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  • So I don't wanna go to your questions right now again.


  • They're gonna be beamed right here onto my ipad.


  • First of all, tell me what questions do you have to me about the defy space?


  • Second, why do you believe that defy will revolutionize finance and give the financial freedom back to the people?


  • Third, Do you think cryptocurrencies will go up or down from here?


  • And why?


  • And fourth have you invested in D5 platforms?


  • And if so, which ones?


  • And why?


  • Let me ask one more question.


  • Do you think what Elon musk says matters when it comes to crypto and defy put that one in there as well.

    你認為當涉及到加密貨幣時,埃隆-馬斯克說的話重要嗎?"藐視 "也把這個問題放在那裡。

  • So I'm going to your questions right now again, whatever platform you're on, give me those questions and tell me what's on your mind.


  • I really want to hear them because this is exciting stuff here and I love it.


  • I've got Marek what our ski here says, Hey brian, very good idea.


  • Is it a really decentralized project or partly centralized?


  • He's asking me about A M L and K Y C, which is know your client.

    他在問我A M L和K Y C,也就是了解你的客戶。

  • And look, it's very interesting to your question right here right now, what we want to do is we're creating an elite group of people that are going to spend the next 10 years investing in this entire ecosystem of decentralized finance.


  • And so again, we are looking for people of our parts of the spectrum.


  • We're looking for people that want to develop, they want to invest, they want to empower that want to market as well.


  • And so that's what we're looking inside the defi academy.

    是以,這就是我們在defi academy裡面尋找的東西。

  • If you think that's for you, we'd love to see your application.


  • Wonderful that tv forward slash defy um and that's where we're headed from there and I couldn't be more excited about what's happening again, submit your application, we're only looking for the right people here.


  • Um and it couldn't we couldn't be more excited with what's about to happen.


  • I got Anthony numbs on instagram saying brian gonna rock our world, you know this, I feel like I've spent the last 50 years of my life preparing to be part of this revolution when it comes to defy, I feel like the last 50 years of my life um have really got me ready for this and I couldn't be more excited.


  • We've got PK 9 21 on instagram saying, quote, I've been interested investing in a number of cryptocurrencies, but the levels of market volatility I've been a little hesitant is defy a better option for me.

    我們已經有PK 9 21在instagram上說,報價,我一直對投資一些加密貨幣感興趣,但市場的波動水準我一直有點猶豫不決,對我來說是一個更好的選擇。

  • Unquote.


  • It's a great question.


  • PK 9 21.

    PK 9 21.

  • And again back to my analogy of Bitcoin was the email defy is the internet think about that.


  • Bitcoin was the email defy is the internet so yes, cryptocurrencies will always bring volatility to them because they're being adopted, they're being abandoned, their being adopted and they're being abandoned by people who don't know how to trade.


  • And I'm going to talk about this in the second section when you get newbie traders that equals market volatility and that's what we're seeing here, and in some of the the equity headlines that we've seen as as recently as well defy is about investing long term in the infrastructure that's going to change our future.


  • Imagine If back when you find your first email in 1991, by the way, I sent my first email in 1989 uh from MIT, it was called the Athena project and I sent it to my brother at stanford and I don't even think he replied.


  • And so imagine back then thinking this was the internet, it's not what we're thinking about is something in the future we can't even conceive of but we know it's going to be important and that's the way we're going in to looking at defi and we're looking to people to go in with open eyes, looking to create value for other people and invest themselves and be part of this wealth creation.


  • So great question, I appreciate those, keep that coming.


  • I got never lacking Rod on instagram says amen.


  • So I guess you're feeling us and I appreciate that we got Aaron analog pics on instagram says what's the difference between defiant kryptos like ripple?

    所以我想你感覺到了我們,我很欣賞我們在instagram上得到了Aaron的模擬照片說,像ripple這樣的defiant kryptos有什麼區別?

  • So again, I kind of explain that um a lot of the Kryptos right now are part of the defi infrastructure and so again, you've got to do a deeper dive into a lot of these different quote unquote kryptos because some our our traditional coins that we know like Bitcoin and ethereum and they bring volatility with them and they also bring other things.


  • We've also got things like stable coins like Die, which is literally attempted to be pegged to the value of a dollar and that's an attempt to make something ultra stable.


  • We've also got things like ripple and armor, which are coins that are going to be part of the infrastructure of defi, but oftentimes they bring their own volatility as well.


  • Mhm.


So I don't wanna go to your questions right now again.



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