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It’s that not in your stomach that mixes fear and anxiety
that materializes when you felt threatened by someone prettier than you, smarter than you.
It can cause you to do some pretty stupid sitcom level stuff just to regain control.
Things that usually hurt other people too.
You’re probably familiar with this similar meaning.
It’s what Shakespeare called, “The Green-eyed Monster”.
Today, we’re talking about jealousy.
Here’s the thing, kids.
Jealousy is a distinctly first person emotion.
It almost always comes from a place of insecurity which you ultimately project on others.
The bottomline? Jealousy isn’t about the other person.
It’s about you.
Today on WellCast, we’re gonna help you work on these insecurities so that your friends and your loved ones don’t get caught in a crossfire.
We’ll give you three coping mechanisms to help you keep that jealousy from taking complete control of your life,
ruining your relationships, and making you look totally stupid.
I know you felt that vice-like grip of the green-eyed monster because you're not alone.
It happens to everyone.
Studies show that children as young as 6 months grimace when their mothers interact with a dummy baby.
It’s pretty much the occupational hazard of belonging in the human race.
We wanna be loved and we do not wanna be ignored.
Unfortunately, long after we’ve outgrown our diapers,
we still become a little child-like when we’re jealous.
Jealousy tends to come with a specific set of blinders
and the more jealous we are, the less able we are to empathize with others.
For example, a study conducted by the researchers of the University of Delaware found that jealous people
were more easily distracted and less able to perform simple memory games.
So let’s try to figure out how to get your jealousy issues under control.
Take out your WellCast journal.
We’ve got a three-step system for this and it’s simple.
Acknowledge, communicate and resolve
So the next time you’re in a situation where you’re experiencing those extreme jealous thoughts,
go into a separate room, take out your WellCast journal and calm down.
Step 1: Acknowledge
Admit it, you’re jealous!
And you can’t run away from your feelings but by addressing your jealousy head on,
you can’t keep it from taking on epic unrealistic proportions.
Write down exactly what’s making you jealous and why.
Let’s say that you just found out that your two bestfriends didn’t invite you to that movie that they caught last week.
Hit that out.
My friends are hanging out without me.
I’m scared to stopping my friends.
It’s okay to be a little dramatic. It’s just your journal.
Step 2: Communicate
Now that all of your embarrassing thoughts are out on paper,
dug to the real story.
Don’t have an imaginary argument with your friends in your head. it’s only gonna make things worse.
Tell them how you feel what happened.
Be vulnerable and apologize to them if you overreacted in any way ‘coz you might of.
Make it clear that you’re expressing your feelings and not stating facts.
Speak in “I” statements.
I feel that you didn’t want to hang out with me because you’re tired of me.
That’s your insecurity.
At a certain point, the only way to get over your jealousy is to stop thinking about yourself all the time
and see someone else’s point of view.
Step 3: Resolve and this will be the hardest part for you because now, you have to listen.
Your friends might tell you that you’re overreacting and they might be right.
We know that you don’t like horror movies so we didn’t think to invite you.
Let’s recap.
That big bad green-eyed monster gets all of us sometimes.
But today, we learned three ways to keep it at bay by:
Acknowledging your own insecurities,
communicating with others,
and ultimately, listening.
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E-mail us at watchwellcast@gmail.com
or leave a comment down below
We’ll see you next time!


打擊嫉妒心 (Dealing with Jealousy)

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