吸了一口氣,然後從安全的掩護中衝向車隊。

  • He ran faster than he had ever run before, even though he was weighed down by pounds of body armor and gear.


  • As he closed the gap between himself and the convoy, one of the Afghan special forces soldiers turned his gun toward the enemy's behind Thompson and began shooting.

    當他逐漸縮小自己與車隊之間的差距時,一名阿富汗特種部隊的士兵將槍口轉向 Thompson 身後的敵人並開始射擊。

  • The special forces soldier unleashed an awesome amount of suppressing fire at the enemy position to cover the leader of the squad.


  • As he continued his mad dash for the convoy, Thompson let toward the vehicle and slid into the bed of the truck, his body slammed into the far side of the bed.

    Thompson 繼續瘋狂地衝向車隊,並在讓車輛通過後,滑進了卡車的貨斗,並狠狠地撞進了貨斗的另一端。

  • The special forces soldier looked down and smiled as he continued firing, welcoming his commander back to the relative safety of the convoy.


  • Thompson took a few deep breaths before grabbing the gun he had left behind and making a mental note to never go anywhere without his rifle again.

    Thompson 深吸了幾口氣,然後抓起他留下的槍,並在心裡記下以後絕對不能忘了要隨身帶著他的步槍。

  • Enemy bullets and rockets continue to fly at the convoy as it slowly made its way out of the kill zone, then something unthinkable happenedthe convoy stopped again.


  • Thompson waited for the vehicles to continue out of range of enemy weapons, but the convoy remained motionless.

    Thompson 等著車輛繼續駛出敵方武器射程之外,但車隊卻一動也不動。

  • Thompson radioed the other soldiers in his unit to see what was going on, but no one knew why the lead vehicle had stopped. Thompson groaned as he knew what he needed to do.

    Thompson 用無線電向他所在部隊的其他士兵詢問到底發生了什麼事,但沒有人知道領頭的車輛為什麼會停了下來 。Thompson 不禁呻吟了起來,但他心裡明白自己該怎麼做。

  • "Here we go again," he thought, Thompson jumped out of the truck, this time with his rifle, and made his way toward the front of the convoy.

    「又來了」Thompson 一邊如此心想,一邊跳下了卡車。這次他記得了要隨身帶著步槍,並向著車隊的前方走去。

  • He passed the other vehicles where soldiers were returning fire at the enemy until he reached the lead Humvee.


  • There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the Humvee itself and there were no obstacles.


  • Thompson popped up and shouted through the window at the driver to get the hell out of the ambush.

    Thompson 突然探頭出來,並透過窗戶向司機大喊,要他趕緊開車擺脫伏擊。

  • The driver shifted into gear and slammed on the accelerator. The vehicle lurched forward and continued moving.


  • Apparently, the driver had thought the convoy had made it completely through the ambush and had stopped for further orders;


  • he was unaware that the back end of the convoy was still in the kill zone.


  • The convoy slowly moved past Thompson and when his truck finally approached, he jumped into the back.

    車隊慢慢駛過 Thompson,當他的卡車終於接近時,他跳進了卡車後面。

  • They left the village and proceeded to a compound that had been secured in the next town over.


  • As Thompson looked back at the village where they had been ambushed, a pair of Apache attack helicopters roared overhead.

    當 Thompson 回頭看他們遭到伏擊的村莊時,兩架阿帕契攻擊直升機從頭頂呼嘯而過。

  • The SEAL team had reached the ridge and were providing covering fire for the convoys escape. They had made it.


  • The convoy pulled into the compound where they were greeted by soldiers and medics ready to tend to the wounded and casualties.


  • Miraculously, no one in the convoy had been seriously injured or killed.


  • Thompson thought about the escape they had just made and how it was the worst thing he ever had to do as a Green Berethe had to make difficult decisions and put his life on the line.

    Thompson 想到了他們剛剛的逃亡過程,並覺得這是他作為綠扁帽一員經歷過最糟的事情-不得不做出艱難的決定,而且還要冒著生命危險。

  • But in the end, he saved the lives of everyone in this squad with his fast thinking and heroic actions.


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    接著歡迎收看「世界各地最致命的特種部隊」,或「海豹部隊 vs. 綠扁帽——哪個軍事特種部隊會獲勝」的影片。

A rocket-propelled grenade flies over the top of a U.S. convoy as it tries to escape the onslaught of enemy bullets.


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